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Found 8 results

  1. Hi All, My Toyota Vitz KSP130 2015 (YOM) gives an unusual whistle sound when I accelerate. This does not happen always. This happens when I drive for sometime long (2 - 3 hours) continuously or when I drive in the hill country or when on S (Sports) mode. I suspect it's happening when I'm on a low gear or when I accelerate fast. When it starts to come, as I accelerate the whistle sound goes up and when I take off my foot from the pedals it stops. When I'm on S (Sports) mode a burning smell also comes. I don't know these two are related. This is really annoying and need your expert opinion to resolve this. TIA. Cheers Madhawa007
  2. Is MAZDA3 2015 having known common issues ?
  3. Indra_A

    2015 Vitz player

    2015 vitz car which had original player is blinking a red led light even after the car stopped. Can someone explain the reason? Bottom right corner of the player where lock sign is visible NSCP w64
  4. Hi All... 2015 Axio mirrors were stolen... only the glass component... do you know where I could get them (left and right both) around maharagama and fix it? and what would the estimated cost
  5. Hi all, I'm going to buy 2015 used alto car . But i'm in a bit confusing situation about the prices displayed in web sites . As you know Alto was around 14.8lk and after budget 17.75lk People has advertised several ranges of prices for used 2015 Alto's . Some people expect more than new ones price . Made me mad. But there should be a optimum price for a buyer . Please help me on this .If you are me what price you think as a good price for buyer. Many Thanks
  6. Model : 2015 Axio Hybrid G Some observed Fuel consumption figures in Traffic Maximum observed was 28.8 km/L in Southern Highway Heavy Traffic A/C set to Auto mode @ 26C From Kirulapana --> Nugegoda --> Delkanda Normal Traffic Heavy Traffic A/C set to Auto mode @ 26C From Delkanda --> Udahamulla --> Madiwela
  7. fiat fan

    Suzuki Alto 2015

    HI People, No this is not a thread about fuel or oil changes and crap... No Im not a hypermiller. I have been a member since 2012. Yet I post very rarely. But I read all em threads daily, I have had a lot of help from U guys in the past as well. Okay enough on that... Its like this, we got an Alto 2015 for my sister(not my choice as I personally like Italians,Euros and american vehicals).Reason we went for it was brand new, reliable and economical.Her money so I dint go against it... we paid and waited 6 months for it. That was also a month earlier than they promised. I even called Komi once bcos he was also going to sell an alto he ordered for his wife. Sadly I lost his number.. Now here is the real deal. Its economical to the core, BUT its bloody boring as hell.Only in bends in the hill country you can get some feeling. But if u keep doing that Im gonna fly off. Handling is horrid,tires are shitty. After 3rd gear it takes ages to speed. Max I've done is 120.U wet urself not cos its fun, it feels really unsafe. As if ur gonna lift off Into the sky and into Gods arms..(Not funny).. And the BREAKS, MY GOD THE BREAKS... A mountain bike stops faster.. so far the only thing added is a spoiler. Oh and got it tinted.. nope I dont want a neon or integra stickers on the windshield... I want to make it faster,more fun to drive and do something unique on the outside. Only tuks are more visible in roads than altos now.followed closely by vesis. I saw somebody has done a Turbo convo on a k10 alto. My God thats awesome.. I want help from all u experts to make the car a a (beast?) Roughly what I think It needs- Engine upgrade, break upgrade, suspention upgrade,interior and exterior upgrade..pls help me everybody No I dont care about resale value. Selling and buying something else is also not an option. I have a weird taste in cars. Hate common cars,this is very common.. But I like to make it a unique Alto. Thanx in advance. Sorry for the long rant Heres a pic of her free image hosting