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Found 11 results

  1. dhanushkahw

    Toyota 141 Inspection Report

    Hi Guys Need Help I checked one of my well know friends Toyota 141 car expecting to buy it. Following report was received after inspection. It is a 2007 model. There was no issues while he was using it. So I attached some pictures of the results. What are the major concerns I should be worried. How much it will cost to rectify these Updated with Balance sheets also. Guys please help with your knoladge .
  2. Hi, Fist of all i am new to this forum. So thanks for reading this. I have a corolla 141 2008 which only done 30,000 km for all 11 years. I have heard about engine tuneup recently (which i have no idea about) and not sure about it. Please explain some one know about this and is it necessary for this mileage. Thanks! Sanji
  3. Hi guys, I've been feeling an odd ride in my 2007 Axio 141 for some time now and the replacement of various parts and multiple inspections have not really helped. The feeling I get is of that, that the car is not stable at high speeds (60+). It gives a feeling that the car is not 'planted' to the road and you do not have confidence in making sharp turns. Car has done 160k, genuine mileage. It's on its second set of shocks - having replaced the originals with KYBs at 90k mileage. However, many inspections revealed no issues. Tires are Michelin Energy Saver (UK) with plenty of tread left and all suspension components are within their life limits. I've most recently replaced my lower arm bushings, which did not resolve the issue. Tried several different alignment places to no avail. And multiple checks by technicians have confirmed no play in the rack and pinion steering. This has driven my focus to whether this could be a shocks related issue - which gives the feeling or sensation that the car is 'floating' whilst it actually is tracking fine. I've come to realise that the driver's side of the car (particularly when no passengers other than the driver is on board) tends to feel lower particularly when overtaking another vehicle (ie - on the side of the road which is sloping down). A crude check of ground height -when not under load - revealed that the front right wheel base height is approximately one inch lower than the other three. I've tried to get the issue checked at multiple places - but they all suggest that I remove the shocks for inspection whilst prepared for replacement. While I'm ok to do so - I feel it's better to have another opinion as I've found that most places will try to 'sell' you new shocks. Does this sound like a worn shocks issue? Or could it actually be the springs? I do not want to replace the shocks if it is something else - like the springs - as the new shocks will 'mask' the real issue for some time before it crops up again. Your opinion is highly appreciated.
  4. I recently bought a corolla 141, which has a mileage about 60000. Then once the service time is up I decided to go to toyota lanka since previous owner has been maintaining the vehicle from the same place since day one. So once the service is done by TL they gave me some remarks of the vehicle indicating that the things should be changed/ replaced / fixed. Iā€™m a very much newbie to this so please bear with me if these are some stupid questions. I would like to post the comments they gave me after the vehicle inspection below. please see the image which has the comments. All I need to know is in what urgency should I fix these. Around how much would I need to be spent. How serious are these fixes. Thanks.
  5. Hi Guys, I'm planning on buying my first car and the choices I've narrowed down are 1. Cefiro 230 2. Cefiro 250 3. Bluebird G11 4. Mark X (bit over budget) 5. Premio 240 6. Corolla 141 7. Civic FD1 and FD4 Having combed through the threads, I could not find much details on the newer cefiro version although the a33 had been discussed thoroughly. What I'm concerned about is whether the newer version will have the same problems as the notorious a33? In general, given the above choices what would you experts choose? Also if possible user experience will be appreciated - I.e. fuel consumption (in traffic vs highways), frequency of repairs, availability of parts - on each of the above models (the information available on the forums right now seem outdated). Also if I were to buy one, to get a check done would you recommend c*r checks or t*y*ta lank* or is there some other provider I'm not aware of? Note: 4 people will be travelling regularly and monthly distance covered is expected to be below 1000 km and I have zero knowledge on cars šŸ˜¬ šŸ˜” Thanks in advance šŸ˜
  6. Hi Guys, I am new to this website. Recently had an accident and i need to find tail light for corolla 141 2008. Is there any specific place to find it. And looking for Koito genuine light. But its around 22K in toyota lanka. Is there any other place to find this bit cheaper let me know. Heard it should around 12K.(thailand) Thanks.
  7. Replaced my driver side front shutter glass after an accident from Ara**an Mo**rs However, not sure whether it is a genuine because label is different to the other original glasses. (replaced one has "saint gobain securit" and doesnt have "UV" mark) - refer attachment. Doesn't say UV in the label The auto function (when you push it down once the shutter goes down. You dont have to hold the switch) doesn't work. Want to know, 1.can it be an original glass. 2. If not, where can i find the original part Thanks in advance.
  8. Please suggest ways to isolate and identify engine knock sound. thanks
  9. effdog

    Toyota Corolla 141 ABS modulator

    Need to replace the ABS modulator of 2008 toyota corolla 141. But its nowhere to be found. Ive been searching for months now. They have it at Toyota Lanka at a price of 263000lkr.|(Not an option :D) ..if u know any place or anyone who can get me this part..please let me know..big help
  10. Hi Guys, Few days back there was noise coming and after checked, technician told need to replace 1 idle and adjustments razors. Issue is hard find it, one adjustment razor found (Malaysian one). During that time we further checked and the AC technician told to replace the AC compressor as well. 1. Could you suggest me a place to buy the parts, razors and ac compressor. 2. I checked with one place and they told me 55k for the AC compressor and 13k for condenser. Suggest me to change compressor with condenser. Are these values reasonable? 3. Could you suggest me good repair shop Car - corolla 141, 2008 Mileage - 85k
  11. ESRJdM

    Toyota Corolla Fielder

    Hi Guys, I have selected a Corolla Fielder 141 (2007), DBA-NZE141G Manual Transmission, F/O Please advise regarding the second market of this car. Any discussions regarding this would be highly appropriated. Thanks