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Found 8 results

  1. Hi friends, my budget is around 1.3m , I’m looking for auto car, I found only Hyundai Accent 2004 witching my budget. is it a good car to buy? Accent users please advise
  2. Hi All, I have a Bluebird Sylphy 2004 Car. It has a Kenwood u-353 audio system. I don't get good reception on the tuner when I drive out of colombo. I think I need to install a new antenna. I can't see any antenna ports on my vehicle. Can you guys give me some help here? And also Do I need to remove the dashboard to remove the audio system to plug a new antenna. I can't see a way to remove the audio system. Thank you Lakmal
  3. Dear Experts, I'm a newbie to the forum abut I've been following AL forum for a very long time which helped me a lot. I'm looking to buy an SUV around 2.4 - 2.8 mil and maybe I can go up to 2.9 mil maximum. Currently using a car but doesn't really fit for a family of 5 members. So thought of going for roomy SUV, although I'm not talking about extreme off roading. Searching here and there I came up with two available options. Your expert advice about below cars is well appreciated. If there are more suggestions I'm open for them as well. Thank you. 1. Hyundai Tucson 2004 - 2006 2.0 L (Petrol Automatic) 2. Kia Sportage 2005 - 2006 2.0 L (Petrol Automatic) What I want is a less trouble vehicle that I can use for about another 3 years with regular maintenance, Not much worried about the fuel economy. Both Automatic and Manual transmission vehicles are fine for me.
  4. I am hoping to buy my 1st car and got a maximum budget of 1.9 mil for that. And also I am a newbie here. I was going through available cars and found that Proton Gen2 is quite pleasing. This car is 1.3cc 2004 model marked at 1.89 mil and has a mileage of 78000km s. Service records of past year support that fact. Car was bought and registered in 2007 so relatively newer than the cars I was looking(Japan ones). So I went through almost all the forum posts about this car in this forum. But most of them are dated back at 2012 or earlier. So is this car still a good one to go for ? How about the spares availability ? And finally the fuel consumption ? 8kml or above is okay for me since I won't be travelling daily with the car. I am kind of concerned with spares availability. Please note that i am new to this subject. Else what other options I got for the tight budget I have ?
  5. Hi guys, Where can I fined Reconditioned part lower arm for benz 220 cdi 2004 w203. I have checked with Avinda motors and Ratmala. if any one knows the places where benz parts can get it, pls let me know immediately with phone number. Arabian motors has brand new only. pls text me to 777880081. thank you very much in advance.
  6. Hi All, I'm having an issue with my A/C. Sometimes it goes to "Auto" mode without me doing anything and no A/C at all. I have tried to turn the A/C off. Then the text call "Auto" start to blink in the display. After 10-15 mins A/C is on again. Seems like something wrong with the sensor, but I'm not an expert so I thought someone in the forum might have come across a situation like this and will be able to help me out. Thanks
  7. Which year is considered to be the limit to import a vehicle? Any possibility to import a 2004 model?
  8. Hi I have a problem with my Vios 2004 model car. As you notice, for VIOS, each break light is separated into 2 pieces and I have noticed that only the outer area lights while the inner area never lights up. I got to know from some, that this issue is caused by a relay. But, I have noticed this issue in several Vios cars and I'm not quite sure how to activate the inner section of the break light, though it might actually be something connected to the relay. Please give me an insight why this happens, if anybody knows this and it would be helpful if someone could actually educate me on how to light up both the sections of the break or atleast let me know the secrets behind this. Thank you. SANJEEWA