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Found 5 results

  1. andunslg

    Timing belt wheels

    When we are going through a engine overhual of 4d56 engine, we found that it's timing belt wheels is warn out. Is it possible to replace it? And where to buy it? Thanks!
  2. Nishan.dj

    4D56 Turbo / Turbo Intercooler

    Hi Guys, Please be kind to clarify the below for me. In 4D56 Engines, some are non turbo and other are intercooler turbo or turbo. Is turbo intercooled better than normal turbo engines? What is the mechanical explanation? Mostly these engines come with 32- Pajero in SL (Known as Palath Sabha). Appreciate your reply. Thanks.
  3. Hi Guys, Could you share the details you know about transplanting a 4DR5 Engine with 4DR6 or 4D56 one? At the moment, its the 4DR5 Engine that I have in my J44 and would like to know which will fit the best if I am to do the transplant. For info, The 4DR5 is modified with Power steering / Dual A/C & I lack the knowledge of which engine will cater for those without major modifications that I did to the 4DR5. Anyone who has experience / Ideas / know how, Please post it. Thanks a lot in advance.
  4. Thanks for reading my post. We got a Mitsubishi L200 Double Cab which runs with a 4D56 non turbo engine, and a manual transmission gearbox. The odometer says its done 500 000+ kms, but I think in reality its done a lot more, since we bought it second hand. It has been the workhorse of our family for years. The problem we experienced is when the reverse gear is engaged, and the clutch is released, the vehicle suddenly stops as if we press the break very hard. It does not stop the engine, but the vehicle abruptly seize to move as if we are pressing the break paddle hard. When I tried it myself what I felt is that something gets stuck in the gearbox, clogging up everything. I did not dare to fully release the clutch because I was afraid it might ruin the whole gearbox. The gear leaver position does not change, and pressing or pulling on the gear leaver had no effect. We replaced the clutch and pressure plate, and replaced the gear-oil about 3000km ago. We started to experience the problem last week and its been happening more and more often by the day. Does this mean that we'd have to go for a new gearbox? or is this repairable? Gee... that's one weird explanation of the problem. But I guess its as weird as the problem itself...
  5. Thanks for reading my post. This is regarding a Mitsubishi 4D56T (2.5L) engine. During the service I removed the Air intake horse from the turbo and saw oil has leaked into the compressor wheel. The engine was replaced a few years back and I'm not sure on the actual mileage of the turbo. Is this normal? or is the turbo dying?