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Found 8 results

  1. Splat


    Greetings AL friends,, Are the "Armadillo" buffers legal? and if not making a similar 4x4 looking buffer out of fiberglass be within the legal specification? Thank you in advance...
  2. Hi everyone, I'm going to ask a very confusing topic of what's the actual name of what's what. Let me break it down below. It's so confusing to do a vehicle search on what exactly we're looking for. Correct me if I'm wrong I think we all Sri Lankans have confused names on what is what. Sure we call generally call them cabs but what's the proper names for the types below? 1. What do you call the tall version of a cab which has 4X4? e.g.- LN 106 2. What do you call the tall version a cab which has 4X2? 3, What do you call the short version of cabs which has 4X2 e.g. LN145 4. What do you call the short 2 door long body version of cabs?
  3. I'm really interested in buying a Land Cruiser 100 or 105 series. But even though these are 20 year old vehicles, they go for about 8 Mil to 15 Mil, which is totally not worth considering that many brand new cars cost go for that price. Whereas in Japan or Elsewhere you could buy one for less than 2 Mil. I know these are reliable and amazing vehicles which don't die. Just want to see what everyones opinion is. Thanks!
  4. Strikeee

    Off Roading For Beginner

    Hi guys, I am in the process of buying a SUV to do some off roading. I won't be doing extreme off roading, but to travel in dirt tracks, sandy beaches etc where a typical family sedan can't go. At the moment I am looking at a 2002-2005 Mitsi Montero V6 3.5L. I know petrol engines are not as good as diesel when it comes to off roading, but my budget only cater up to this. So can you share you expert advice regarding this. Is it worth to buy a Montero & is it worth to buy a petrol? Cheer
  5. Hi there, I'm looking for a Skid Plate (Sump guard) for my 2009 Hilux Vigo. I searched in most of the 4x4 part shops including 4x4 Motors, Ironman, Elcardo and some other shops but no luck. I would really appreciate if you could suggest me a place in Kandy or anywhere in the country where I can get one of this. Regards, Rushenn
  6. chathuu

    Kia Sportage 2007

    Hi guys.. Im interested to buy a second hand KIA Sportage Diesel 2007 SUV with triptronic transmission. since i have no previous experience in KIA pls share your information regarding, 1. Fuel Consumption 2. Maintain cost 3. Availability of spares 4. Resale market 5. Other similar options or ideas Tnx.
  7. raththaran

    Kia Sportage

    Hy everybody, I am interest in buying a secondhand Kia Sportage (2012 Diesel). Could you guys give me pros and cons of this vehicle. I will be using this vehicle for, Daily suburban commute. Family trips. (will do more than 300km in a single trip.) Occasional 4x4 in wildlife parks. Reaching remote destinations on unpaved trails. And how much is the going price for a one that has done below 15000km and maintained well under company warranty.
  8. sam01

    4 X 4 Oil Change

    Hi I got a l200 4x4, I am planning on doing a oil change, is it necessary to change the oil filter every 5000km or is it every 10000km?. The vehicle has done about 55000km and is it necessary to change the diffferential oil?. Thanks