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Found 9 results

  1. I have a Toyota AE110 with Automatic gear box. The engine is starting and running smoothly when the engine is in cold state, the RPM is normal (No RPM meter because it is a XE Saloon. I am telling according to the engine sound) and no vibrations (Recently replaced mounts but the issue was there previously) or knocking sounds. But when it is getting the normal engine running temperature , the RPM is getting lower and start vibrating while idling on gear "D" &"R" but "P" & "N" is smoothly having the normal RPM in any of the engine temperature. While ON/Off the A/C in idling, the RPM is slightly changing but not up to standard. Any help guys ?
  2. Hi All, I was searching for a good japan car and found a car in mint condition - Toyota Corolla AE 110 Xe Saloon. YOM 1999 and registered on 2001 with HL-XXXX number silver color. EX Saloon with double din dashboard like the sprinter. So the owner said it is about 2.4M and after bargain he said the deal is for 2.35 Million. The owner said he will do a engine tune up before buying and he said he will give me a a new battery also. Is this a good car to buy for 2.35 Million? (Engine and body condition is superb).
  3. Hi, Finally i sold my Lancer CB8 and looking for another car, its really helpful if you guys can help me choosing a one from below list. My selection critria Maximum budget - 1.6Mn Fuel Type - Any fuel consumption - higher than 8.5kmpl Transmission - Manual Main considerations - Maintenance Cost, Spare parts availability , Handling , comfortability and should be a manual one. Mitsubishi Galant 1998 - 99 Toyota Corolla/Sprinter 110(Pre facelift) 1997 - 99 Nissan Bluebird 1997 - 99 Toyota carina 190/192 1996 - 98 suggestions are warmly welcome. thanks
  4. Hi Experts, I'm looking for a help from you. I sold my car recently and need to go for a car for about 2 Mil. My idea is to by a car for that price and use it for about one and half years and go for a better one later since due to some other reasons I'm not in a position to spend more than that during this year. With some search I found Bluebird Sylphy as a decent car which is available for my budget. But I would like to get to know following information about that car. YOM - 2001 - 2004 Transmission - Auto Fuel consumption in 1.5 l model and 2 l model ? At the same time I'm considering following vehicles too. Toyota Cami Mazda Familia 1.5 Auto FB 15 New shell 1.5 Auto Toyota 110 1.5 Auto Swifts (Indian) zxi YOM 2007 / 8 Appreciate your support.
  5. Dear Friends, What is the best place to do an EFI Tune up in Colombo area? What about Auto Miraj?
  6. Hi dear friends, My Car is TOYOTA Corolla AE110 XE Saloon (1998, Auto, Petrol) Recently I purchased this car from another person. Car is in mint condition. But there is a problem. The radiator fan working continuously. My knowledge about auto electrical is very poor. But I checked the problem with my knowledge. The fan is switching by an original relay. (Normally closed relay) There is no voltage at relay coil, so the relay always closed. Then the fan is working nonstop. I tried to find, the operation voltage of fan relay, but I couldn't find the it. Then I thought the problem is with "Thermostat Sensor" Then I went to an auto electrician, He said the thermostat wire has disconnected in somewhere. But he couldn't find it, My questions are, (1) what is the other end of thermostat sensor wire? (2) How can I find it? (3) How to check thermostat sensor is good or bad? Please help me. Thanks.
  7. Hi All, I am Sampath. I am new to Autolanka forum. Please help me to resolve my problem. My car is TOYOTA Corolla AE110 XE Saloon (Year: 1998 / Petrol / Auto) Recently I feel right hand side rear shock has wear. How can I check the shocks by my self? How many cm should be between tyre and body? Where can I replace them in Colombo area? Pls reply. Thanks
  8. Experts, I'm planning to buy corolla 110/111, Crystal light model (301,302,Gx range). What is the average price these days. What are the differences between 1300cc model and 1500 model, advantages,disadvantages? What do you think about manual and auto models? fuel figures? I went through some other threads but didn't found clear discussion about 110 and 111 models. Appreciate your feedback. Many Thanks.
  9. KFL

    Ee110 Burning Oil

    One of my friends has recently bought a Corolla EE110 (1.3L, 1997). Till about one month from purchase, he had no issues with the vehicle. But he has now found out that the car is actually burning oil. There is no visible leak and the engine heat is at the average level too. There is a little bit of white smoke coming out when starting/racing but it does not exhaust any smoke once you get going. According to him, it has 1.70k km on it, which he now believes is doctored. He's not a very rich guy, so he must get going with this car anyway. Which options has he got? What could be done to fix the issue at a minimal cost (rather than the obvious oil top up). Would appreciate your expert advise P.S: He says that it is slow to start up if kept idle for about a day. He's not a heavy runner, probably about 100km per week.
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