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Found 4 results

  1. Will buying a BMW 730iL E32 1994 be a good deal . Both cars I found have really low mileage for a oldcar. Its 60K and 70K . Is there a catch? I really need help since its going to be my first ever vehicle and don't want to be stuck in a garage all day.
  2. Hi About 02 years ago, I've uploaded a topic almost about finding a BMW E38 7 Series, which could be said as my ultimate driving machine dream Currently, I am driving my S-Type Jag and Now I wanted to buy a BMW E38 car. Here are my wishlist a). If possible to find, I prefer a stretched look of an iL (long wheel base) car like 740iL. From my knowledge very few are on Sri Lankan roads. b) Prefer LCI (facelifted car) from year 1998 - 2001 c) Prefer Green color exterior with beige interior, I don't know if any of such is available that fits above preferences in Sri Lanka I've seen all cars (2-3) advertised now and during last year or so, but none of those are in awe inspiring condition and needs considerable attention and big $$$ to get things to work again. So please don't suggest cars currently advertised on classified sites. I am aware that, it would quite difficult to find a car that fits above description and I've already contacted several BMW service people (Prestige, Mr Milroy and -2-3 others) to find an owner who has an E38 that I may could persuade in selling. Even if you could point me in the direction of any other E38 (1995-2001, short or long wheelbase, 728i, 730i or 740i, 740il), I highly appreciate it. Please send me PM if you have contact info. Thanks again Kal-el
  3. Hey, just wanted to know any helpful tips before I plan on buying one of these babies in the future once I've saved up enough! Its hard to find a Manual 728i . They're the most economic with the inline 6 engine. But the ones I did find for sale were these - 728i Auto (Inline 6 engine)-http://riyasewana.com/buy/bmw-728-sale-gampaha-193298 - pretty expensive in comparison 740i Auto (V8 engine 4000cc) - http://####/en/ad/bmw-e38-740i-1995-for-sale-colombo - good price but v8 I once did see a white colour 728i Manual for sale but it was quite high. Looking forward to buy one to build up and because I am in love with old BMW's. In a year or two these prices will drop some more as the latest 7 series hits the local market. Thanks in advance tc
  4. Warlord

    Bmw E32 - 07 Series

    Hi mates, Recently , one of the E32 (7 series '92) models caught my eye and it was kinda love at first sight. To be honest i love the round head lamps of the Beemers and am one of the people who seriuosly miss it . I am wondering as to whether it will be a viable project to buy a bit of run down example and then completely rebuild it, (but most of the machines i see are priced over 2Mn a pop, whihc i feel is a bit too pricey). I see plenty of E34's being revamped , but not 32s. Lot of internet copmmunities you get for these babes , but just wanted to share some experience with a pro member at AL, who has done a complete rebuild of a 32. Thanks in advance
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