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Found 59 results

  1. Hi, im new to this Form so please give me suggestions for a car that i can buy within 02M-2.5M Saloon type (Sedan) with good fuel economy. I would prefer model after 2003 Like Vios or Corolla used one. Please Give me better idea to buy a car as this will be my first car. Thanks for everyone.
  2. Hi Guys, My Toyota corolla axio 2007 crankshaft sensor need to be replaced..From where can i get the thing done and how much will it be cost ?? Thank you very much...
  3. Corolla 121

    Toyota Corolla 121 - Wet Under Rear Seat

    My car's back seats had the seat belt buckle gone in the hole so i put two fingers in to take them up and I found it watery inside , as in water had leaked in under the seat somehow... any clue or ideas guys ?
  4. dhanushkahw

    Corolla 141 spare parts

    I have to replace my rear buffer and Front Buffer due to Buffer damage. I got the rear buffer. But my car didn’t had the inner cover left side of the rear buffer. So I have to purchase 1 . I looked most of the places in Wijerama. But it was not available. Please help me where I can buy this. Also I am Looking for a Front Buffer. It was cost around 22000 for Thailand. Japanese used costed 28000. Are these prices reasonable? please help me on above and let me know where can I buy above parts. Please help as this is urgent
  5. dhanushkahw

    Corolla 141 Car Tint

    Dear Fellows I have been taking advice from Autolanka forums and it has been very helpful for me. My car is not tinted and so I am Planning to do a Tint my Car. there were several threads about car Tint. But not a updated one for 2019. Please Help guys about the following by your experience Best places for Car Tinting available in Colombo Best Material brands that can be used for Car Tiniting. ( I found that 3M is the best from past threads.) What are the Car Tiniting options available for a Car (Such as Rear Windows only ,Front Windows, Rear Glass,etc) Approximate costs for above options I think this will help for many. Please Help guys Thanks
  6. faizanj

    What is the best choice?

    Hi all, I am looking to buy a car first time, so i am still could not finalize the car model which is going to buy, i am seeking for help from your side. thanks in advance. actually, i need to figure what will be the economical car? considering following points 1. Maintenance cost (parts, services etc) 2. fuel efficiency 3. second market 4. current price (my budget is 3million, going to buy used car) I selected following car models toyata vios, vitz, aqua, prius, corolla 121 Hope you will help to fiqure out the suitable car for me (i wont expect more features, base car is enough for me) if there any other (car model) suggestions also welcomed...
  7. Hi Guys I don't have much knowledge on Car mechanics. Need some Help. I bought a corolla 141 4 weeks back. Before buy I checked it with car checking . So there was a issue identified that coolant is leaking in radiator pressure cap location and recommended to replace the plastic part which is fixed with the radiator. So I repaired it with previous owner(is a very trust-able friend of mine) by replacing it. So then I bought the car. Then I took the car to the Toyota Service for a full service. Before taking to toyota I checked the coolant level in the tank and it was in the lowest level.( I did not checked the coolant level after it was repaired when I took it from the previous owner.. Because I didn't know that). So after service by Toyota they have filled the coolant to the max level. Service report included that there is a leak in the same location.What I need to know is that is there actual leak to be rectified ? Because there was no level drop after 1 week from the service, Coolant level was same.. . So I am thinking should I actually repair it ? or not ? Guys what do you think
  8. dhanushkahw

    Toyota 141 Inspection Report

    Hi Guys Need Help I checked one of my well know friends Toyota 141 car expecting to buy it. Following report was received after inspection. It is a 2007 model. There was no issues while he was using it. So I attached some pictures of the results. What are the major concerns I should be worried. How much it will cost to rectify these Updated with Balance sheets also. Guys please help with your knoladge .
  9. Please tell me about recommended engine oil brand for toyota corolla AE110?
  10. I would like share & get your ideas, experience regarding to engine oil for 'AE110' , For my , Year 1998 Engine Oil : Mobil 2000 10W,40W
  11. Hello All, I daily drive a corolla 121 (YOM - 2000) with 230k km on clock. Recently I'm experiencing a loss of engine oil (very small quantity). I drive this approx 15km daily. Every two weeks now i have to refill the engine oil by approx 1L. No leakage on the floor or no black smoke is producing. What may be the issue on this?
  12. Hi, Fist of all i am new to this forum. So thanks for reading this. I have a corolla 141 2008 which only done 30,000 km for all 11 years. I have heard about engine tuneup recently (which i have no idea about) and not sure about it. Please explain some one know about this and is it necessary for this mileage. Thanks! Sanji
  13. Hi, so I'm new here and loved reading some great explanations from many. I'm here to ask for similar help on a specific issue that I couldn't find a good answer to. I would like to buy a car and the budget is 1.8-2 million. I was scouring for options and first thing I came up was the Geely Mx7 Mark II. It's within budget and seems like I can get a 4-5 year old one with reasonable options. I also hear that while the interior is not very sturdy, the important parts like the drive train etc are based on a toyota corolla, and even fits corolla parts. (I know the corolla as a really reliable car since our family had AE100 and 121) I also thought about some 2-3 year old Altos which I got to know as reliable and good for hard use as well, and quite fuel efficient, but they are not in anyway safe or comfortable, and really cramped. So would like to avoid it unless there's really no better option. Other option is older Japanese cars. The one I set my sights is a Mazda Familia BJ5P, which actually looks really good, comfortable and spacious, while everyone says Mazdas are very reliable. I found several within budget eith YOM 2000-2002. I loved Hondas as well, especially Civics, but ones within budget are 1996 or so, so guess I'll avoid those. (Same with Toyotas) People say the Honda Citys are good as well, I'd like to know whether they are so actually, since they are assembled elsewhere than Japan. I found several with Vtec engines with YOM 1999-2001. Is it true that 20 year old Japanese cars are better than 2-5 year old Indian or Chinese cars? ? So could you help me out here. What I need is a spacious, reliable and a reasonably safe car. Fuel economy 10+ in city and 13+ outstations is fine. What I really would like to decide between is, Geely MX7 MARK II (2013-2014) MADZA FAMILIA BJ5P (2000-2002) HONDA CITY VTEC (1999-2001) Any good alternative suggestions are welcome as well. Thanks
  14. Hi need advice on contacts to service the car rack of my Toyota Corolla 121, since I hear some unusual noice on not rough terrain. I heard it’s a usual thing with Corolla, is this true? Best option is to replace or repair? Regards ravi
  15. Lannister

    Pick the best car

    Hello fellas, I need some help to pick the best car among these, since which is my first car, I'm curious a bit. wanna know the durability, after market price etc. What's better, Toyota Ceres Marino or Nissan March K11? Thank You!
  16. I recently bought a corolla 141, which has a mileage about 60000. Then once the service time is up I decided to go to toyota lanka since previous owner has been maintaining the vehicle from the same place since day one. So once the service is done by TL they gave me some remarks of the vehicle indicating that the things should be changed/ replaced / fixed. I’m a very much newbie to this so please bear with me if these are some stupid questions. I would like to post the comments they gave me after the vehicle inspection below. please see the image which has the comments. All I need to know is in what urgency should I fix these. Around how much would I need to be spent. How serious are these fixes. Thanks.
  17. C Wijesinghe

    Steering Wheel Too Tight

    Hi, Anyone can help me, my car is Toyota corolla 121. Steering wheel is too tight for last couple of days.
  18. Hi Guys, I am new to this website. Recently had an accident and i need to find tail light for corolla 141 2008. Is there any specific place to find it. And looking for Koito genuine light. But its around 22K in toyota lanka. Is there any other place to find this bit cheaper let me know. Heard it should around 12K.(thailand) Thanks.
  19. alpha17

    Interior lights failed

    Hello guys, I got footwell illumination system for both front passengers in my corolla 121.The bulbs in this system were halogen bulbs which gave a nice glow synced with the interior dome light.When I unlock the doors,the lights used to come up together with the keyfob light eventhough the dome light was turned off.Recently I changed the footwell lights to leds at my car audio guy's place and due to the design of the bulb holders the led bulbs short circuited.It blew up a transistor in the small circuit which was dedicated to the footwell lamps.This happened to me previously and replacing the transistor solved the case and had to install the halogen bulbs instead of the leds to keep things working.And again this happened....That day I visited all the electronic parts shops in my area,but couldn't find that certain transistor which died.After that the car audio guy gave a try to make the footwell lights work without the circuit (he said that 'fading away' effect will not happen when the lights are used without the circuit).Finally he totally destroyed the whole thing!!!!previously with the footwell lights gone,dome light and the keyfob light used to work fine without any issue.This time neither the dome nor the keyfob light works!!!He tried to find the cause but he couldn't!!According to him the earth line stopped functioning.Then I took the car to a well know place in our area and they took the earth line from the dome light and connected it to the footwell lamps without the circuit.Now the footwell lamps and dome lights work.But, -The keyfod light doesn't work -previously when i unlock the door,all the lights dome,keyfob and footwell,light up for about 10seconds and then fades away(This happened even without the footwell lights burnt, in the previous times)But now nothing happens rather than blinking the signal lights. -previously when i got into the car and closed the door,all the three lights stays on for about 10seconds and fades away,when the Key is not in the keyhole or when the key is in 'OFF' or 'ACC' positions.The lights go off suddenly only when the key is in the ON position.(The whole light system works just like every othercar)Now nothing happens.The dome light and footwell light show up only when i open the door and goes off when i close the door without fading. What can i do now?I'm extremely upset about the status.....please suggest me what to do.
  20. Hello. Was wondering whether it is possible to put a 4age engine in a ke72 wagon. At first i was planing on buying a ke70 sedan but it is proving to be a challenge to find a good one that's for sale. From what I've read and heard I believe that both the ke72 and the ke70 share somewhat the same structure. So I resorted to pursue a wagon as a project car. Your opinion on this is highly valuable. Thanks. PS: It is also highly appreciated if you could point me at place where I can find a good 4age in SL.
  21. Replaced my driver side front shutter glass after an accident from Ara**an Mo**rs However, not sure whether it is a genuine because label is different to the other original glasses. (replaced one has "saint gobain securit" and doesnt have "UV" mark) - refer attachment. Doesn't say UV in the label The auto function (when you push it down once the shutter goes down. You dont have to hold the switch) doesn't work. Want to know, 1.can it be an original glass. 2. If not, where can i find the original part Thanks in advance.
  22. hello everyone , is it really worth buying a toyota axio 2016 hybrid g50 limited red interior model brand new at this time period , because its the end of 2016 ... will the next axio be released anytime soon ? if so will it look a lot different than the axios of 2016 ? whats the difference between wxb , g50 limited & g models ? almost everyone i know who owns the g model says the car is underpowered.
  23. I've this Axio 161 A/T with 15k Milage Recently I noticed when I'm breaking (When it requires automatic transmission to downshift) I hear tick sound. I guess "ticks" are heard per downshifting gears. Is it an issue with my transmission or should I need to check this with a mechanic before next service?
  24. pasindups

    Toyota AE110

    Hi All, I was searching for a good japan car and found a car in mint condition - Toyota Corolla AE 110 Xe Saloon. YOM 1999 and registered on 2001 with HL-XXXX number silver color. EX Saloon with double din dashboard like the sprinter. So the owner said it is about 2.4M and after bargain he said the deal is for 2.35 Million. The owner said he will do a engine tune up before buying and he said he will give me a a new battery also. Is this a good car to buy for 2.35 Million? (Engine and body condition is superb).