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Found 9 results

  1. What do you think about toyota passo 2016 and above versions? some people are telling that no spare parts, high repair so on. Is it true? please give me some guidance
  2. Praveen_Auto

    Toyota Vitz 2016

    What would be the best option. Below is my travel pattern. Monthly travel distance - 700km (maximum) - daily office route (10km up & down) - Colombo to Makola twice a month (90 km) - Misc. trips (short ones) - Once in 6 months (Kandy) Option 1 I know that all the Aquas 2014 our there is needing battery replacement in no time even if the reports indicate 95+ capacity. Let's say I planned to find a low mileage (40000-50000 km) one with a decent battery.... Option 2 Vitz 2015/16 is the other recommended option. I know that the fuel economy is not so great. But at least it's a from a recent year (2016) and I don't mind the compact look as it's a bit smaller compared to an Aqua. Suppose I can find a low mileage 2016 one with good maintenance. In any case I'll be selling whichever car in next 3.5 years. So considering the whole life time usage whatdo you guys think I should be looking at?? Sent from my ONEPLUS A5000 using AutoLanka.com mobile app powered by Tapatalk
  3. Hi, Just came to be an owner of a Kia Picanto 2016, a CAQ done around 16,000. I heard a rumor about a white smoke (burning of oil) around 60,000 in KIA. anybody faced with this problem in this community? does this apply to Picanto 2016 as well. Please explain.
  4. Hey folks, Good day to all of you, so let me start with this first, i'm planing to buy a new car around 5mil. Initially i wanted to buy the all new Mazda 3 and colonial motors only has it with 1.6cc engine (This one doesn't come with skyactive engine). I'm keen about this new skyactive engine so they offered me the all new Mazda 2 Sedan with skyactive engine, It will cost me around 4.6m. It looks pretty darn good actually, and i really like it. Has anyone had a chance to test it? if so what do you think about it? Please share your thoughts about this car, Thank you.
  5. Hello everyone, First up, I'm new here & want to know the following: Want to know if there is any specific reason/s that the new Honda Civic 2016 is not available through other dealers except for through Stafford Motors? And that, at an overblown price of 9.5 million for the basic LX version (http://automobiles.honda.com/civic-sedan#specifications) Given that other models like the Vezel and Grace are everywhere, I'm curious as to know why the Civic is not so widely available. Additionally it's got some rave reviews & has won several car of the year awards among others: https://www.honda.ca/civic_sedan/awards So yes, my question is, does anyone know why the Civic 2016 is not widely available? Thanks!
  6. The latest versions of Toyota Allion and Premio was released in mid-2016. The two models has come with significant design as well as technological improvements. This time, Toyota has blurred the boundaries of the design in both of the cars and given a one common overall design to the front and the back while specifying 2 different levels of detailing and trim. Despite that fact, the design this time is really impressive. Firstly, let's watch the video that we did as the comparison between the two cars. The 2 cars have been built on the same chassis as the predecessors', the NZE-260. but in the exterior, the hood (bonnet), front fenders and the front and rear buffers have been redesigned with different levels of detailing. The front lamps are LED including the head lamp. Tail lights are a combination of both LED and conventional lighting. The ground clearance has also been increased a bit which is a better sign. This time, there is no "G-Superior" in the Premio. Instead the "EX-Package" as the highest option level in the Premio and G-Plus in the Allion. In the video, there are those highest grades. The Premio that we took to has the New body colour which they call it as "Dark Red Mica Metallic" which is more Redish than the wine-red of the out going version (Different colour codes). The white is all the same and it is the Pearl-white (metallic white) in the video. The 2 cars are equipped with more sophisticated technological aspects. Mainly the safety features like, High Beam Assist: Which will control the high beam (Head light) by it self. When driving at night, due to the HBA system we no more need to put the lights into Full or Dim. When a car is coming towards, the system automatically dims the light and immediately after its passed, the lights are put into full. Lane Departure Assist: The system will give a warning if the driver is crossing between the lanes unsafely. The display in the dashboard displays the regarding information. Pre-Safe Collision Assist: The car brakes by itself if the driver did not take necessary actions in the situation where a collision could happen. The system works under the speed of 50Km/h. It is the Same as the CTBA which came in Honda. Additionally with the ultra sonic sensors on the front and rear bumpers (buffers) the system detects if there are short collision objects even when the car is moving in a tight parking lot. The system boosts brake even the driver has applied brakes slightly which would not sufficient to stop the car. The on dash display visualizes how close you are to a collision object. This time they have added the Engine Auto Stop function which turns off the engine when it is in idle in order to maximize the fuel efficiency. For an instance, when you are waiting for the green light, The Auto Stop will work until you take the foot off the brake pedal. Immediately after the brakes are released, the engine comes up and ready when your foot reaches the accelerator (no delay).
  7. Hi Guys, check out new stuff added to AL forum. I hope you guys will make use of it wisely! The main site upgrade will be happening in few days time..so stay tuned ! Please leave your comments, suggestions and bugs below...
  8. Hi guys, pls check out our revamped autoLanka.com website and let us know what you think of the new look. If you come across a module that is not built yet, please bear with us..we will fix it in coming days. We appreciate your feedback and suggestions. Enjoy! -MADZ-
  9. Nismo TV upto their old tricks If you have the boredom to watch for 4 hours on youtube This channel has some good video https://www.youtube.com/user/gt1world/videos
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