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Found 5 results

  1. I need a 7 seater SUV for 3.5 million which has a good fuel economy. (diesel) I could only find that Hyundai Santa Fe 2007/2008 will help all my requirements but all the vehicles available have crossed 100,000kms on the clock and I heard the engine needs to be overhauled after reaching 100k and the second-hand market is horrible too. The main reason I need a 7 seater is that there are 6 people in my family and we mostly travel together. I also have thought of buying something like an x-trail or rav4 2007ish and ride with the family by turning down the back seats or I heard that a seat can be installed as a 7 seater on a Facebook post. I could only find old posts about this from 2013 on this website so please help me. Thanks in advance, Somasiri
  2. After extensive search for a 7 seater to buy under 5 million, i found this gorgeous suv called Rav4 vanguard but im very hesitant to buy it due to low amount of vehicles in the country and resale value. But i heard there are plenty of spareparts for this beauty and now the only thing im concerned about is the resale value. Any experts who can give me some solid advice on buying a Toyota Rav4 Vanguard? please advice me about the petrol consumption too Thanks in advance!!
  3. hasmax

    Honda CR-V 2018

    Dear All, I have thought of getting a Honda CR-V 2017/2018 7 seater 1.5L version. I went through some reviews but most were standard descriptions of features, etc. But I am in need of a more customized opinion considering SL context. My concerns are; 1. General reliability of the vehicle. This is the model built for australian market and will be imported from there. 2. Resale value in 3-5 years. Most told me that this model is not moving well in SL and it will become a "sadahatama oba mage" when I want to sell it. I would love to hear from those who owned CRV and have sold it and from the experts who analyase those market trends well. 3. Fuel consumption. I am not expecting miracles here. But want to know the approximate figures from current owners. I plan to import this by a permit and cost would be around 6M. I am thinking of CRV because of its range of options coming standard and being a 7 seater. So considering all the facts please tell me whether it is a YES or NO to get this vehicle. Thanks in advance and all your kind views are highly appreciated. Have a good day.
  4. Hi Guys, I am looking to buy a car (preferably a 7 seater/Hybrid) for below 5 Million. What options I have? I am looking for fuel efficient vehicle as well. How about Honda Feed? is it a good option? Please let me know if any other good options you have. Thanks
  5. dammika.me

    Kia Carens

    Hi All, Any KIA Carens owners ???? Pls Share your experience. * Fuel consumption * Maintenance * Spare parts * Recomandations etc ..... Thank you . Cheers !!! -- Dammika --