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Found 18 results

  1. I replaced a new radiator for Chery qq ,because old radiator is damaged by an accident. After that engine heat level is normal,but radiator coolant overflows after a run.I go to many garages,but anyone can't fix it.After that at one place ,radiator fan gives direct to car oil line.Now there is no overflowing, but radiator fan always working and heat level is very low.is that good?plz help
  2. My Honda Gp5 coolent resovoir tank cap broken ( noticed today ). Is there a place I can buy it ? Worst case I would buy full tank . Can anyone recommend a place to search ?
  3. Hi Guys I don't have much knowledge on Car mechanics. Need some Help. I bought a corolla 141 4 weeks back. Before buy I checked it with car checking . So there was a issue identified that coolant is leaking in radiator pressure cap location and recommended to replace the plastic part which is fixed with the radiator. So I repaired it with previous owner(is a very trust-able friend of mine) by replacing it. So then I bought the car. Then I took the car to the Toyota Service for a full service. Before taking to toyota I checked the coolant level in the tank and it was in the lowest level.( I did not checked the coolant level after it was repaired when I took it from the previous owner.. Because I didn't know that). So after service by Toyota they have filled the coolant to the max level. Service report included that there is a leak in the same location.What I need to know is that is there actual leak to be rectified ? Because there was no level drop after 1 week from the service, Coolant level was same.. . So I am thinking should I actually repair it ? or not ? Guys what do you think
  4. So i flushed and refilled the radiator coolant on my car today. just thought of sharing it in detail with you all who are willing to DIY, For the beginners like me to be precise. Things you Need: 1.) Radiator Flush 2.) Coolant 3.) A Garden Hose 4.) A rag/piece of cloth 5.) a bucket/tray to collect the water Step 1: * First make sure the engine is cool * Locate the drain tap below the radiator and remove it. * After Removing the drain tap Remove the radiator cap on the top * Let all water get drained and Collect it for future references Step 2: * Close the drain tap * Fill a small amount of water first * Fill the radiator with the Radiator Flush * Then fill in the radiator with water all the way and close the radiator cap * Start the engine and keep it idle for 10 - 20 minutes with the Heater ON (WARNING: Do Not Drive) * After 10 - 20 minutes, shut down the engine and wait till it cools down (approx - 1hour) Step 3: * After the engine has cooled down, Open the drain tap and then remove the top radiator cap (if not sure, use the rag/cloth to open the cap) * Squeeze the rubber pipes that transfer water and let all the water drain from the radiator * While the drain tap is open, run a hose from the radiator cap with slow flowing water so it wont overflow * While the water is running through the radiator, start the engine and let it idle with the heater on for another 10 minutes (might need a mate for that) * After 10 minutes or so in idle shut off the engine first and remove the hose * Collect the water to check whether the water is clean * Let the engine cool down for another hour or so before re-fitting the drain tap and radiator cap to avoid contact with the hot engine Step 4: * Re-fit the drain tap and fill it with coolant and water (make sure to use the right amount of coolant to water ratio, in my case 1:3) * There is no proper way to measure the water level, The best way is to determine with the collected water the first time you drain the radiator, Best thing is to use a water bottle when refilling to avoid spilling. * Top up the Reserve tank with proper coolant to water ratio (might have to remove the reserve tank from the car to get the water out) * Close the radiator cap and start the engine and let it idle for 10 minutes or so, so all the air will be out of the system and the coolant will be circulating properly in the system * let the engine cool down again and re-open the radiator cap, there will be less water this time so fill it with coolant and water till it reach the mouth of the cap and close the radiator cap. Things You Should Be Carefull With: * Wipe off water from the fan belts before starting the car * Make sure water want spew on to the distributer cap and so on * Before re-fitting drain tap make sure the engine is cooled down to avoid contact with a hot engine * Always fill it with coolant, Do Not Cheap out and just use water * If you have HID kits install, make sure water wont get contact with the balasters and wires. * Since the engine has to be on idle a lot, make sure there is proper ventilation for the exhaust fumes to go out. * Be gentle with the drain taps, since its made of plastic it might break off if way too much pressure is use. and for some cars like Mazda's u have to remove the drain tap with a wrench. Some Images of the process: Radiator Drain Tap: Existing Water in the Radiator (I removed the exisitng coolant the day before to do the process but because of the rain i couldn't proceed so filled with normal water before doing the flush): Filling Radiator Flush: Rubber Pipes to Squeeze: Heater ON: Collected Fluid after Flush: Running water through the radiator with the drain tap open and engine running: Collected water from the radiator after 10 minutes of constant flowing water: Refilling coolant: (1:3 - in my case) Refilling water (1:3 - i used a bottle to measure the needed ratio) Hope this will be helpful to someone. Good Luck.
  5. I have a nissan ad wagon 2003 model and today i went to mannar while driving my temperature gauge reached the high level , what is the reason for that? The fans are working properly and the return water also flows to the bottle again . So that the thermostat is also working properly
  6. Hi, I have a Hyundai Trajet 2000 model converted with a 3c Toyota Townace engine and automatic gearbox. Recently on a family outing after traveling 2 hours in traffic the car started to heat up. On inspection it had a 2 core radiator, which is now converted to 3 core and the water fan wasn't functioning properly which is also been replaced. But still there is some bubbles coming from the radiator which makes me think the engine block needs to be overhauled. I ain't an expert but am I missing something else before dismantling the engine and can anyone recommend a garage who can have a look and give me the proper diagnosis. Thanks to all in advance.
  7. Hi Experts Need advice on a small thing. Today on my way home I observed I get a vibration on my Steering wheel, seat and legs when A/C Fan kicks up, initially I thought it's something to do with A/C, but to trace the issue I drive few Kms without A/C and found that same happens when radiator fan start running. So what makes vibration is the radiator which both fans are fixed. Can I know how the radiator connects to the car body? is it nut/bolt or does that has rubber mounts like engine mounts? Whats the best approach to find the root cause? Anyone of you ever experienced similar situation? Thanks in advance.
  8. I have a Mitsubishi L200 2 wheel vehicle(252-xxxx). It's radiator fan cover(Shroud) is broken. When I drive the vehicle, the heat level is normal. But when I park the vehicle with AC on, heat goes up very fast. When the AC is off, the rate of increase is low. I guess the rate has increased due to the above reason of not having the fan cover. I tired to find a used one. Still not found. There are brand new ones in Unit#d Mot#rs. But the price is very high. What is your idea of not having it ? Will it damage the engine? Thanks Andun
  9. Hi Guys, Yesterday when I removed the radiator cap, I found that the inner middle part (sorry I don’t know the exact name of this part, is it the pressure release valve?) is missing from the cap It’s probably fallen inside of the radiator, but I can’t reach it or see it. I don’t know if this part is only rubber or has some metal parts. I replaced the cap with a new one. Will this fallen part do any harm to the radiator? Is it safe to drive with this thing inside the radiator? I have attached a pic of the old cap. Please advise me.
  10. Hi all, The oil in the dipstick smells gasoline and the oil itself is pretty thin and somewhat dark brown + black color. There is no gasoline smell from the exhaust and it drips water droplets which says that the tuning is fine. What is the reason for this gasoline smell ? And Under load ( AC + Headlights + slight hill in 3rd/4th gear, mind you this is a 5speed gearbox ) I can hear a knock/misfire once in a while.The previous owner says he tuned the car for better fuel economy. I bought the car last week and only did few 10-15Km trips and most 3,4Km ones. But from the shorts trips I did the car is only doing around 6,7Kmpl ( no traffic area ). * The car is a 94 FB13 manual (GA14DS engine) 1.4Liter with Carb, 140K on the clock
  11. Hi friends, Having a KDH 200, there is a continues dropping of coolant with time. Few months back I got the coolant flushed and even that time we noticed this. After about 3 months we still have the same issue and yesterday we added little more than 1L to the tank. There is no leakage or anything noticeable but the only way out is via the lid of the tank. Even though its very old , In my 4DR5 Jeep I never get this issue which It has the level of coolant it was having 6 months before. Please post what is known about this issue or at least to know whether this is normal. Thanks a lot in advance.
  12. Hi dear friends, My Car is TOYOTA Corolla AE110 XE Saloon (1998, Auto, Petrol) Recently I purchased this car from another person. Car is in mint condition. But there is a problem. The radiator fan working continuously. My knowledge about auto electrical is very poor. But I checked the problem with my knowledge. The fan is switching by an original relay. (Normally closed relay) There is no voltage at relay coil, so the relay always closed. Then the fan is working nonstop. I tried to find, the operation voltage of fan relay, but I couldn't find the it. Then I thought the problem is with "Thermostat Sensor" Then I went to an auto electrician, He said the thermostat wire has disconnected in somewhere. But he couldn't find it, My questions are, (1) what is the other end of thermostat sensor wire? (2) How can I find it? (3) How to check thermostat sensor is good or bad? Please help me. Thanks.
  13. Guys where I can find a Corolla 121 radiator in Kandy. Any specific place? I might have to replace the radiator because the allumium core has a leak. note: I've put the generic topic for the thread because it's small number of members in Kandy area. So they can use this in future to hunt down specific part.
  14. Dear Friends I have FB 15 Car.Recently i got issue regarding Engine Heat. After several Checking i found it happen due water leaking from small horse from engine to car dash board side.(there are two same type horses and i think it will use for heater) what are the best method to avoiding heat ***Shall i use sillicon gum(water proofing ) and sealed. ***or remove that horse and sealed with endcap Please give me proper solution please
  15. Dear All, This is the second unsolved issue of mine. This happens few months back. I ve been driving my Nissan cefiro A33 for a while and honestly couldnt check the coolant level of the radiator due to busy schedule. But one day when i put my car to a body wash I wanted the guys there to check the coolant level. Everybody was surprised to note that not a drop of coolant was there at the radiator. I ve been running for a while without coolant in the radiator but the engine was functioning perfect so does the heat indicator which was at the mid point between H and C all the time. Later during the service A*W informed me that there is a leak in the top tank of the radiator so i replaced the radiator with a new one. Now that the coolant level doesnt drop and I check for the level regulary as well. But my brothers vehicle which is a Mazda BJ5W recently experienced a coolant leak from the radiator and at one point the engine suddenly stopped when the coolant levels had been reduced and heated up. I presume this is due to the sensors that the engine stops before getting damaged, My issue is why didnt my engine stopped when my car was running without a drop of coolant? I did a diagnosis test and there were not any errors in the sensors. My radiator doesnt leak anymore but I need to know if in case the vehicle is experiencing a heat rise, are the operations that are installed to indicate it has been disabled in my car? guys your expert comments please. Thank you.
  16. Hi experts, I have a crack on the top of my radiator top tank. Its a ~1 inch long crack and the coolant keeps leaking from the crack. Vehicle is a 2004 N16. I called A*W and their solution is to replace the top tank (replacing only the top tank is not recommended by them but on a customer request they will do that). Cost for replacing that will be around 15000. Is there any other way to fix this? thanks, explorer.
  17. Hi, I have a pretty basic thing to clarify from you guys. I was putting normal water to my car radiator until last service. At the service station they have flushed the radiator and added a coolant. Since I could see coolant is effectively doing its job at high revs especially when driving in E01, thought of using coolant regurarly instead of water. At service they used a 4 Litre can to top-up and I was using the remainder bit of the can until yesterday to top-up during mornings and it was emptied now. So I bought a new can today (pure coolant). Do I need to mix it 50 - 50 with water before using as the instructions say? coz at the service station they didn't mix it with water. Thanks !
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