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Found 60 results

  1. Here goes the Owner's Manual for 2017 Civic Hatchback - https://drive.google.com/open?id=1KKrX7JEivMh_j8_xNG6cZM_rflS2NFfD. This is good for the 2018 as well.
  2. Hello guys, I need your help in directing me to buy a good car for my need. This is going to be my first car. My budget is 2 - 2.5 million. I work in Nuwara Eliya, but my home town is Galle. At least once a month I will be traveling home and most of those journeys will be at late night to avoid traffic. Therefor I need a good reliable car which suits long distant traveling with enough comfort. Initially I was thinking about Pug 406 as they are below 2 million rupees and has enough comfort with average fuel efficiency in long distance travels. But its very difficult to find a well kept Pug these days as owners are not selling well maintained cars. Checked several cars, but was disappointed. Now Im tired of my hunt for 406 and considering to go for a Japanese car. So far I narrowed down my search to Mitsubishi Lancer CS3 (CS1 is 1300cc lacks power for my purpose) Honda Civic (Seventh Gen) Civic is bit expensive than contemporary lancers. I have noted down several cars from web ads and planning to go and check them next week. My queries are, (1) Will aforementioned cars satisfy my needs? If not suggest me better alternatives. (2) What should I be looking specifically when buying above cars (or any other one you mention)? I dont need an in depth review, just some overview thought is sufficient. I dont like hatchback cars and Indian/ Korean stuff Any help would be really appreciated. Thank you very much. Cheers!
  3. Hey mates, Im looking forward to buy a used car for around 15-18lks, & also Im not going for a Indian car since it’s not my favor. What I looked for is Honda Civic EG8 & I really love it; but some say, it’ll be problematic. does it worth, & what will be the future problems of this car & what will be other alternative car options for this price. Since this is my first car, Im really looking forward an answer from you. Thanx.
  4. Hello Friends, I have recently purchased a Honda Civic 1000 cc turbo - UK domestic model. This comes with Honda Connect - Garmin navigation system. Could somebody help me to install the map of Sri Lanka in that system ? I checked with the agents and some people but got the impression that nobody had a reasonable idea on how to do it. I do not want to let an incompetent person damage my system, since everything is integrated here. If somebody had get it done, please share the details with me. Thanks in advance. Sudarshana
  5. Please give comments on the usage of new Civic 1.0L turbo hatch in Sri Lanka.
  6. I'm doing some research about upgrading to a new Honda civic. I would like to initiate this discussion about Honda Civic 7th generation models like es8, es5 and es1 for everyone's benefit to share knowladge. Few questions: 1. What are the models and their exterior, interior and performance difference available in Sri Lanka. (Different trim levels and lights and bumpers and face-lift version) Add photos if you have too. 2. What are the version specific problems which are common and general pros and cons. 3. What is the price point/ true value and market factors of these models. (After December 2017) Hope this discussion will help everyone to broaden their knowladge and help new buyers/sellers to take better decisions specially after market disrupt from budget changes.
  7. Hi Guys, I have a Honda car with Single Carb EG8 1995 model. I have few problems with the current engine and would like to enhance/upgrade the ride with conversion or new engine. Current issues - Carb is not working upto the mark as some fuel lines are not connected to carb. - Engine oil burning. This will happen only during the last 1000kms before the next service. Using Caltex SAE 40 Engine oil. Service period 5000km. Current mileage 261,550 kms - Its difficult to start if I parked the car 2-3 days without start the engine.(Battery is full charged and auto choke not working) I'm planning to use this car till 2021. So think about conversion/upgrade would be useful for me. Thinking about below options, 1. Repair the current engine and use it. 2. Remove the carb and do a EFI conversion. 3. Replace with Exi engine.(this option to avoid the hassle of EFI convertion) 4. Replace with VTec engine. Please advice me on above options with the price and the complexity of it. Also I would like to know the places/persons who are selling above mentioned type of engines with complete set. I have gone through the below threads as well.
  8. Hi everyone, I'm thinking of switching to my first Honda Civic (one of my favorites, though I own only an Alto currently), I need some advice on a good model with availability of decent performance upgrades in the future for a budget of 1.5M (for car only, or do I have to pump in more cash?). I'm looking at at the Eg8 VTEC model but it seems a little old, is it good to still go for a Eg8 or can y'all suggest a better model for my budget. Also I would be swapping my engine for a better street type performance than the stock performance (not really high and expensive performance like the K series type R, but some decent Street performance for a budget). Please give me an idea on how much will it cost to swap the engine, chassis and all (not much bothered about the looks, I'm in for the performance) Thanks in advance And cheers Shaz
  9. Honda Civic Vtec Swap

    Hey guyz, I have a Honda civic ferio LA-ES1 (type B).. it comes with non-vtec D15B engine..but the past owner changes engine head to vtec head..vtec solenoid is free..there re no line from wire harness to connect solenoid..now i want convert car into vtec..i think i need to replace the ECU & Wiring harness.. But 90% of ES1 in sri lanka is JDM (LA-ES1 ie 1.5 vtec)... it has CVT gear box..my car has normal 4AT gear box..what can i do to convert into vtec..can i replace JDM civic es1 (vtec-type ie) ECU ? should i need to change gear box or can i use that ecu for normal 4AT(non cvt) gear box? Sorry for my bad english hope someone can help me..
  10. Buying First Car

    Hi all. I am new to this group and i haven't used any vehicle before. I am planning to buy a used car around 2Mn - 2.5 Mn. My options are Honda Civic, Honda city, Mitshubishi Lancer or Similar Nissan car. Can anyone tell me Advantages/Disadvantages/Things I should know about Mitsubishi Lancer /Civic/City Thank You
  11. Honda Civic 10th Gen 2016

    Hello everyone, First up, I'm new here & want to know the following: Want to know if there is any specific reason/s that the new Honda Civic 2016 is not available through other dealers except for through Stafford Motors? And that, at an overblown price of 9.5 million for the basic LX version (http://automobiles.honda.com/civic-sedan#specifications) Given that other models like the Vezel and Grace are everywhere, I'm curious as to know why the Civic is not so widely available. Additionally it's got some rave reviews & has won several car of the year awards among others: https://www.honda.ca/civic_sedan/awards So yes, my question is, does anyone know why the Civic 2016 is not widely available? Thanks!
  12. ES8 Gear shifting

    Hi All, I have a concern with the gear changing in my car which I bought few months ago. Model : Civic ES8 Model : 2005 - Face lift When driving it's RPM always reach 3000+ before changing to the next gear. Anyway it does not incur any jerk. But I wonder whether this is a situation which needs to pay attention because as per my experience the gear shift happens in 2000 - 2500 rmp in many cars. Appreciate your opinion on this. Many thanks
  13. hi All ! I have noticed that my civic ES5 (2004) which has an automatic transmission can not exceed 160 kmh. One of my friends which had a ES8 (2001) manual transmission easily go over ~180 kmh. I searched this in google and some people have mentioned about rev/speed limiter in stock mode. Anyone know is this a limitation by manufacturer or can we solve/overcome this by using piggy back or any other method. Thanks..
  14. Hi Experts, Need your help on clearing a doubt! Did honda civic Eg8 of YOM 1992 came with a original vtec engine of 1.6 ?
  15. Buying a HONDA ES5

    Hi Experts, First of all let me thank all the experts sharing their knowledge in this kind of forum so newbie can search around and get knowledge. I did lot of searching before posting this post for help and got to know lot of stuff as a newbie to vehicle world. I'm looking to buy my first car I do love civics and within my budget(3-3.2M) I can afford ES5 Facelift model. I search around the forum a lot and came to know that it's a good car. I got an offer for ES5 2003YOM/2006REG facelift car for about 2.7M and car looks in good shape( Need to take to a good mechanic to be sure though). So now I'm confused of is it a good buy or not,as advertisements are going around 2.6M - 3.3M. So I decided to ask some experts in here. Owner says it's maintained from Sta**ord (Service records are available). 150km are on the clock. Could you please shed some light on this as I'm very new on this. Thanks in advance. Looking forward some advice on this.
  16. japan car for 2 million

    HI, I am expecting to buy a used japan car and my budjet is 2-2.2 million,what is the most suitable car? corolla 110 lancer glx honda civic toyota ist
  17. My Honda Civic Ek3 car failed emissions test due to response failure of MAP sensor. Electrician found the issue after inspecting. With the RPM MAP sensor want change its resistance. Need to replace it. Can I know a place to find it? I think it has a replaced sensor. Its not Honda. But Denso. I found the blue colour one in delkanda. Will it match ?
  18. The Crank Pully of our Honda Civic EK3 car is broken. Photos are attached. The engine is D15B Vtec. I tried to find it in evry possible place in Pachikawatta. Tech motors, Access motors, Weliwatta etc. But failed. Is there a place to get this? Also is there a place to purchase a good engine replacement for this. Thanks! Andun
  19. Hi Experts., I have idea of buying a Honda civic ek3 or a Mitsubishi lancer Ck series car for later modifying purpose. but for the moment i have no expert or experience with Honda or either Mitsubishi. Currently im sticked to a Toyota and i am pretty sure that,when comparing to a Toyota , Honda & Mitsubishi must have a whole lot difference...I have heard lot of cons and pros between these 2 car vendors...some says Honda maintain cost is considerably high while Mitsubishi have a economical maintenance ETC.... Any how i much appreciate your expert advice's on helping me to decide either go for a Honda EK3 Or a Mitsubishi Ck series! Thanks in advance.
  20. Hey guys, I'm planning to buy the aforementioned car. The particular model that I'm considering is the non-hybrid FD1. Are their any renowned problems with the car ? Are their manufacturing faults that plague the car ? Is it a good buy ? Thank you in advance. Any help is greatly appreciated
  21. We have a Honda Civic EK3 Ferio Vtec Automatic 1996 JDM vehicle. My brother has recently bought it. We did the spark-plug replacement and injector cleaning. Also air filter and oil has been changed. Patrol filter is new and auto gear oil is also good according to technician. But we dont know whether previous owner has used Honda Multimatic oil for the gear box. Also few screws in the distributor is broke, thus we didn't had the chance clean it in the tune up. Now the problem is it's fuel consumption. It does 11.5 km per liter in the highway with AC on and speed at 100kmph. In Colombo consumption is 6.5 km per liter. I measured it full tank to full tank. Other than that when we accelerate from idling, it gives a strange metal scratching noise and a knock from timing belt area. Alternator belt and AC belt is also near to packing. Thus couldn't tell exactly what is the noise. It shows 150k mileage. But surely it has been reverted, I guess t has done more than 250k Any guesses about the problem.
  22. Is there a possibility to find alternative to this central console of Honda Civic EK3 300-xxxx version. Which we can install a audio player with a display or without a display? If so where should I look? Thanks Andun
  23. Break Pedal Goes To The Floor

    Hi All, Yesterday, On the way to Kandy from colombo I faced a strange issue that when I break, pedal went all the way to floor and felt like no breaks at all. it happened for few miniute time and back to normal. ( during passing the Kegale town ), after that I went small trips and didn't face that issue again. So I need to go back colombo again and it was bit scary . Can you all guys help me to troubleshoot the issue. thanks.
  24. HI all, My 2004 honda civic ES8 (EXI -1.5 cc) car not shifts gears smoothly in 1-2. There is a gear shift is not smooth and then the car jumps a bit as the shift takes place. Sometimes this jump get feel really well (mostly first 15 minutes of driving) and later on its very low(Sometimes after that time it very smooth). There is moment it wont give the jump feel too. Another thing i noticed, sometimes i need get the RPM in to 2500 ~ 3000 for 1-2 gear shifts. is it normal? I need the help for this issue. I would like to know following things, 1. What is the reason for this issue? 2. Anything that I can do w/o taking the car into the shop. 3. Can I drive on this for a few days or do I need to get into the shop urgently?
  25. Recently my car's (Honda Civic 2010) developed an issue with AC. It wouldn't blow cold air when outside temp is very high. I only get cold air when the outside temp is low, and still it's weak. I checked cabin air filter which is new, and compressor clutch is engaging properly. If the AC refrigerant is too low,I believe compressor clutch shouldn't engage isn't it? (Not sure though). Couldn't check whether the condenser is clogged. However I couldn't isolate the issue. Is this probably because low refrigerant level? Or a leak? Anyways, What's the best place in Colombo for a honda to get this service done? Is Stafford motors any good , expensive? I recently saw bad reviews about them when it comes to repairs. Please share your ideas with a good place to get this fixed. Thanks in advance!