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Found 7 results

  1. Hi, I'm a BMW E30 enthusiast and I'm in search for a good condition e30 to purchase within this month. I've seen some cars and their conditions were so bad that one car's doors wouldn't even close properly. Does anyone here know about any E30s that might be available for purchase? There are only a very few cars listed online and most of them are in very bad condition or modified to the point where its not a BMW e30 anymore. Also do you think is it a good idea to have an E30 a first car when it comes to the repairs and maintenance. I've been warned multiple times by car guys who never had a BMW. Any leads here would be much appreciated. Thanks in advance!
  2. Can anybody please tell me a good place to do a full restoration from ground up for a BMW E30? Much appreciated!
  3. It’s been a while I was thinking of getting a BMW E36. But finally I end up getting an E30. The car has not been abused, but it has accumulated work over the period that needs attention. My intention is to gather up all missing bits and pieces together and build the car back to its original glory. This might not be a big project comparing to some ground up projects and restores. But all help and suggestions are welcome. Here are the things I will have to attend immediately. Complete restore of the instrument cluster. Meters worked for few days after me getting the car, except for the Odometer. However stopped working due to a shudder while I was reversing the car. Coolant leak occurred last week. It’s coming from the water pump. Will be taking it out at the local garage. AC fan seems working even at “0” position. And the AC switch is broken so it’s in the on position all the time. There are small works remaining in rest of the car. For example broken winders, shaky door looks, some interior parts, and a good paint job.
  4. Guys, I need some insight related to car - BMW 316i (1989-1990). I am hoping to buy one soon, but I don’t know anybody (friend or relation) who owns this model. So I have no idea about the car, any known conditions, problems associated with which I should look in to, when I'm buying one. Any information will be greatly appreciated. Thank you.
  5. Hello friends, I am planning of buying an old bmw e30 1987-1990 model and restoring it to mint condition for my own collection as the first car in my collection. could someone with knowledge on this car and on restoring old BMWs give some valuable tips before buying this car and also suggest me where in sri lanka i could get parts for restoration ? this is my first time at restoring an old car. Is their anything in particular i need to be aware of ? thanks
  6. Hey Guys im new to AL i wanted to know how much would it roughly cost on maintaining a BMW e30. I checked all the forums on BMW e30, but couldnt find proper info about the maintenance side. this car fits my budget well and i was planing on getting a Japan car but i my heart is for the E30. so please help me out guys.
  7. esdeez

    E30 Touring

    So this one isn't so much of a project as the 34, nor am I sure whether I'll be keeping her for too long, but with the blessings of S_N, I hereby share with you some pictures of my E30 Touring. The car is 1992 316i Touring, one of only two or three ever imported into the country. I'm a big fan of the uniqueness, and the classic lines of the touring, so I decided to take the plunge and bought her early last year as my daily driver. Unfortunately, E30 life hasn't exactly been the smooth journey I was hoping for. Unfortunately due to some pretty dodgy repairs by the previous owner (only apparent after the engine was pulled apart) I was in for a wild wide, which led to a mini rebuild of the engine. Being a UK car, one of the biggest differences we discovered was whilst putting in a new radiator. As you can see below, the dirty and abused one is the much smaller, UK spec, and the nice new original BMW unit above is the tropical version: Engine rebuild in progress, and fitting of the new head: And finally the vital fluids being poured in.... And the moment of truth!
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