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Found 6 results

  1. Hi Experts, My car-Toyota aqua G 2013, has indicate airbag warning light in dashboard recently. but not showing every time,time to time its happening. As per the technicians in hy**d-h*b, i need to replace airbag ribbon & angle sensor in the multifuncional steering Weel. Do you have any idea about this and reasonable place to get done this? and what will be the cost around? Thanks for the your help!
  2. I have a Mitsubishi L200 252- one. In that one, when I switch on the vehicle, few bulbs light in the instrument panel. Those are the battery charging warning, fuel filter warning and heater plug warning. When I hit the ignition, those switches off. Today I had the chance to drive another L200 of same model. In that one oil level indicator also lights up before ignition. So does my one has a trouble in the sensor? What are the default warning lights which lights before ignition? Also who to check all these warning lights and sensors work? (Some of these indicators haven't it ever, I dont know what they are since the signs are not visible.) Thanks!
  3. Hi there members, After a long time and hope you guys are keeping well. I had a slight issue with my Nissan Cefiro A33 yesterday and I hope you guys can help me sort it out. Yesterday I was travelling to Kandy from Colombo when suddenly I felt that the gears are not shifting smoothly. This happend when I was passing Pasyala area after starting the journey from Moratuwa. For a certain period of time gears were not shifting eventhough the RPM raised. Then I stopped at a nearby garage and since it wasn't open I had to wait for like 20 minutes until the mechanics come and the car engine had been stopped. When the mechanics start the test drive there wasnt any issue of shifting gears and all were ok. So again I started with the journey and continued until Kegalle when the gear shifting again started failing. Then again I stopped the car for a while and after few minutes rest the problem sorted. I parked the car at a friends house in peradeniya and came back to colombo by bus. Guys My periodic service is due and also I have run for like 25,000 km from my last ATF change. Can you guys advice me on this issue. Thanks and best regards,
  4. Hi All, I'm searching for a Left/Front ABS sensor for a Pajero-IO, H76W. So far I have checked at many spare part dealers and all of them say the same thing. That they can't dismantle one from an existing, as the sensor seems to be brittle. Can any one of you help me in locating a sensor? I haven't checked with agents yet as I want that to be the last option which will be pretty costly. Thanks in advance for any help you can provide. Thanks, Y3K
  5. Hi Guys, hope you all having a wonderful time out there getting ready for X mas and new year!!! This issue came to my brother's car which is a Mazda BJ5W triptronic. its mileage read 103K. issue was that the engine was subjected to sudden stop while its been running in few occasions. Every time, the engine stops suddenly, while the car is been running for few hours and not when it is starting after been parked or during cold starts. The issue comes up randomly. As a result, the mechanic asked to replace theair cleaner hose which was also damaged, but the problem doesnt seem to be solved.. Today he has gone to Colombo to get some work done and on the way home after 1 hours ride the same problem has occurred. engine had suddenly stopped and had to wait for 45 minutes to 1 hour to get the engine running again. when he had tried to start the engine in between that time a sound had come which is similar to one you get when you try to start a hand tractor as if the engine trying to start without fuel and backfiring. also the engine oil indicator had been on for the whole time. He had taken the car to the mechanic and he had told that it might be something wrong with the fuel pump. however he could not identify the problem properly as the engine was running properly when the car is taken to the mechanic. Can someone held me to determine the exact problem and whether replacing the fuel pump would solve the problem? Is there a place to run a diagnosis test on MAZDA BJ5W triptronic model as most of the places he had taken there are not programmed for BJ5W. I am not sure whether this information is enough for you to determine the problem but please help us to solve this issue. Thanking you guys and take care 11
  6. Dear All, This is the second unsolved issue of mine. This happens few months back. I ve been driving my Nissan cefiro A33 for a while and honestly couldnt check the coolant level of the radiator due to busy schedule. But one day when i put my car to a body wash I wanted the guys there to check the coolant level. Everybody was surprised to note that not a drop of coolant was there at the radiator. I ve been running for a while without coolant in the radiator but the engine was functioning perfect so does the heat indicator which was at the mid point between H and C all the time. Later during the service A*W informed me that there is a leak in the top tank of the radiator so i replaced the radiator with a new one. Now that the coolant level doesnt drop and I check for the level regulary as well. But my brothers vehicle which is a Mazda BJ5W recently experienced a coolant leak from the radiator and at one point the engine suddenly stopped when the coolant levels had been reduced and heated up. I presume this is due to the sensors that the engine stops before getting damaged, My issue is why didnt my engine stopped when my car was running without a drop of coolant? I did a diagnosis test and there were not any errors in the sensors. My radiator doesnt leak anymore but I need to know if in case the vehicle is experiencing a heat rise, are the operations that are installed to indicate it has been disabled in my car? guys your expert comments please. Thank you.
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