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Found 9 results

  1. Hi, I am planning to buy a 2013 Honda Fit GP 4 RS vehicle which has 85,000 km + milage. Kindly share your suggestions and experiences on the same kind of vehicles with all pros and cons. I am in sort of a dilemma cz I do worry about IMA battery condition. Thanks
  2. recently bought a honda vezel hybrid 2018 RS Sensing .....and need to know how to maintain it without getting into any issues plz help? Or else my mom will kill me.
  3. Guys this is just my oppinion dont bash me lol.but i drove the chr 1.2 turbo ,audi q2 1.0 turbo ,honda vezel hybrid rs and after some spirited driving all that drove with me said that vezel felt special even in the corners u can play with the car not like the audi and the toyota in the wet or in sport mode in a low gear u can have some powersliding fun when turning and at the end of the day it does 13-22 kmpl i know its a dramatic difference i said 13 cuz old owners claim that but im a maths student and i know how to calculate and i got 17-22 17 city 22 highway conditions btw bought it in october 2018 and now july 2019 ..... car is damn good as in the begining and only issues had are rear is extremely bad to be driven because of sport suspension and the black interior makes the car so much clusterphobic(dont know the spellings lol) and if u need a sporty drive and if u are spirited like me u will defineatly need a honda vezel rs(in the rs package u get different suspension)or u can customize but like the porsche gts package this is the optimum budget package so do let me know ur ideas guys and tell me when to sell it and do let me know the recommendations
  4. Hi all, For all who might find the below helpful. Cheers! Instrument cluster translation from Japanese to English: Download - user manual: http://www.suzuki.co.jp/car/owners_manual/files/2_99011-52R02_20170906035005.pdf
  5. I am planning to buy 2017 Audi A1 1.0 or 2017 Swift 1.0 RST. Appreciate your expert advice on reliability, maintenance cost, economy, comfort, practicality and resale value.
  6. Dear All, Can any body confirm whether the Reverse tilt mirror option is available in the Vezel "RS" edition. Its told that RS edition is better version that the Z grade or at least newer. I'm informed that to enable this option its needed to keep the side mirror adjusting button to left / right mirror adjustment side.then when you put to the reverse left mirror will auto lower the side pre selected. leaving at the center will disable this mode. Im not able to enable this option even by moving the mirror edjust button to left or right. Please share your experiences thanks.
  7. Dear all, I'm in big need of so valuable and ever admired thoughts of the autolanka experts and fellow members on buying my next car. After much of "homework" I managed to narrow down the options to 2 cars namely; 1) Toyota Aqua GS Sports 2014 2) Honda Fit hybrid GP4 RS version 2013 But I'm bit inconclusive on the final selection of one of these and that's is exactly the stage in which the views of you will be of much impact and value. Possibly relevant factors that would be helpful in taking the decision would be as follows. a. I plan to get it directly from Japan and aqua GS will cost around 8-9 lax more than Fit RS, means more financial burden initially b. I usually don't drive much, will say 1000km per month and that may be of importance as the 2 cars have different fuel fugures. c. Though GP4 is older version, I prefer that to GP5 so GP5 is out ( Just my perception and has nothing to do with possible technological advances of GP5 ) d. I'm personally not attatched to other aqua versions like S and G as they look bit dull ( again just my perception and no offense to fellow aqua owners ), so only the GS version is considered e. Both cars vary significantly when it comes of options avialable ( Fit is powered with paddle-shift, 4 disk brakes, dedicated sports mode and of cause more space as highlighted in many AL threads while aqua GS having impressive body design as totally without the bored nature of its regular counterparts, not forgetting the better fuel consumption relative to Fit ) 7. The resale value and avilability and cost of spare parts may be of importance but let's say with a less gravity on final decision. With these facts and any other relevant aspects I really appreciate your views, advices and please let me know what you will do under same circumstances. As always a big thanks in advance and heartiest gratitude to all contributers and team autolanka. ( N.B. I went through virtually all relevant existing threads in autolanka, but could't find much information as most were on aqua and fit generally lacking details in GS and RS versions of them and due to the fact that I'm with a different scenario here. For the moment let's just neglect the possible impact of budget proposals, otherwise it would compllicate this )
  8. These days im planning to buy a Honda fit hybrid. Im considering YOM 2013 models of above cars. GP1 comes with IMA 1.3 engine, 88Hp and GP4 comes with IMA 1.5 engine, 114Hp… Personally I prefer GP4 because it has a sporty look and a powerful engine than GP1. But I have no idea about fuel efficiency of this two models, Probably GP4 has the same engine on Honda insight ZE3. please share your ideas regarding this two models considering fuel economy and performance. Thanks...
  9. Hello experts.... I am looking for a EK3 Vi-RS (1999/2000) and I got few confusions on identifying the real Vi-RS as most of the cars are dressed up to look like Vi-RS models. As far as I got to know following are few thing to identify the Vi-RS. Meter gauge should be 'White' in color Vi RS sticker in the boot door RS badge on the front grill Original bucket seats Kindly tel me if these are correct and if there are any other options to check and identify a proper Vi-RS ? Cheers!!!
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