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Found 19 results

  1. Hi Guys, After sometime from this conversion (Front Disc), I am looking for a perfect matching disc unit for rear wheels of the J44 - 4DR5 (Mitsubishi) Jeep. The front was done with a molded discs and still runs so smoothly without any issues. I could do the same for rear but wondering if there is any discs that matches which I can buy from the market. Please share your reply. Thanks.
  2. fixing Idle up vacuum relay (DIY) (This is only relevant for older vehicles which does not have ECU or can drive through an EMP Attack ) When the AC is turned on the engine RPM should raise a bit to cater for the load it gets. To do so a vacuum line coming from alternator is connected to a mechanical suction unit (idle up switch). It pulls the accelerator cable so that the RPM increases. When AC compressor turns off the electrical relay valve cut off the vacuum suction to get the engine back to it's normal idle RPM. The guy who fixed the Idle up switch to my jeep has forgotten the relay. So it always gave a high RPM at idle. I had to fix the cut off relay for that. Below is the pics of those two units. Relay Pull Switch Happy DIY project if you own an oldie with dual AC
  3. VishwaR

    wheel drum

    hi all, my jeep wheel drums are wornout beyond max diameter limit. Where can i buy them? What would be the cost? Any alternative vehicle matching to 4dr5 drum? Is there a way to refill it? thank you.
  4. Nishan.dj

    4DR5 Engine Heat Indicator

    Hi Guys, Could anyone suggest me how or where to find the coil of the engine heat indicator of a 4DR5 J44. It was burnt out. I attach the image herewith. Thanks.
  5. Nishan.dj

    Ac Condenser Fan

    Hi Guys, It's about the custom fixed dual ac unit (since 2012) for my jeep and I need to do a little modification. So need your opinion first to decide whether it's worth (or not). The condenser size is 13" * 18" and has 2 fans (6 inch blades I guess). Both are 24V and one takes about 4-5Amps to provide enough air to blow the leaves away on the road. (Due to this, the unit gets cold faster and switch off the compressor in few minutes) However, what my idea is to replace those two fans with a single one ( with a custom made frame ) which can be 24V or 12V with a converter possibly with a brush-less motor (Don't know whether they are available & If not please say it) So, please share your ideas about; 1. Are there any brush-less condenser fans available? 2. If so, will it provide enough blowing power to meet the above requirement? 3. And Is there a way I can measure how much of wind is needed to cool down the condenser (May be an electronic gadget attached to the fan? ) And finally, if things are worth trying, any suggestions of a model of the vehicle that comes such condenser fans so that I can have a look around delkanda or somewhere? Please share your opinion. Appreciate your inputs here.
  6. Nishan.dj

    Shock Absorbers - Upgrade

    Hi Guys, Need your expert advice on which shock absorbers to be selected for a 4DR5 J44. I have 2 options, KYB (Gas) for about Rs. 4000 Amada Xtreme for Rs. 8500 I am to replace all 4 and willing to buy any of the above. I kindly need expert advice on, 1. Is KYB good for a 4DR5? (Leaf Spring - kind of rough ride) 2. Is it worth to buy Amada Xtreme ( Cost to Benefit Ratio) than buying KYB? I am not a hardcore off roader and looking for an expert answer for this. May be someone has previous experience, please post. Thanks in advance.
  7. Hi Guys, Could you share the details you know about transplanting a 4DR5 Engine with 4DR6 or 4D56 one? At the moment, its the 4DR5 Engine that I have in my J44 and would like to know which will fit the best if I am to do the transplant. For info, The 4DR5 is modified with Power steering / Dual A/C & I lack the knowledge of which engine will cater for those without major modifications that I did to the 4DR5. Anyone who has experience / Ideas / know how, Please post it. Thanks a lot in advance.
  8. Guys, Good day ahead! I got the front wheel brakes converted from drum to disc of my jeep and the pics attached below. The known issue of 4DR5 Jeeps which is the inability to be stable by the time of applying brakes because of the fact that the shoes engage to the drum at different intervals. So the result is the vehicle to move left or right suddenly when the brake applies. When Speeding at 80Km/h or so, it gets worse because there is possibility of facing an accident. The issue was solved with the disc brake conversion and now it feels the difference while braking specially at the moments said before.
  9. Hi guys, Happy New Year to all of you. I am looking for a way of fixing a water in fuel sensor for my J44. I have heard some vehicles have it but have no idea about those and never seen a fixed one. I had a terrible experience of having water in my fuel filter recently and most probably it's from a well maintained fuel station Please share if you have any idea about this and also the possible ways of doing it. Thanks so much in advance.
  10. Nishan.dj

    Mitsubishi 4Dr5 J44 Restoration

    Hi guys, Just to share what I experience from my 4DR5 Restoration project, I thought of sharing this video with you all. Upgrades are still being carried out whenever I get time. I wanted a classic look and tried to keep the colors and look original while options are being added. I learnt a lot from this project and that is what I see is important. You may leave a comment if you like it. Thanks for reading this.
  11. Hi Friends, Considering a Mitsubishi 4DR5 jeep's suspension system (Leaf Spring + Shock absorber) , What kind of Shock absorbers to worth having. Because I will need to replace them sooner and currently it has normal black color oil ones which could cost 1500-2000 each. To enhance the comfort a bit, I was thinking of getting a bit better shock may be Gas ones. So I visited m*t*rcade and that guy said, there is a rancho shock which cost around 8000 each that suits for the jeep. Its mixed with oil and gas and auto adjusted for the road condition as said. Will it worth to have them and will I get any considerable change in comfort and may be handling by having those? Or are there any brands or types of shocks that I can consider? I don't go for very expensive stuff but in between basic and most advanced is ok for me. Please reply. Thanks a lot in advance.
  12. Hi Friends, Please read this issue and comment what you know or experienced or heard about it. Thanks a lot in advance. I was having this idea for a long time which is to convert 4DR5 Drum brakes to Discs but many people advised with many ideas that some says don't do it and some says do so. Actually one of my friend did it on front wheels sometime back and he is saying he has better braking especially when running in the city. ( Better means, sudden stops due to motor bikers and three wheelers in a traffic conditions ) However I think the common issue with these jeeps are is that, the vehicle is pulled to one side when braking hard. ( Especially when we want to stop suddenly when the speed is aroud 70 KMPH or higher) To overcome this issue, I have pasted the drums and serviced the braking system ( From master pump to brake shoes, replacing washers and etc.. ) By doing that we can achieve a good level of braking without pulling to any side for sometime and again that issue comes. Then we have to get a mechanics help to adjust the brakes and this goes on and on. I called several people who said to be experienced of doing such conversions and all of them quoted very different prices. Some says they change the axles with ones with Discs and one person said, he does not change any axles but remove the drum and related parts and modify it with disc to match with Pajero caliper set. For that they say they get the disc Moulded from a place at Moratuwa or somewhere. However I inspected 2 jeeps they have done recently with the one of it is belonging to a friend of mine that I mentioned earlier. Those are seemed to be fine for me but I really don't know technically how successful that is in a long run. Also I am having a free wheel hubs at front and as per they, any of those are not required to change and Discs can be applied without any problem. The amount they quoted for that is 55000 for front two wheels. I am thinking of getting this conversion done may be in a month or two. So please advice any drawbacks you see on this. Also if you have done it before please post your experience. Its really valuable. Thanks again.
  13. Nishan.dj

    Engine Swap - 4Dr5 J44 Jeep

    Hi Friends, I need your expert advice related an engine swap of a 4DR5 J44 jeep. Currently it has 4DR51 engine and modified with power steering and AC compressor. What possible engines will it be able to swap with? I mean considering the options it has, what newer engines that can be considered which support in built power steering and AC? Also please give the differences of 4DR55, 4DR6 and 4DR7 engines which I do not know any detail about those. (Did a Google search but couldn't find any). Thanks a lot in advance and highly appreciate your detailed replies.
  14. Nishan.dj

    Safety Bars For Jeep?

    Hello there, Could anyone explain the legal aspects of having safety bars for a jeep (4DR5)? I understand that safety bars are applicable for off road situations but is it legal to drive with those in the city in case if needed (assuming that an off road tour is organized and need to drive the jeep to the location it starts) ? Also do we need to get special permission to have those fixed to the vehicle? Kindly expect replies with legal matters and related details please. Thanks so much in advance. [sample image - Jeep with safety bars]
  15. Nishan.dj

    Koito Sealed Beam - Original

    Hi friends, I want to find Koito (hoping that it would be the best one. If not please reply.) headlight sealed beam for my 4DR5 jeep. Currently I have put some Chinese ones (100W) but its too bad. If anyone knows a place at panchikawatte or somewhere (May be the agent of Koito bulbs or the ones you suggest) please kindly post it here. Thanks so much.
  16. Nishan.dj

    Volt Meter

    Here I have created a simple volt meter. I had to use 2 panels because I wanted to see the voltage of two batteries separately. This costs below Rs.1500 for me and display was bought from ebay. This is for my jeep and therefore could easily be fixed other than a modern car. It is really helpful for me to check the status of battery when the vehicle is idle for several days. I attached 2 switches to switch it on/off at the time I want. Thanks for reading. My next attempt is to fix a digital ampere meter as well. Happy DIY project for me. Hope yours too.
  17. Hi, I need an advice on 4dr5 jeep brek system I have a j44 and it has the original break master pump,recently when i changed the master cylinder washers, bass said the cylinder was roughend."kapila" So do i have to changed the master cylinder? Can i repair it? Thankx
  18. charakadas

    Mitsubishi Jeep Parts

    jeep lks I have a very old mitsubishi jeep j44 which i planed to restore,is there any good place to buy some parts for it? Cheeper place.. :-) I have done the painting and need some beedings etc.. 1.Front windshild cowl 2.Rear door beeding 3.The two small knobs at front door which opens the small window(the triangular one). 4.The head lights.(only light). 5.Rear door handle. 6.The gommet at the fuel tank neck. I am from kandy and in here it is very hard to found those..anybody who knows any place please..rply Thankx..
  19. Nishan.dj

    Jeep Modifications

    Hello there, Someone please help me out to find out a place where I can get my jeep works done. It needs some tinkering works and new paint with canopy (a better one for the AC) and also have some mechanical things too. Its bit hard a normal tinker bass to get the shape of the mudguards and some parts because one of it has damaged a little bit that is why I look for such place. Also suggest me whether it is a stupid idea to have disc brakes rather than drums? (have to replace though). Thanks a lot in advance.