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Found 10 results

  1. Hi All I have a Corolla 141 car. I recently brought it. I do not have proper knowledge in car maintenance. I check my cars coolant levels, water level and engine oil often as i can. Is there any more items that I should be checking regularly? Further please let me know how often should I service the Car. Should I consider the mileage as priority or the time period 6 months ? . I know cars should be services earliest as possible. But we need to look the economical side as well. Thats why I asked. Also is TOYOTA service station is recommended or can I use other service stations as well from your experience? Please let me know any other better places Guys please help me with the above. Thanks
  2. Hi, I am planning to by Proton Waja 2007 edition with Cam Pro 1.6 L AT engine. Could you please give your feedback on the model specially use of proton for price, Spare parts availability, Fuel Consumption, riding experience etc? Your comments are highly appreciated.
  3. I'm considering VW Golf or Peugeot 307. YOM would be 2007 or 8. would like some help to understand if there are any specific things to look when buying one and again if there are any factory faults in these models? I know the 307 autos had a gearbox issue. but I'm looking for a manual option. any help would be appreciated. BMW 320i (YOM 2005/6) is also an option. any thoughts on that as well compared to the VW and Pug??
  4. Hello guys, I v experience sudden blinking of dashboard lights, (handbrake ,steering,engine,echo light) and speedometer going up and down and be at zero while driving . For 10 to 15 min. Then all acting fine. Dnt have time to go to a mechanic for next 2 ,3 days but i will end of this week. Pls advise me wt seems to be the problem and cost to take care of it. My car allion 260, 2007 , milage close to 100k . Have a photo attached,, that time i was doing around 40 kmph ,but spdometer 0 , showing these lights as i mentioned . Thankyou so much.
  5. I drive a 2007 Toyota Vitz and recently started having issues with the engine. When I gas the engine, it does not give me the power I need. I hear the engine rev but the power just isn't there. When I need to overtake another vehicle, I usually put the gear to "S" for that reason and that gives me a little bit of power to over take that vehicle. Also having issues when the vehicle is stopped. When in traffic in a slope, the car goes to reverse if I don't push the gas paddle quick enough. This also happens when I let go of the hand break after it being parked. I have cleaned the injectors and replaced the spark plugs. It was good for sometime but the issues came back. Appreciate some help to know what's going on with the car. And if someone could point me to a place where I can trust and fix these issues, that would be great. Thanks.
  6. Hi guys im looking for a 350Z from mid to late 2000s or an equivalent vehicle. Any help would be appreciated
  7. Hey guys, I'm planning to buy the aforementioned car. The particular model that I'm considering is the non-hybrid FD1. Are their any renowned problems with the car ? Are their manufacturing faults that plague the car ? Is it a good buy ? Thank you in advance. Any help is greatly appreciated
  8. Hi All, I have toyota vitz KSP 90, 1000cc , 2007 vehicle. Is it a normal condition that the engine has slight vibration when idle? (my vehicle has this vibration when gear D or R positions and some time in P position also). I checked with toyota lanka and they clean spark plugs,fuel injectors,EGR and tune up the engine. and they also said it is normal for 3 cylinder engines like vitz. is it correct ? or do i need to worry more on this. I already spent lot of money to fix this. Please help. Thank you in advance.. BR, Thusira.
  9. Hi, I have purchased a second hand Toyota vitz (YOM-2007) recently. Like two three weeks back, the following problem occurred in the HID lights which installed as Low beam (only left): 1. When i switch on the low beam the bulb on with yellow and held like 2 mins and auto off. Again turned off and on the low beam via the switch, the result same. 2. So i replace the bulb of left side light and test the same, then bulb on with white and held for like 20 or 30 min and again auto off. (time vary) This was the factory installed HID kit and i cannot understand where the problem really is, Bulb,HID system, fuse, switch , etc. i thought of going for an electrician. please help me some idea before i make that move. Thank you in advance.
  10. Hi Guys, Been facinated about MAZDA and want to go for one. There are the Mazda 3, Demio and Axela 2006 - 2009 models which got my attention Will be great if I can get some assistance for the below: 1. An auto, triptonic or even a manual 2. Fuel Consumption 3. Style 4. Handling and safety 5. Maintainence (Service cost / spare parts) 6. Why is Axela being costly than Demio? 7. Anything in perticular I should be knowing like the gear box, fluids ect.. ect., (seems like there are several models with unique features on this make) I believe all these models have a good resell value. I have a budget of Rs. 30 M Your openion on these models will certainly help to make a decision...! Emac
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