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Found 3 results

  1. So these days they give out MBAs to anyone it seems ? Back in the day...MBA applicants needed to have at least 5 years professional experience (pref at least in a Jnr. Management role) before they accepted you in to the program. As a MBA I can tell you that the biggest/greatest element you will walk away with from your MBA would be the professional networks you will be able to access/build. So make sure you pick the right program and most importantly the right University.Institute. Depending on the program and the institute the networks made available to you varies greatly. Pick a good uni... wait, save money, gain experience if you must...There are plenty of private institutions that slap on foreign university names and offer all kinds of degrees. Be selective. Out of the local institutes the PIM - UoSJ was pretty decent (and no..I didn't graduate from there...know quite a few alumni who did and are doing a lot better than most of the mass-class foreign-local program MBA holders). No idea how it is now. Anyway....I too would say buy a car. A small old fashioned car. I would say something like a box lancer or a corolla/sprinter E80, KE72/74 or even a Sunny (i find the B11 sunny hideous though), etc...Something which is pretty hardy and easy to maintain. With your savings and the money from your parents plus a few months savings, you should be able to pick up a decent specimen. Also, if you are in to cars...the mechanics on these things are quite simple that you will learn quite a lot by doing things yourself (thus, saving some money). No fancy electronics and hyper-sensitive sensors and ECUs to deal with. You could do a simple tune-up at home in a matter of hours (leave the carb alone !). Will the above be 100% trouble free....def. not...but it won't cost that much in time and money to fix. During the days it is in the garage; use a taxi (to be honest most of the time using a taxi to go for lectures and even work stuff is a lot more easier than driving considering the hassles of parking in Colombo) AND you don't have huge loans to pay off. Just an alternative point of view
  2. hi guys,i am new to the forums.I am 19 years old and doing A/L s this year .I have an idea of studying automobile engineering, 1.Does srilankan universities have automobile engineering? 2.What are the private institutes in sl that i can follow it? 3. Some say its better to study it in a foreign college in malaysia or australia, is it true? 4.do we have enough vacancies for automobile engineers in sl. Plz help me out on this....your ideas are heighly appriciated.
  3. Hi all, I am really in to branding and advertising... So thought of following a course. I found out 3 but with the time constrain I can only follow one, which is offered by an institute call Sri Lanka Professional Advert*s*ng & Creat*v*ty Sch**l. So if any one knows a better place to get formal education on this field please let me know... Cheers
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