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Found 6 results

  1. Hi there, My dad owns a nissan sunny b310 and its been with our family for the last decade. The car all in all is quite alright and runs okay with a general mileage of about 12kmpl. In recent times with the implementation of these eco tests, it has been failing miserably despite what adjustments i do. They ask me to clean air filters, adjust ratios, clean plugs. Im just so confused. Water literally drips from the exhaust so i don't really see it out of tune. Even today i went to get an eco test done and they failed the first attempt saying the fuel flow is a bit too much and that i should clean my air filters. I have no idea how a car so smooth manages to fail like that. Please if anyone knows a place where i can have this properly looked at and tuned to pass these tests it would be great. Preferably around kelaniya, kiribathgoda, kadawatha areas in general. If it's a real professional i don't mind going the extra mile. Thanks in advance.
  2. Hi All Members, I was wondering if it is possible to convert a 1992 Honda Civic EG8 Single Carb to a Good Vtec engine ??? or any conversions possible to get a good fuel milage and power ?? if possible any recommended engines.....Please advice me with your thoughts and experiences,.....
  3. Hey guys, Need ur input in sorting this out. I have a carina AT 170 for 3 years and im happily running it H/E, the engine is close to under compression and I am thinking of replacing the engine instead of repairing it. Current Engine - 5AFE carb engine Problems with current engine - Blackish oil..Carb is okay but not at its best. - Does about 7-8 in city. Previously did about 9-10 but I run about 1500 kms per month, slowly has gone down and as per the mechanic ( who did a good job previously) says the carb and the engine is also UC. The car was running on gaas previously as well (previous owner mucked it. not me ) - Bit noisy - Doesnt leak oil, but there is a bit of oil on the top of the engine. I thought of plugging in a 5AFE EFI engine. and I need ur input on this on these factors; - Whats needed to be done? Replacement of engine/computer box/ and fuel pump? Anything I should be worried about? - I have got a good engine for a cheap price...Any clue if i can buy the computer box separately? and fuel pump separately? - Any good places where I can get a good engine? If its a very good carb engine I do not mind actually. Any places I should start looking from? - Last but deffa not the least, has anyone on this forum done this to AT 170 or any car similar? Thanks
  4. fiatLife

    Electronic Carburetor Tune

    Hi all, i have been following you all's post and advice's and what not in this forum. And yes i have used the search function before i am posting this question. My car has an electronic carb, or a sensor carb as you may call. Aaaand many mechanics are reluctant to tune the carb because of that reason. I have went to like 3 or 4 people, also called Mr.Dhammika at cotta road, and also IMTC to see if they do my car. But nope, they dont do this specific make. I want to know if any of you have electronic.sensor carbs? aaand is there any person you can recommend me for this. btw, my car is a Fiat Bravo 1996 MK1. The reason behind im going for a tuneup is that because of the low fuel consumption, does like 5km/l when the tank is below the halfway mark, will do like 8km/l above the halfway mark. Air Filter is good, changed oil filter, new spark plugs are all there. and there is no issue/leaks with the exhaust. Sorry in advance for the longer thread
  5. mightymicra

    Good Place To Tune A Carb

    Hey guys, I have a nissan march K10. Recently I started a restoration project and as metioned in another topic of mine and with the comments of you all I stated "de-ricing" it. But I have a small problem with its carb since back then. So you guys know a good place to do a tuning job coz I know if its tuned well it can do way more better than you expect. So please help me on this.. Thanx...
  6. Altair

    Lancer Ck2 Fuel

    hi guys, i read somewhere in AL that ppl get only 7 to 7.5km/l in a lancer ck2 carb model...is it the same figures with other users as well? if anybody knows the fuel consumption of an EFI and carb please let me know asap! thanx