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Found 31 results

  1. thilinamc

    KIA SORENTO 2008 won't start

    I have a KIA Sorento 2008 version and recently I had to crank quite hard to get it started(early in the morning). Yesterday it didn't start at all. when the mechanic checked, he told me that all four Glow Plugs are not working. Replace those four plugs and with working battery tried o start. But still not working. Dash lights are working. Any sort of a helping thought is appreciated. Thanks
  2. Hey guys, I am going to buy my first vehicle. I need some advise on choosing it. My budget is 2.5 - 3 million. These are the cars that I am interested in so far. Kia Cerato (something around 2010) Kia Rio (Not sure if I can find one, but interested in something around 2010) Ford Focus (around 2010) Mitsubishi Lancer GLX (I think I will have to settle for 2008, if I am going for this option) Could you please comment on the fuel consumption and the reliability. I am trying to find fuel economical car that doesn't cost a fortune to maintain. I am very attracted to Kia vehicles and Ford. However, I am not sure if they give a good mileage. Also no clue about their maintenance cost. I know these vehicles are hard to sell. However, that is not a big importance for me. Feel free to suggest new vehicles to my watch list. (I am trying to avoid Indian cars and old Japanese cars.) Please share your opinion. I really appreciate it. Thanks in advance !
  3. chathuu

    KIA SORENTO 2010-12

    Hi guys, one of friends looking to buy registered KIA sorento 2010/11 or 12 model and seek my help to find out good vehicle. I go through some valuable threads in this forum regarding this vehicle and found both favorable & adverse comments. Ultimately i assume this is a reliable vehicle for normal drive. However found some different types of engine capacities such as 2000cc, 2300cc and 2400cc on both petrol & diesel. We were so confused on what to consider. On the other hand diesel varients got a huge price gap around 500k. Anyone please give some details what should we consider, fuel consumption and what version has the reasonable resale market as we are not experts in this.
  4. Planning to buy my first car and confused whether to go with Kia Picanto 2017 or Perodua Axia 2017. I test drove both vehicles and personally i like Picanto because of the build quality and interior finish but I heard that Axia's fuel consumption is much better than Picanto's. Planning to use this for traveling to work (Colombo - Battaramulla) and driving for Uber in weekends. Any fellow Picanto or Axia users? Thanks in Advance.
  5. Dear Friends, I am new to this forum and new to buying a car as well. So please help with your extensive knowledge about cars for my selection. budget: 2.5 - 2.6 million I will be getting a lease after paying 30% down payment. I have checked some car sales, AL ads and ###### ads. Having gone through these ads, I have a small understanding that toyota vitz 1.0L 2007/2008 and kia picanto 2016 full option fall in that range. 1. Can you please help me decide which is better? 2. Can you please recommend a good, fuel efficient kei car that I can buy for my budget? 3. Is Toyota Passo 2004 a good car to buy for 2.1 million rupees or is the price too much? Many Thanks and God Bless you!!! Kind Regards Kushi...
  6. Hi all, I am planning to buy a car with a budget around 2.8 mn. currently I am driving a 2008 Vitz, thought of selling it and go to a newer car (YOM after 2015) like picanto, axia or wagon r. For a fact I know Wagon R has the best mileage out of the three car. Mileage is my least concern. I am more concerned on safety, driving pleasure, cost of maintenance, resale value and nice exterior and interior. I was planning to buy a Wagon R, but after speaking to few mechanics I had to change my mind. All of them gave negative feedbacks. Issues in sensors, malfunctioning options etc. Is this true?? Out of three options what will you recommend. Thank you in advance.

    KIA PICANTO white smoke

    Hi, Just came to be an owner of a Kia Picanto 2016, a CAQ done around 16,000. I heard a rumor about a white smoke (burning of oil) around 60,000 in KIA. anybody faced with this problem in this community? does this apply to Picanto 2016 as well. Please explain.
  8. Darious Stone

    WagonR 2017 Or Picanto 2017 ?

    Guys Big favour.I am a bit confused between going for a picanto or wagon r. Wagon R 2017 Basic can be bought for 3 mil with one year warranty from a car seller (Ishara Traders)for the same 3 mil I can get a picanto with 5 years agent warranty. I know wagon r is got better mileage.How about the picanto compared to the Wagon R 2017 Basic ?.Is it okay to forego the mileage per litre as I am only going to be driving mostly around cmb occasionally go outstation. Also whats the difference between wagon r fx and fz models ? Is it reliable to buy from a place like Ishara traders as A*W will take few months to deliver the Wagon R. What are your opinions ? Also I am planning to register the vehicle under my name and get the insurance in my name and since I am not in the country will my son have trouble claiming if anything goes wrong or is there any way to appoint him as a nominee ?.. Please kindly guide this old man.
  9. What is the actual market price of a diesal sorento 2012
  10. Hello guys! I need some advice for buying my first car. My maximum budget is restricted to around 3 million, so I have few options. What do you think is best - buy a brand new manual Kia Picanto (around 3 mil the last time I checked) or import something like a 2015/2016 Vitz from Japan? Or forget both and go the local second-hand route with possible risks involved? I won't be actually buying one until a year or so, but I'm doing some research in advance anyway. I have zero prior experience with cars. Thanks for your opinions and advice!
  11. Hi All, Just bought a Kia Picanto. So far so good. Except, the radio is driving me nuts. The problem goes- I set a radio station (using preset) and drive while listening to it. All of a sudden, the radio starts "tuning" for another frequency. And this does not stop. Nothing in the manual (the manual actually has an older version for the radio and instructions) in terms of how to fix this. Did some research online and sort of found that this is due to the AF (alternate frequency) function on display and turning it off would fix the problem. It was never turned on to begin with. Also, even if I tried to "turn it off" while the tuning was happening simultaneously, that led to nothing. Radio stations changing while I drive is so annoying and dampens the experience otherwise. If there is someone who has experienced this and would know a permanent solution I'd much appreciate it- after all, there has to be over hundreds of Picantos on the streets of Sri Lanka (I bought Package 3). Thanks,
  12. I currently have a somewhat basic Kia Sorento from 2014 which I am planning on replacing with a newer SUV (probably a crossover). Due to the lack of a sun roof, 4WD and an extra set of seats in the back, and 100k on the odometer, I assume the sale price would be in the range of 7 to 8 million. I am looking to replace it with a newer vehicle, and would appreciate your recommendations. I have checked out the Toyota CH R 2017 (worrying reviews) or a few years older HONDA CR-V. Or would it be better to stretch the budget further (up to another 1m) and consider something like the Audi Q2 or a newer CR-V.
  13. Hi, I'm looking for a brand new car to buy and I am quite interested in the new Picanto as it looks very nice and the fit and finish of the inside plastics is quite excellent compared to other cars in the price range and they have a 5 year warranty as well. I need to know how is the fuel economy within city and if the engine has enough power to wizz around traffic. Or is it better to go for the other alternatives in this price bracket like the Toyota Wigo, Suzuki Celerio or the Perodua Axia?
  14. Hi auto lanka friends...i have a diseal kia sorrento 2012 suv..sice today all my repairs done by the company...today they diagnoticed with an oil leak from the intercooler.... which was cost around 60,000/= at the company.....which coudnt affordable to me....luckyly the Ajantha motors have the same part for 36000/=..do you guys knw any other place or a mechanic who is good in Kias where i can get fixed it,since the company not allowed to take parts from the out side....plz help....
  15. janaka_maduranga

    KIA Picanto

    If any one has actual user review on KIA car brand after 2015(better if it is on KIA picanto); please share with me on below aspects. 1) Interior quality 2) Engine quality(How many KMs you could run without any issue) 3) Handling performance(Smooth driving, stability on higher speed) 4) Fuel efficiency 5) KIA dealer experience 6) Availability of parts 7) Do you recommend this to some one else
  16. Hey guys, Good Day..... Kinda new here, planning for an upgrade, kindly help me out to pick one out these two. I got KIA RIO HATCHBACK and MITSUBISHI ATTRAGE on the list. heard that KIA RIO is efficient enough to do about 15Km per L, and ATTRAGE is more than 20Km per L... Planning to buy brand new condition, not used once.... but no idea about rest of the facts. kindly guide me through with further facts.. thanks..
  17. Hi Guys, Just need your opinion on above topic. I am planing to buy my second car for daily use ( Daily travel around 30 km). Mu budget is around 2 million rupees. Points consider. Millage - Below 100k Fuel efficiency Whether the car is comfortable Should be a English number
  18. i have a toyota starlet 1996 and i hope to sell it buy a new one. I am interested with kia rio and hyundai. The main reason is i need a relatively new car (as 2005 ) rather than using 90 decades car. I know most people says japanees cars far better. But i like to use relatively new car and my budget is less than 1.8M. pls tell me what is the best choice for me.
  19. Hi Guys, Is there a place where we can get recondition spare parts for kia vehicles? thanks
  20. chathuu

    Kia Sportage 2007

    Hi guys.. Im interested to buy a second hand KIA Sportage Diesel 2007 SUV with triptronic transmission. since i have no previous experience in KIA pls share your information regarding, 1. Fuel Consumption 2. Maintain cost 3. Availability of spares 4. Resale market 5. Other similar options or ideas Tnx.
  21. Janaka Pradeep

    Buying A Car

    Dear friends, I'm going to buy my 1st car . My maximum budget is 1.6 Million. I have few options .1. brand new Alto, 2. Used Hyundai or KIA , 3.Used Toyota, Nissan Or MAZDA. When I asked from various people they give opinions in favor of all 3 options.Therefore I need your valuable advises to select best car out of these. I hope to use this car for about 5 years without much problems. I will not able to spend much money for expensive repairs and maintenance. I need considerable resale value, little bit of comfortable . manual or auto,(auto is more preferred). I would be much thankful to you if you can help me.
  22. raththaran

    Kia Sportage

    Hy everybody, I am interest in buying a secondhand Kia Sportage (2012 Diesel). Could you guys give me pros and cons of this vehicle. I will be using this vehicle for, Daily suburban commute. Family trips. (will do more than 300km in a single trip.) Occasional 4x4 in wildlife parks. Reaching remote destinations on unpaved trails. And how much is the going price for a one that has done below 15000km and maintained well under company warranty.
  23. I have a Kia Rio 2003. Recently check engine light came and any one knows good place to repair near Colombo ?
  24. Dear AL Friends My friend received doctor's car permit. He is uncertain what would be best to import. Here i listed his selection.Please post expert comments to select good vehicle. Better to give details as well as reasons for selections also. 1. Toyota fortuner 2. Toyota rav 4. 3.Mitsubishi sports /montero 4.Kia sorento 5.Kia Sportage 6.. Hyundai santa fe 7.. Hyundai tuson You ideas are very valuable
  25. Archfiend

    Sun Roof Issue Kia Sorento 2013

    Hi Guys, I've been noticing some strange issue with my sunroof. Since last month whenever I open the sunroof it won't get closed fully. It opens without an issue but when I hit the close it comes half way through and just reopens back. I Know these windows have safety feature that they re open when meet with an obstacle. I checked the railing and everything for an obstacle but non to be found. Right now I got to help the poor bugger to close it with a little push. Then I have had replaced my battery two days back to see whether it solves the problem but unfortunately NO. Is this common with sun roofs or its just me. What could be the issue and could you suggest me a good place to get this sorted out? Thanx in Advance. Please bear with me if I'm being too silly on this. But I'm completely new to these facts considering against you gurus.