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Found 5 results

  1. Hi Folks, Can anyone tell me if pajero 199X late series GDI V6 have the same problems related GDI as 200X Monteros? Also why is the pajero model called GDI V6 where Monteros have two versions GDI and V6. Thanks !
  2. Hi Guys; So I have been using my Nissan Cefiro A33 YOM 2000 over 2 years now, It did very well but a week ago the started to give some trouble and I hope someone from the forum can help me assist in this; Usually, my car Starts at one start in a second, But at recent the car just keeps stalling, where I have to start over 5-6 times where gradually it picks up and finally starts, the idle isn't the stable and heavy scent of Fuel disposal through the exhaust for a minute. After starting the car and out to D, The car shakes a bit where you can clearly notice the first gear needs an extra push to go, But after that its smooth sail. During the afternoon it gets worse where I feel the car needs the extra push to catch up, the smoothness of the car has lost, and when the Ac is switched on the car vibrates even more when stopped or when you let go the break prior accelerating. Also, notice HEAVY LOSS ON FUEL during the process. When climbing a small hill, If i switch the AC off the car has the extra pull which is unusual as never I had to go through before. On the Electrical checup, it shows <Primary Ignition Code error> I have some knowledge on this car and I want to share my thoughts; #Could it have to do something with the Coils? (last I checked it was fine), #Could it be because of the sensors such as Cam, Crank & Shaft sensor (According to read), #COuld it be because of non-tuneup issues> the last guy did a lousy job (but was clean and had no problems then) . Please advise me what needs to be done. Highly appreciated. Thanks Bunny Boy
  3. Good morning fellow Petrol heads, After years of reading posts and looking at adverts, finally I found myself a problem worth the attention of a larger forum (I think). I've recently bought a used Montero V93W GLS here are some of features 1.Build Year 2011 export model 2.GLS With Rockford 6 CD changer with Aux In and USB ( no MMCS, no Bluetooth support) 3.No premium alarm with ultra sound sensors (just the immobilizer) Having said that, here's the situation. For some time I've been contemplating if it made sense to upgrade the 6 CD changer to the OEM MMCS. The reasoning is as follows 1. The reverse camera is currently one of them Chinese media player cum rear view mirror thingy (which is hiding that nice anti dazzing rear view mirror which came with the jeep) 2. Handsfree mobile connectivity sucks ( Aux in works but the Rockford's DSP is messing with the noise cancelling feature of the phone) I've ruled out using an aftermarket Dual Din set up mainly because the CD player is tightly coupled to the Rockford amplifier and personally I prefer the OEM version. I've also done some research on scope of this engagement, it will require ( I'm sure I'm missing more stuff here) the addition of 1.The Hand free ECU 2. Handfree switches on the Steering wheel 3.Microphone installation which requires the premium alarm's ultrasonic sensor housing to be installed 4. The all mighty MMCS. (GPS Sensor is optional) Considering how well the modules are integrated using the CAN-BUS, I'm sure it wont be a walk in the park but if done, I would like to do it without splicing too many wire in a nice OEM kinda way. So, what do you guys think about this endeavor. Does it make sense ? Has anyone an idea about where to acquire the parts and/or a good place to get this done?
  4. Dear All, can somebody recommend me a genuine garage or a mechanic (who will not loot me ) for me to carry out some engine repairs and a good tune up. my car has a 2.5 V6 4VZ toyota 4-cam engine and lot of mechanics are not familiar with the setup. i searched the AL treads and couldn't find any. pls pm me if names cannot be published here. thanks in advance
  5. Hello Everyone, please send me a link to download the manual of TOYOTA Windom sedan (1994 2.5 V6). engine is 4VZ-FE 2.5 V6 . i searched but couldn't find any. thanks
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