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Found 13 results

  1. isuru10

    micro spare parts

    any idea where to find micro MPV van spare parts i need ,clutch plate and pressure plate. i here some hi-jet parts can fit with micro but no idea... it is possible to purchase online??any suggestion thanks!!
  2. Hi all, I have a Toyota carina AT150 - YOM 1983 and havent run for a while. Im getting into re-modify the car. Engine is in running condition but the body is some what corroded eg. floor bords. Corroded parts have to be replaced with new metal sheets and the interior also need some modification. Does any one know shops/places where I can buy spare parts and do necessary mechanical work? I think nugegoda area is the place to start. Any specific shops? Thanks
  3. hi I'm going to buy my first car.my budget is about Rs.1.2m.Pls give me information about this areas of proton WIRA car. 1 fuel consumption (from 2001 and above) 2 driving compatability 3 availability of spare parts 4 these days price of this vehicle 5 resell ability 6 which is the ideal car for this budget Thanks all
  4. Hi Guys, My car is Mazda 3 (2007) and the time has come to replace its rear wheel bearings. I've done a search in the forum and couldn't find exact answer, so posting below. I checked the prices from a place at Pepiliyana (Ma*na Motors), They quoted me around 18,000/= for Malaysian made model and 28,000/= for genuine model. (Pls note that these prices are for a single bearing). I am very new to Mazda and I'm little surprised for these values since I didn't expect for this much of price. So, could you please help me on below. - Are these prices normal? Is there anyone who bought a wheel bearing for Mazda 3 recently. If so, how was the price and from where? - Is there any known place in Panchikawaththa for Mazda parts (similar to Te*k Motors for Honda) (I noticed Asiri, Rainbow and Gamlath motors in a old threads) Thanks
  5. I going to replace engine mounts for my Lancer CS3. Apart Unit#d Mot#rs, do you guys know any other place (around Colombo) to buy genuine Mitsubishi spare parts?
  6. I going to replace engine mounts for my Lancer CS3. Apart Unit#d Mot#rs, do you guys know any other place (around Colombo) to buy genuine Mitsubishi spare parts?
  7. Hi All, I'm searching for a 4g93 - Turbo engine's, engine block, which contains the cylinders for the pistons. Any idea if this is even possible and if it's so, from where I can try to locate one? Thanks, Y3k
  8. Hi All, I brought Honda CIty 1996-2002 car resently. Having problem with its left side wheel. I have to replace the wheel, Disk, Shock , control arms, tie rods etc ... I could not found any place to get them.. (second hand) Can some one suggest place to look. Regards, Pra
  9. Hi All, Though I'm a member of this forum for sometime, this is the first time I'm writing a post. I need your kind help with this. First of all, thanks all for the valuable content you create in this forum. I settled for a Mazda Demio 7 months ago thanks to the posts I found here. I'm quite happy with the car so far. This car is maintained by the agents and used only brand new Mazda genuine parts so far. I decided to continue the same and done all the services with the agents. Then came this problem. I need your kind advise before I commit to fix this with agents. For few weeks, it takes time to start the car when the car is cooled down. I got this checked by the agents. They said the issue is caused by the faulty fuel pump and I have to replace it which costs Rs. 52,000/= + tax + labor to fix. Since I'm not an expert of the internal bits of the car, I need to know, 1. If it is a possibility that faulty fuel pump can cause this kind of a problem? 2. Is it a good idea to use a used original fuel pump? (forgetting the maintenance tradition. I'm not as rich as the previous owner ) Thanks in advance.
  10. Hello Guys, I have RAV4 1996 Model with me and i need to replace the broken passenger side signal light ( image attached), i looked different recondition spare part shops but had no luck, is there any one with information where i need to look Thank you
  11. Guys where I can find a Corolla 121 radiator in Kandy. Any specific place? I might have to replace the radiator because the allumium core has a leak. note: I've put the generic topic for the thread because it's small number of members in Kandy area. So they can use this in future to hunt down specific part.
  12. Dear guys, Any expert can give me idea about Zotye nomad compact SUV by UNIMO. My company plan to buy one, but i have concerns since it is chinese. Any idea about the engine, fuel consumption, spare parts, body condition etc. Many thanks.
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