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Found 10 results

  1. thilinamc

    Toyota IST Shock Absorber Boot/Cover

    Hi, I have recently bought two rear shock absrobers (KYB;348001) for my Toyota IST (2002;NCP60) , and when try to replace it, found that the boot cover of shocks also been damaged. Since such cover or boot didn't came with the Shocks, I'm wondering where I can buy those Covers? Are they available brand new or I have to go with a used one?? Your tiniest help in this matter is highly appreciated. I believe it is somewhat similar to the below attached image Thanking you in advance.
  2. Chaveen Dissanayake

    Toyota IST 2004 vs Mazda Demio 2008

    What would be the best option between the IST 2004 & Demio 2008 ? (Performance & economy vise)
  3. HI Guys, I'm planing on upgrading My Mazda Demio(1st Gen) .. below are the options I'm locking for , help me to chose the Best... Mazda Demio 3rd Gen - 2007 - 2.5 Mil Ist 1st Gen - 2003/2004 - 2.5Mil SX-4 - 2007/2008 - 2.5Mil
  4. Hi all, I have a Toyota IST (2002) and I'm badly in need of tyre replacement(all 4 tyres) since the existing ones are quite weared off. Existing ones are Nankang Tubeless and the tyre size 195/60R15. I'm looking for a Thailand/Japan tyre since I'm gonna sell it soon & I want to give a well maintained car for the one who buying. So please give me your opinion about a Suitable tyre Brand ,it's price and a vendor(if possible). Awaiting your suggestions. Thanks
  5. My car was Toyota ist 2008 model (ncp110), had a electric power problem in few weeks a go, suddenly power cut off the car & back again in second,I was checked the fuse box & cleaned,relay unit & juntion was checked & cleaned, replaced new battery, unplug the accessories conect, but problem not sort out.some times delayed power steering was on in faulty time.can I sort out this problem..... Thank..
  6. Hi, I have TOYOTA IST 2003 (NP60) and recently it has been operated with a bad fuel consumption.Usually it operates 10/12 , but currently it operates like 8/10.Last year I have bought her, and since then I haven't done a Engine Tune up for Like Year. I think it might be causing for the low fuel consumption. But finding a reasonable & trust-worthy place to do a engine tune up is little bit harder than finding a Unicorn in these days .And will there be anything more to the Low Fuel Consumption, rather than the Engine Non-Tune up. So do help me out with your personnel experience in selecting a good place or person do an Engine Tune up. Thanks
  7. bimalnp4me

    Toyota Ist 2002-2006

    please fuel consumption and maintenance cost of Toyota ist 2002-2004.. and need to make a choice between ist and swift beetle..
  8. Hi Guys, I just want to know whether TOYOTA IST is a good car for daily use. I searched on this site using the word 'IST' but returned nothing. So I decided to post this question. If anyone has used this car please respond... Thanks.
  9. judemilstan

    Ist 2008

    Hi guys, i have been looking around for a honda hybrid but then i changed my mind to go for IST 2008, does anybody know the fuel consumption of IST 2008 model. appreciate your help. PS : Please do not ask me to search as i have done it many times in the forum and could not find the answer
  10. I'm planning to buy a toyota ist 2007/2008 and would like to know some information about fuel efficiency, maintenance etc... and also your opinion about this selection vs Fit hybrid ?