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Found 8 results

  1. Mitsubishi Lancer Asp 1988 petral kocchara karanawada?
  2. Hello everyone, I'm a newbie to the forum and looking for some experts' advice on buying a used car. My maximum budget is around 2.8-3.0m and I'm looking for a Japanese-made car, preferably a manual one. The car has to be durable enough, fairly good on fuel, comfortable and powerful enough. Also finding spares and maintenance mustn't be any problem and the car has to have a good value for money and a good resale value. I have just picked out some cars on my own choice. Toyota Yaris(Saloon) Toyota Vios Mitsubishi Lancer CS3 Nissan March(AK12-Beetle model) Suzuki Swift(Beetle model. Does Japanese Swift have a manual version??) I would like to have your expert advice on, 1) What would be the best fit car for my requirements considering the above list of choices? 2) What are the other choices that can be considered? 3) What are the pros and cons of buying a fairly new manual car(considering SL car market)? Your advice is much appreciated. Regards..!!
  3. Article is relevant to Toyota users in General and Mitsubishi Outlander PHEV, Montero 2010 up, Lancer Ex 2010 and Subaru XV owners 2014. It’s been ages that I logged into Auto Lanka. I was thinking of sharing some information concerning Car Audio upgrades for all those new car buyers and for the ones who are planning to swap their Jap Nav system to any aftermarket solution. I have been in the car audio scene for a bit and I thought it might help someone if I share some insights to selecting the Perfect fir DVD system for 200mm size car stereo slot. Most cars I have put on top has 200mm spec. Find picture attached to see difference between universal 2din (180mm) and 200mm 2din . If you do a quick drive to few car audio vendors, you will notice there are so many options to choose from. Varying from Chinese non branded to branded solutions. I am not going to entertain any Chinese non brands here for the simple reasons of them being very low quality, non durable, lack of spares and after sales service and it’s very hard to distinguish between different variations of Chinese players unless your an expert. Having said, I recommend anyone to go with any of the most popular brands in Sri Lanka. The three most famous brands at moment are JVC, Kenwood, and Pioneer in alphabetical order. Kenwood has the largest market share (due to large dealer network and 2 years warranty and after sales service) and Pioneer (Playing catch up) and JVC (been silent for a while) share almost similar shares (some how I feel Pioneer is in second place but cant be certain. (Information is based on my knowledge and not by any statistical review so please don't panic I may be wrong) Brands such as JVC, Kenwood, and Pioneer offer a variety of solutions that fits the Toyota cars. To my knowledge, JVC does not offer a Toyota specific model (200MM size) yet, they offer universal solutions that fit Toyota with the help of two trim brackets to cover the extra space available on either side. The JVC model I am referring to is a KW-V40BT or its newer bother KW-V41BT, is an economical solutions compared to the equivalent models from Kenwood and Pioneer. Local JVC agent is Gilbert Car Audio, if you need further information and any dealer information call them up. However, the best-fit models for the Toyota are offered by Kenwood and Pioneer brands (So far). The 200M model offered by Pioneer is the AVH-XL5750BT. Damro is the agent for Pioneer in Sri Lanka and you can find out the nearest dealer if you call them up. The best-fit model from Kenwood is DDX-615WBT. in fact Kenwood offer 3 more models if you plan on settling for a higher spec model, and a low end version (universal converted to a 200MM using a special facelift plate) which I am not a big fan of. However, the best and economical models are the above listed model codes. If you are after Kenwood, Pet#o Lanka is the local agent. Call them up to locate the closest dealer. One thing to keep in mind is that most of these models will soon be replaced with 2015-2016 models somewhere in November. Not sure, who is first to do a model change but JVC first, then Pioneer and Kenwood is the last to release if I am not mistaken. But till then you can use this as a guide. Until recently, most of the branded DVD systems could not offer GPS Navigation with Sri Lankan maps. Now there is a solution for that. Navgo Electronics offers aftermarket external plug- in navigation interfaces for OEM screens and branded DVD players. The Navgo interface converts a standard DVD player (such as a JVC or a Kenwood) to a navigation DVD player. So all those JVC, Kenwood, Pioneer DVD owners can enjoy Navigation just as the built in solution. So if you are looking for a branded DVD with navigation features, bundle your purchase with a Navgo interface. Most of the time local maps are pre-installed. (Either Sala ProSat or CityGuide depending on the vendor). I am not sure who the local agent is at this point but you can go www.navgoelectronics.com to get more details. Most reputed car audio dealers offer this. Again, this is a branded solution made to work and meet the performance requirements of DVD players such as JVC, Kenwood, and pioneer. You may come across fake copy products and I don’t have to explain all over again what you experience might be if you decide to go for any of that. The above models are also relevant to all Mitsubishi Montero, Outlander. Lancer Ex and Subaru XV owners. The perfect fit for these are a 200mm face DVD. PS: There are few other high end solutions offered by the above brands but for many I believe the value for money is what I have listed out. Also there are other good Chinese/Taiwan DVD brands such as Caska, Necvox, Adayo, FourYou etc who build quality products. So when you shop get it from a reputable dealer. Keep in mind "A good product creates a brand, after sales service is what keeps that brand alive". For those who didn’t know specs: *- Double Din stands for the 2DIN or ISO universal DIN size 2 the width is 180MM *_ 200MM is a size specially came in with TOYOTA brand cars. The stereo sizes extended to 200mm *_ Trim brackets 10mm ear panels that covers the excess area left on either sides when you install a double din (180mm).
  4. Dear Friends, There was a very old topic which already discussed about modiying a 1978 Lancer A72. Since thats too old, I want to get some information according to the current situation. Lancer lovers, owners, enthusiasts, please be kind enough to write down all usefull information & advise on below areas. The versions, model numbers and unique features to identify original lancer flat light / tube light models ? How reliable are these today, specially to be used as a daily runner & for frequent long drives ? Maintenance & availability of parts (Body parts / mechanical parts) ? How much should I pay for a decent looking car ? Suggestions, advise & useful information would be greatly helpful. Thanks in advance!
  5. Hey, I found couple of Universal Car Turbo Sound Whistle on ebay but I don't know which one will be suitable for a Lancer EX? http://www.ebay.com/itm/28mm-Universal-Car-Blow-off-Simulator-Whistler-Sound-Exhaust-Whistle-Turbo-Tool-/251556997186?hash=item3a91f72842&vxp=mtr http://www.ebay.com/itm/32mm-Car-Blow-off-Simulator-Whistler-Sound-Exhaust-Whistle-Turbo-XL-Universal-/330952865686?pt=LH_DefaultDomain_0&hash=item4d0e53f796 http://www.ebay.com/itm/Dia24mm-Universal-Car-Blow-off-Simulator-Whistler-Sound-Exhaust-Whistle-Turbo-/231546457275?hash=item35e93e8cbb&vxp=mtr Sizes are 24, 28, 32mm, so which one? Are there any disadvantage of using this? Please see this video for more info. Thanks
  6. Mr : trinity thankyou so much for your help i got idea from that Now I'm asking from you all Whare is the place in Colombo for do that (link above mention)
  7. Who is the best seller for original EVO body kit importer in Colombo for Mitsubishi lancer cs2/cs1/cedia
  8. I’m welling to buy Mitsubishi lancer but I have confuse about Different of Mitsubishi lancer CS1 , Cedia, cs2. Cedia is a lancer family? What the different of Cedia - Mitsubishi lancer CS1 - cs2 2000 What is it a Low maintenance car? What is the best do on fuel? Who is the best seller for quality and low cost(price) importer in Colombo for original EVO body kit thank you waiting for reply
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