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Found 17 results

  1. My car's back seats had the seat belt buckle gone in the hole so i put two fingers in to take them up and I found it watery inside , as in water had leaked in under the seat somehow... any clue or ideas guys ?
  2. Hello All, I daily drive a corolla 121 (YOM - 2000) with 230k km on clock. Recently I'm experiencing a loss of engine oil (very small quantity). I drive this approx 15km daily. Every two weeks now i have to refill the engine oil by approx 1L. No leakage on the floor or no black smoke is producing. What may be the issue on this?
  3. Corolla 121 can be introduced as one of the most popular cars in TYPICAL SRI LANKAN vehicle market. Even being aged closed to 20 years they still sell around 3 million. So still most buyers are interested about this car, and I planned to share my 7 years of experience in this blog. I used a 2000 manufactured G Grade one which has a 1500cc engine. What it really is? Just a compact car designed for A to B transportation with good fuel economy and realiability. Driving So I’m going to start from how it is like to drive. When compared to the other cars in the same category the acceleration is really good for a 1.5L motor. The car is comparatively lighter than the 110 and Axio, so for me I’m yet to experience a better acceleration from a newer car with the same engine. It has good kick down acceleration due to 4 speed automatic transmission. For me the engine performance is better than the Civic ES5(1.5l), Mazda Axela 2004-2009, Lancer CS series and Nissan Tiida. Handling is a bit sharper than the newer Axios,Allions and Premios, but not sharp as a Honda or a Mazda. Steering is really light with a very little amount of feedback from the road. Due to the rear torsion beam setup the car is not steady in corners when compared to the older 110 and Carinas(which has independent rear suspension). But it is comparatively better in corners than the Axio.Braking is ok. Neither great nor bad. When it comes to handling Hondas and Mazdas are better. On the highways the car is steady for speeds around 100-120. After 120 there was a slight vibration(due to the resonance of the engine) but when you accelerate further around 140 the vibration goes away. There is a noticable change in stability after 140 as you can feel the car is well planted than before. You can go all the way upto 180 without any issue ONLY IF YOUR CAR IS IN PERFECT CONDITION(TIRES, ALIGNMENT,BRAKES AND SUSPENSION). I’ve tested twice and really impressed. For day to day driving around the town the car is good due to reduced length and good ground clearance. Ground clearance is really good when compared to other cars from the same class and even with never Fit,Grace and Prius. The light steering really helps for easy manouvering. Visibility is okay, but sometimes the thick front A pillars are a bit disturbing. Also there is a problem about visibility when the dashboards is reflected from the windscreen during direct sunlight. Driving position is pretty higher like most other Toyotas and not sporty at all. Feels like you are sitting on a chair. Comfort When I bought the car it was running on its original shock absorbers. But in 2015 I changed them using Japan made KYB Excel G and it reduced the the comfort level by a considerable amount. But the car is more comfortable than Mazda Axela, Honda Fit GP1 and GP5, Civic FD3, Honda Grace and Vezel, Toyota Aqua. I can really handle potholes well, but bumps can make the car wavy due to the rear torsion beam setup. The refinement levels are really good when compared to the above mentioned set of cars and it is another field that the 121 really excels. Under lightfooted driving the engine noise can’t be heard, and road noise levels are much lower. After long journeys I felt less tired than the Gp5 and Gp1. Seats are really comfortable and are a bit firmer than 110,FB15 N16s, but not firm as the Allion Premio 260 2007-2012 F grade and Hondas and Mazdas. One thing that I noticed was the rear seat thigh support is better than the Premios and Allions. Seat space is okay of you are under 6ft. Front seats feel a bit cramped due to the dashboard design beacause I’m 6ft. I always felt that Front seats are less spacious for me when compared to the other cars, even the GP1 is better. Fuel Economy Another area that this car excels. Based on my personal experienced around the town it does only about 9-10 kmpl with full time ac on 92 octane(because I live in a really hilly area). For trips like Colombo to Kandy it car return around 14-15kmpl with full time AC. It returned well over 18kmpl when travelled through highway to matara and longer trips with less traffic with 3-4 adults on borad. Also note that driving pattern hugely affects the economy level. Slow driving will never return good fuel figures. Maintaining a speed level around 70-80 will return really good fuel figures. After the first few months I never calculated fuel figures since it is much less expensive to run. Reliability This is the car which made me a Toyota fan. It never broke down. Never even had to touch the spare tire. I had done 60,000km (93,000km to 153,000km). I only had to do the running repairs and replacements. Did the tuneups and changed the ATF fluid once for every 40,000km. Used only Toyota oils.Did the services on time and never let the “makabasses” touch the car. Changed the AC cooler. Changed one hub razor. Only the running repairs. But remember that most of the cars up for sale have been through much abuse and therefore don’t expect the same level of reliability from every car. Make sure to set aside about Rs.100,000 for the repairs when you are buying a car. Also note that some cars have manufacturing defects, eventhough the car model is proven reliable. I know a guy who sold his 2010 personally imported Allion after doing 60,000kms due to excessive repairs. That depends on your luck. Options Has a good amount of options considering it’s age. Always go for a G, G limited or a Luxel grade if you buy one. I will do another entry explaining about all the grades and options. Build Quality Interior is really good with soft touch materials on the dashboard and upper doors. All trim pieces are solidly fixed so I never experienced any “creeks”. Interior material quality is better than the 141 Axio and 2nd and 3rd gen Prius. Good when compared with the cars of the same category. Notable Faults with the car -The steering rack is issue is famous with these Toyotas. It gives no problem except for the “duk duk” noise when travelling on bad roads. I repaired it but again after 3-4 months the noise came. Best thing is to replace it with a good reconditioned part. -As mentioned before the dashboard’s reflection on the windscreen reduces the visibility during direct sunlight(only when the sunlight falls directly on the dash) -The center console has a small compartment, just over the ash tray and the lid of it was broken from the begining and in most 121’s I’ve seen it broken. -Discoloration of the headlights is pretty fast due to the shape of the headlights Resale The car was sold over a month ago keeping me a 150,000 profit even after 7 years of usage. Remember that if the price is right you can easily sell it. I was quoting a really high price earlier and got a chance to sell it keeping 275,000 profit. But at that time I had no car to move on so gave up the idea(3 months ago). I advertised the car on a not-that-much-famous site on internet and next day morning two boys came for inspection and in the evening gave the advance. He still calls me due to satisfaction.😃 Really I loved the car throughout it’s stay with me for 7 years. Really a good car which is suited well for the Sri Lankan conditions and Typical Sri Lankan car buyer’s requirements. Make sure to look after the car well and it returns you with good reliability. Always use japanese parts and good mechanics for the repairs. Hope to do another entry to this blog about the Grades available in 121. This review is based purely on my experience and some details might differ from car to car. Please inform me if there is something inappropriate or wrong and welcome for all comments. I triend my best to provide and unbiased review.Thank you for reading👍 Cheers!!! -alpha17-
  4. Hi need advice on contacts to service the car rack of my Toyota Corolla 121, since I hear some unusual noice on not rough terrain. I heard it’s a usual thing with Corolla, is this true? Best option is to replace or repair? Regards ravi
  5. Hi I am currently thinking about buying a Mitsubishi Verada 2002 car. Is there anyone who knows about this vehicle? I want to know followings. It has a 3500cc engine a. How is the fuel consumption? b. any known issues with the engine? c. How is driving experience? d. Spareparts availability and cost. e. Any genuine advices are welcome Thank you dear experts
  6. Dear all, Warm wishes for a Happy new year. Recently, the front driver side door central locking actuator has stopped working. But still the door can be locked using the key hole. The part number i found from online parts catalogue is 69110-12070 and I'm attaching pictures of the device as well. I would like to know a place this could be bought locally. Preferably around Kandy. Thank you in advance.
  7. Hello guys, I got footwell illumination system for both front passengers in my corolla 121.The bulbs in this system were halogen bulbs which gave a nice glow synced with the interior dome light.When I unlock the doors,the lights used to come up together with the keyfob light eventhough the dome light was turned off.Recently I changed the footwell lights to leds at my car audio guy's place and due to the design of the bulb holders the led bulbs short circuited.It blew up a transistor in the small circuit which was dedicated to the footwell lamps.This happened to me previously and replacing the transistor solved the case and had to install the halogen bulbs instead of the leds to keep things working.And again this happened....That day I visited all the electronic parts shops in my area,but couldn't find that certain transistor which died.After that the car audio guy gave a try to make the footwell lights work without the circuit (he said that 'fading away' effect will not happen when the lights are used without the circuit).Finally he totally destroyed the whole thing!!!!previously with the footwell lights gone,dome light and the keyfob light used to work fine without any issue.This time neither the dome nor the keyfob light works!!!He tried to find the cause but he couldn't!!According to him the earth line stopped functioning.Then I took the car to a well know place in our area and they took the earth line from the dome light and connected it to the footwell lamps without the circuit.Now the footwell lamps and dome lights work.But, -The keyfod light doesn't work -previously when i unlock the door,all the lights dome,keyfob and footwell,light up for about 10seconds and then fades away(This happened even without the footwell lights burnt, in the previous times)But now nothing happens rather than blinking the signal lights. -previously when i got into the car and closed the door,all the three lights stays on for about 10seconds and fades away,when the Key is not in the keyhole or when the key is in 'OFF' or 'ACC' positions.The lights go off suddenly only when the key is in the ON position.(The whole light system works just like every othercar)Now nothing happens.The dome light and footwell light show up only when i open the door and goes off when i close the door without fading. What can i do now?I'm extremely upset about the status.....please suggest me what to do.
  8. Hello guys, I plan to keep my corolla 121 for a couple more years as I had to buy a new house.After driving couple of cars during last few days I realized that the 1nz-fe got a decent amount of power as an economy engine.Today my friend did a drag with a SR20DE swapped Primera and the Primera can't hold up with the Axio???.The both Axio and 121 have the same engine so i think the power is ok for daily driving,but i want to boost the power up a little bit.I have no idea of turbo/supercharging as it will be costly and i may need to swap a manual tranny also for the real benifit of forced induction.Also I don't want to add those fart cannons ??? which would definietly make me look like a ricer. What are the methods which I could increase 10-20hp without breaking the bank??? Where are the places i need to go for the upgrades??? I plan to add a chip box.Would it affect realiability?? I hope the experts will share there opinions. Thank You
  9. Hello everyone, I'm planning to buy a corolla 's limited' car. I haven't heard about this edition. Could someone please explain what is this version and what are the differences ? Thanks in advance.
  10. like to know the Toyota corolla model differences ....xli , x, G
  11. I'm planning to buy a new car and my budget is around 2.7 Million (Max). So far I have checked the following models. Toyota allion 240- 2002 Toyota 121 G grade 2005 -1500cc Toyota Belta 2007 - 1300cc Toyota yaris 2008-1300cc Toyota Vios 2008-1500cc Toyota VITZ-1000cc 2010 Don't suggest other car models like Mazda Axela,lancer models or honda cos i'm a toyota fan I'm looking for a car which have good fuel economy,comfortable,good design and reliable car which wont give me troubles (engine and transmission) in the long run as I'm planning to use this car at-least for another 5 years. I plan to run 800km per month(500 km on highway and other 300km on colombo city limit) So, I really appropriate help from you guys to select one model from the above for me or any others you suggest, based on above details. Also if you can share your experiences (fuel consumption and reliability) of the above models that would be highly appreciated. Thank you and looking forward to see your comments.
  12. Hi Guys, Can anyone state the differences between 2005 121 X grade and G grade? (Please note: I'm not referring LXi or LX grades)
  13. I'm having a Toyota Corolla NZE121 G Grade 2004 (This model has reverse lights in the dickey) and when I start the car and press the AC button on the AC starts but blows normal hot air. Then after 2-5 mins cold air starts to come out. Once the cold air starts to come out the AC continues working fine without failing again. The only issue is that there is a delay of few minutes for the cold air to blow. I've checked the fuse box and this model doesn't have a MG-CLT relay installed. And when I check the AC compressor I can't see the magnatic clutch from out side. I checked with the AC technician and he said this model doesn't have magnatic clutch and has a belt type unit. And also he said there might be issues with control valves. He said the solution is to replace the compressor with a unit with a magnatic clutch. Does anyone have an idea about this problem and how it can be fixed.
  14. I'm having a Toyota Corolla NZE121 G Grade 2004 (This model has reverse lights in the dickey) and when I start the car and press the AC button on the AC starts but blows normal hot air. Then after 2-5 mins cold air starts to come out. Once the cold air starts to come out the AC continues working fine without failing again. The only issue is that there is a delay of few minutes for the cold air to blow. I've checked the fuse box and this model doesn't have a MG-CLT relay installed. And when I check the AC compressor I can't see the magnatic clutch from out side. I checked with the AC technician and he said this model doesn't have magnatic clutch and has a belt type unit. And also he said there might be issues with control valves. He said the solution is to replace the compressor with a unit with a magnatic clutch. Does anyone have an idea about this problem and how it can be fixed.
  15. my list finally came down to above two cars. Please advice me what should i go for.. my budget is around 3- 3.4 million. 1) Toyota Corolla 121 LX , G ,X grade 2003-2004 2) Toyota Belta 1300cc - 2007 My main concern is easy maintenance, durability. Experts please let us know your opinion. Thanks!
  16. Hi All, First of all ,Thanks all the members contributing to this forum.I learned such a lot going through each posts related to 121. I am having a budget around 3.0M - 3.5M and i am thinking of buying Toyota corolla 121. According to the information available on this forum it seems G grade JDM version is better than Sri Lankan brandnew (Lxi) brought cars in means of comfort and options. when i do some homework on current prices of 121 and their YOM. it seems like most of the JDM cars available for sale have YOM around 2000 -2003 . And for the same price you can buy 2005-2006 Brand new car (LX/XLi/GLi).I am wandering whether i should go for little bit old JDM or brand new (2005-2006 YOM) bought car which is target for sir-lankan market. Please help me on this! Further i was looking specification for LX/XLi/GLi Grades Toyota corolla cars for the year 2005-2006 which are sold brand-new in sri lanka. But i was unable to find any site which gives specification of these cars. can any one please share those specification? (at least what is the best among of those and what they are missing compared to JDM versions) Thank you all! BR, Dylan
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