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Found 277 results

  1. Dear Friends, With great frustration i have to say that my Premio Mirrors been stolen by a thief last Monday during office hours when i parked it in the usual place inside a lane near to jetting colombo 07,Ward Place. Its so disappointing to see my newly bought,well cared car which i bought from hard earned money fallen to this situation... But somehow insured agreed to pay the quotation taken by a motor company followed with a police report..Even police is clueless..Unfortunately no CCTV Cameras there nearby as well... My worry is even once i refit the mirrors back still have to park the same place as my office doesn't provide any car park frustratingly.. How can i avoid such theft again? When i searched security alarms Sun Lanka fellow and few other places said that if a hard motion happen only alarm will on as mirror protection they dont guaranty. Im very upset with this situation and i cannot drive this without mirrors too... Does a cable inside the minor really works?where and how to put it?? Security alarm is no point? they asked 9500/- from me for that..Or any other suggestions for me to avoid this???? luckily i reverted my G Superior, & Premio badge and other badges along with rear wiper and those are safe.... Seeking your kind and immediate help on this... Thank you Guys..
  2. Abel08

    Allion A18

    Hi guys , I'm not really sure if I can ask this in the forums but here it goes , I am kind of frustrated for searching for a allion/premio 1.8 2010+ Yom , spent the past couple of days looking everywhere . If anyone can help me out with leads or any cars possibly on sale , please let me know
  3. Hi guys, I'm new to cars and I'm very new here in Autolanka forums. I need your advice on somewhat a noob question. Is there any way to change the instrument cluster display language of a Toyota Premio form Japanese to English? (Please see attached images of the display). If it's possible to change, how? I just ordered a Premio from Japan (through a dealer). Thanks a lot in advance.
  4. Hi folks, Recently got down a Toyota Vitz 1.0 2017, and am looking to make it a bit more exciting to drive Can't do anything about the engine of course, but I have heard that you can do suspension & wheels upgrade which can make it far more interesting. I searched the autolanka forums but could not find enough information. So, has anyone done this? What exactly are the benefits of doing it? How much would be the cost and where to get it done? Thanks in advance!
  5. JayCee

    Toyota Tyre Repair Kit

    Hi guys, I used the tyre repair kit in my Aqua and wondering where I can get a refill /new liquid. And what is the compatibility of a non Toyota tyre repair liquid with the same pump and equipment. Thanks.
  6. Hi, Fist of all i am new to this forum. So thanks for reading this. I have a corolla 141 2008 which only done 30,000 km for all 11 years. I have heard about engine tuneup recently (which i have no idea about) and not sure about it. Please explain some one know about this and is it necessary for this mileage. Thanks! Sanji
  7. Hello All, I daily drive a corolla 121 (YOM - 2000) with 230k km on clock. Recently I'm experiencing a loss of engine oil (very small quantity). I drive this approx 15km daily. Every two weeks now i have to refill the engine oil by approx 1L. No leakage on the floor or no black smoke is producing. What may be the issue on this?
  8. Hi All , My Knowledge on Vehicles is very much limited and I Likseems to like these of MPV's. The above mentioned vehicles are more or less the same . but with very minor differences . But if I buy daihatsu what could be the cons I can face in Sri Lanka 1. Can I get spare parts ? 2. Will I have the resale value ( since its not Toyota ) In Other words , Can I sell that without less pain What are possible other problems /con's I can face . Kindly mentioned your recommendation
  9. ThushanthaSrimal

    Normal operating coolant temperature

    Hi all, My car is toyota vios 2007 and has 1.5 l 1NZ engine. Recently I was driving a long trip and suddenly heat bulb started to blink. So I stopped the car and checked. Coolant level is fine and the fan is working. So after a while when I start the car bulb is off. So I plugged a bluetooth obd reader and observed the coolant temperature while driving. It shows around 94c - 100c and blub never started to blink. Is this temperature is normal? What is the temp level that blinks the bulb? Can that problem is a senser problem? Can anyone help.
  10. After extensive search for a 7 seater to buy under 5 million, i found this gorgeous suv called Rav4 vanguard but im very hesitant to buy it due to low amount of vehicles in the country and resale value. But i heard there are plenty of spareparts for this beauty and now the only thing im concerned about is the resale value. Any experts who can give me some solid advice on buying a Toyota Rav4 Vanguard? please advice me about the petrol consumption too Thanks in advance!!
  11. Hi Guys, I brought this pre-owned 2012 Allion 260 about few moths back. Now it has around 57k kms on it. CVT fluid has been changed at 40k. At the speed of 10-30 km/h when rpm is around 1000 and I try to accelerate the car hesitates, waits for a bit and then leaps forward with a jerk. This situation happens everyday in city traffic. Also I have noticed that if the car is moving above 30 km/h and i take my foot off the gas pedal then there is engine braking but as soon as the speedometer hits 10 km/h the car runs free. Do any of you guys (allion, premio, axio owners) noticed this behavior? Thanks.
  12. Jbkumara


    Hi everyone I have daihatsu Hijet (2012) Suddenly check engine lights appeared and scan says P0420 Some says that I have to replace rear o2 sensor which attached to the silencer. But some says that just need to clean there. Please someone can help me out to resolve this problem. Please suggest me a good place near Negombo and how much it will cost. Thank you all
  13. I recently bought a corolla 141, which has a mileage about 60000. Then once the service time is up I decided to go to toyota lanka since previous owner has been maintaining the vehicle from the same place since day one. So once the service is done by TL they gave me some remarks of the vehicle indicating that the things should be changed/ replaced / fixed. I’m a very much newbie to this so please bear with me if these are some stupid questions. I would like to post the comments they gave me after the vehicle inspection below. please see the image which has the comments. All I need to know is in what urgency should I fix these. Around how much would I need to be spent. How serious are these fixes. Thanks.
  14. Advice needed, my car's abs system is currently in need of a abs system replacement and I have found one at a reasonable price with a warranty, the only problem is it appears to be of a different Prius model ( 3rd gen but not 30 model) the mechanic said they would reprogram the abs system to match the car model. Is this a relaible fix?
  15. cmb28

    What does gear 'B' do?

    I have a toyota Vitz 2017. All the gears I have are P,R,N,D-S,B. I don't know what really the gear 'B' stands for, but i think it means 'Engine break' when going in slopes to avoid using brakes all the time. Problem is I sometimes forget to change gear 'B' to 'D' when I am accelerating after a slope and go some distance without understanding. I only understand it when i feel the engine is not accelerating as it used to. So my questions are, 1.What is really gear 'B' stands for? 2.Did I damage my engine or gear box by accelerating for some distances in gear 'B'? Thank you!
  16. Does anyone know a bank that provides personal loans (for a vehicle) of around 4.5 million for a salary about 200,000 earned by foreign employment.
  17. Anonymous1997

    Does Collision warning system brake ?

    I need to know if collision warning system use brakes when getting closer to front object or only gives a warning sound ? Also can anyone explain what these AC control switches do ?(In 2nd picture)
  18. Praveen_Auto

    Toyota Vitz 2016

    What would be the best option. Below is my travel pattern. Monthly travel distance - 700km (maximum) - daily office route (10km up & down) - Colombo to Makola twice a month (90 km) - Misc. trips (short ones) - Once in 6 months (Kandy) Option 1 I know that all the Aquas 2014 our there is needing battery replacement in no time even if the reports indicate 95+ capacity. Let's say I planned to find a low mileage (40000-50000 km) one with a decent battery.... Option 2 Vitz 2015/16 is the other recommended option. I know that the fuel economy is not so great. But at least it's a from a recent year (2016) and I don't mind the compact look as it's a bit smaller compared to an Aqua. Suppose I can find a low mileage 2016 one with good maintenance. In any case I'll be selling whichever car in next 3.5 years. So considering the whole life time usage whatdo you guys think I should be looking at?? Sent from my ONEPLUS A5000 using AutoLanka.com mobile app powered by Tapatalk
  19. Looking for a car and the shipping certificate mentioned one car as Grade - G WxB. Is it the same as WxB?
  20. Hi, This is my first post in this forum, but I do read the forum often for expert's ideas and gathered a lot about cars. Here is the situation. My car is a Toyota starlet ep91 1996 reflect f full option with Auto I temporary got to use a starlet ep91 which belongs to one of my relations, which is 1997 full option 5 forward manual. Driving for about 2 weeks I absolutely fell in love with the car, runs like a whistle. Rather than that, it has some options like removable headrest seats, retractable mirrors, full length center console, and exterior and interior in good condition. I asked him if he likes to exchange the car with mine so he is asking my car and another 200000k. Do you guys think if this is a good deal? your feedback is appreciated. Thank you.
  21. Sevan star

    Toyota Tercel

    Hi fred... i m planning to buy one of following car. Please help me to know about toyota tersel car is a good car? It s fuel consumption, noise , market price , reselling ability, parts availability. Pls help me Thanks all.
  22. hustlehard

    Premium vehicle to buy for 3 - 4.5 million?

    Hello everyone, What are your thoughts on buying a Mitsubishi Outlander 2008/2009/2010 or 2011 model now? Since I can find one for the price range of 4-5 million I think its the perfect crossover for me (correct me if I'm wrong) I want to know about all the positive sides and the negative sides of buying this vehicle. And spending 4 - 5 million on a vehicle is a huge investment for me so I will continue to post whatever the vehicle that comes to my mind which I can't find proper information on other threads as it will help me and other Sri Lankans to make the right decision when buying a vehicle. Thank you in advance!
  23. Hello guys, I v experience sudden blinking of dashboard lights, (handbrake ,steering,engine,echo light) and speedometer going up and down and be at zero while driving . For 10 to 15 min. Then all acting fine. Dnt have time to go to a mechanic for next 2 ,3 days but i will end of this week. Pls advise me wt seems to be the problem and cost to take care of it. My car allion 260, 2007 , milage close to 100k . Have a photo attached,, that time i was doing around 40 kmph ,but spdometer 0 , showing these lights as i mentioned . Thankyou so much.
  24. ziyard_9834

    Electric water pump

    Hi, I own a Toyota Corolla Axio NKE 165 (2014). I have some query regarding the cooling system. Your kind advise and input would be highly appreciated. On Friday, 8/March, when I started the car in the afternoon it was making some unusual noise and I had my mechanic come over and see the car. He claimed that the A/C motor was the cause and advised that I replace it. Also, the front shock absorbers were worn out, so the A/C fan with the shock absorbers were replaced and the car was handed to me on Saturday (next day). After which, I went for a short drive and everything seemed normal. On Sunday, 10/March, I took the car and set off down the Katunayake highway towards Kandy, when I noticed an error message on the dashboard that read “check engine water / coolant level”. This error message popped up near the exit toll gate, so I drove to the nearest fuel station, about 1 to 2 km away, and checked my engine (the Coolant reservoir tank, not by opening the radiator cap). I was shocked to see that there was no coolant in the reservoir tank at all. Later, I handed over the car to the mechanic and he is claiming that it is an issue with the “engine water pump” and that it needs replacement. My query is; 1. How can all the coolant be lost suddenly? (note - there are no visible leaks including in the engine) 2. According to the mechanic, he claims that if the engine water pump stops working, then the coolant will overflow from the radiator/reservoir tank and it will be lost (his explanation for an empty coolant reservoir tank). Is this true? Can this happen? 3. Could all of this be due to some fault/error made by the mechanic during replacement of the A/C fan motor (as this fan also plays a vital role in the cooling process, according to somethings I read)? Please note, there has been never an instance, before this, when the coolant level has been low. All this issue started after the replacement of the A/C fan motor. Your kind advise would be a great help. Thank You, Best Regards.
  25. Anybody knows anyplace that i can do V8 swap for Hilux LN107 in Sri Lanka? Thank you in advance.