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Found 31 results

  1. tharindra

    Some Numbers To Munch On

    Did a bit of a quick draw analysis on cars prices advertised on a popular local classifieds, maybe it can be of some sort of numerical substance for the many of the arguments here It's work in progress, hopefully we can discover something interesting. https://medium.com/@crunch/galle-road-wars-part-1-c9b3e534a5a
  2. Hi, I am new to BMs. Appreciate if anyone could help me out with following information. I am planning to buy a Vezel Z package or BMW 320D 2011 (E90). Which one is the best considering the following? 1. Fuel Consumption 2. Maintenance Cost/ KMs (Service, Oil, etc.) 3. Repair Cost (Parts) 4. Current Value 5. Resale Price in next 3-4 years Additionally any E90s for sale? Many thanks.
  3. I am in the market for a new vehicle and was looking at the Vezel (I know i know!) However after giving it some thought, seeing how the hybrid tax has gone up and reading some advice on AL I thought I should ask for suggestions from the experts. I saw someone list used BMWs as a better option than the Vezel and so I thought of giving it a go. My motive is to get a newer car so I face fewer repairs. I only sold my older car (Civic 2003) because I was tired of repairing it every 4-6 months. I saw a couple of beemers advertised on AL. I saw some E60 520D 2006 facelift models which look nice, however a friend told me to steer clear of the diesel engines because they have a lot of maintenance involved and SL has poor quality diesel. Can someone shed some light on this? What sort of repairs can I expect from a 2006 model? I also heard that servicing a beemer costs 35k+, but they have some long lasting oil so the service is done at a longer interval than regular car. Is there any truth to this? I also want to know how the resale is like for beemers, because with any car you expect to resell it after sometime. How much could I sell this model for after about 3-5 years? If you think I should go for another car (that is available for purchase on the AL site) for this budget please feel free to let me know. I sold my car recently and I am stuck without a vehicle. I guess it was for the best, because if I had rushed I would have probably ended up with a Vezel.
  4. Hi, has anybody driven the Honda Vezel? What is your experience with this vehicle? From what I hear, it seems to be perfectly suited for Sri Lankan setting. 1500 CC engine == > Lower Tax category Hybrid ==== > Lower Tax Electric motor power added to engine power == > Equal to 2000 CC engine (if you believe what they claim) So, not underpowered. SUV like appearance == > Good looking, better ground clearance. SUV loving people can be satisfied. Only problem is, bringing down a Gasoline version (to the permit) is totally useless (no profit at all). So, Hybrid version is the only choice. Gasoline one is probably underpowered too. Thanks.
  5. recondition Prius owners beware! Recalls are made for ALL Prius ZVW30 cars made between 2009~2014. In japan they are fixed for free under JP-Law. The power control computer can overheat and to avoid fire, car could go into fail-safe mode or stop while driving. Repair method is software update and replacing the AC-DC inverter module. for potential Prius buyers;You can find the affected chassis numbers in this table. ZVW30-1000000~ZVW30-1795341 462,000 cars ZVW30-5000004~ZVW30-5740951 450,000 cars ZVW30-0052877~ZVW30-0333134 85,000 cars http://car.watch.impress.co.jp/docs/news/20140212_634876.html   Toyota company page: http://toyota.jp/recall/2014/0212.html