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Found 11 results

  1. My Toyota Carina my road 1991 model it is facing reverse gear problem.In the morning the car goes in reverse gear but if it kept in. Cold about a hour reverse gear don't work.it needs to run in forward about 5 Km then the reverse works again and if reverse works for a time it always work until rest of more than 1 hour.so in cold it doesn't work but in Garrard morning it works and in hot or running also work so please help me that what I can do
  2. Hi all, I have a Toyota carina AT150 - YOM 1983 and havent run for a while. Im getting into re-modify the car. Engine is in running condition but the body is some what corroded eg. floor bords. Corroded parts have to be replaced with new metal sheets and the interior also need some modification. Does any one know shops/places where I can buy spare parts and do necessary mechanical work? I think nugegoda area is the place to start. Any specific shops? Thanks
  3. Hi All, My car is having a strange idling issue and the exact problem is as follows. After starting the car (when it is cold), rpm settles around 1300 and rpm doesn't get lower after engine got to the operating temperature. No matter how long the car runs, it stays around 1300. Few weeks ago this system was working fine. cold start rpm was around 1300 and after few mins it settles around 800-700. Now it doesn't work like that, but if I turn off the car and start it again when hot, then rpm settles around 800. If I leave the car for few hours to cool down and then start it, again rpm get stuck around 1300. So the issue is cold start rpm get stuck around 1300 and it doesn't get lower unless restart the car. If I restart the car when it is hot, then rpm settles around 800. Is this could be a possible ECU failure ? Any expert ideas ? Toyota Carina Ti 1997 MT ( 220000 kms ) Thanks in advance.
  4. Hi I'm looking for a car that is between 1mil - 1.5 mil. My primary concerns are 1. Fuel economy 2. Spare Part availability 3. Maintenance 4. Resale value Im buying my first car and bit a newbie. Car does not need to be a diesel car. Appreciate your suggestions on a reliable car. Toyota Corsa Diesel GX-XXXX ,1997, AUTO, Full option, 1500cc (around 1.6 mil) Toyota Carina CT192 Diesel 65-XXXX, 2C engine, 1994, Manual (Around 1.5 mil) I have my mind on the Corsa. What do you guys think?
  5. Hi guys, My car is a Carina GT YOM 2000 model (AT210). Few weeks back came acorss a very low millage same model GT in Japan and bought it mainly to source parts for my car in SL. Can someone please recommend a good and reliable place to do the replacing work? Initially im focusing on replacing engine, gearbox & suspesnion related parts. Heard some positive comments about Re*l*ca S*e*d but have a small doubt how their work on these toyotas as they are more speciallized towerd Subarus and evos. Prefer a place around Colombo.
  6. Hey guys, Need ur input in sorting this out. I have a carina AT 170 for 3 years and im happily running it H/E, the engine is close to under compression and I am thinking of replacing the engine instead of repairing it. Current Engine - 5AFE carb engine Problems with current engine - Blackish oil..Carb is okay but not at its best. - Does about 7-8 in city. Previously did about 9-10 but I run about 1500 kms per month, slowly has gone down and as per the mechanic ( who did a good job previously) says the carb and the engine is also UC. The car was running on gaas previously as well (previous owner mucked it. not me ) - Bit noisy - Doesnt leak oil, but there is a bit of oil on the top of the engine. I thought of plugging in a 5AFE EFI engine. and I need ur input on this on these factors; - Whats needed to be done? Replacement of engine/computer box/ and fuel pump? Anything I should be worried about? - I have got a good engine for a cheap price...Any clue if i can buy the computer box separately? and fuel pump separately? - Any good places where I can get a good engine? If its a very good carb engine I do not mind actually. Any places I should start looking from? - Last but deffa not the least, has anyone on this forum done this to AT 170 or any car similar? Thanks
  7. Hi, Finally i sold my Lancer CB8 and looking for another car, its really helpful if you guys can help me choosing a one from below list. My selection critria Maximum budget - 1.6Mn Fuel Type - Any fuel consumption - higher than 8.5kmpl Transmission - Manual Main considerations - Maintenance Cost, Spare parts availability , Handling , comfortability and should be a manual one. Mitsubishi Galant 1998 - 99 Toyota Corolla/Sprinter 110(Pre facelift) 1997 - 99 Nissan Bluebird 1997 - 99 Toyota carina 190/192 1996 - 98 suggestions are warmly welcome. thanks
  8. I would like to own a bit sporty car before Midlife crisis hits me. My budget is around 1.7Mil mark. Currently I own a Mazda Demio Manual -1998 Model – grate on fuel , not sporty Yes I have read most of the threads about carina GT - which are 3-4 years OLD. I need the feedback about current market... Most carinas will hit 20 year mark next year Apart from Fuel consumption – what are other downsides? maintenance/parts etc.? My other options are – Honda Ek3 Toyota Cerus Mazda BJ5W (Love the look) nissan primera P11
  9. Hi all, What is the best option for me among following cars. My budget is 13.5 Lks (Max) Mazda Butterfly (Familia 1996/1997 model) Toyota AE 100 Carina AT192 Nissan FB 14 Please share your experience & advises for make a choice. Cheers !!!
  10. So finally got something worth writing about in AL… So your first car is actually something special, for car crazy fans it would be like Jeremy said ““It’s what non-car people don’t get. They see all cars as just ton-and-a-half, two-tons of wires, glass, metal and rubber. That’s all they see. People like you or I know, we have an unshakable belief that cars are living entities. Not like a Toyota Corolla obviously, but a real… You can develop a relationship with a car. And that’s just what non-car people don’t get.” - Jeremy Clarkson. Have seen in AL alone people restoring oldies or even bringing newer once a bit of a kick from what they were before. So what I got is actually a 1996 Toyota Carina GT AT210, 4A-GE Blacktop 20v engine, 5MT. and someone along the way decided to change the lights, shell n bumpers with the 1999-2000 model. For the record when I took hold of it, it had done 135k on the clock and by the time I started this project the clocked just ticked off to 180k (just putting it out for the record). Due to work sadly had to leave her ideal for about 6 months occasionally being started up by my dad but by the time I returned it was in a fix… the process included an engine rebuild also of a 2nd option of getting hold of another newer engine. The latter option was going nowhere with some guy quoting the engine, gearbox and suspension as one unit. Finally got hold of one, which was in a pretty good nick. The engine rebuild was closer to buying a new engine so opted to go for a newer one. After the engine swap, was sent off for paint. Choosing a decent color alone was a bit of a headache but pulled it off thanks to the Honda Catalogue which was “Kaiser Silver” and have to say it was a right one to go with. Right about now it’s in the last stages of touching up the few bits and pieces. Removing all the parts to the bare shell means there are few squeaks and rattles coming from everywhere for now hunting them down. Also left with a few additions of TRD spark plug wires, Greddy oil filter, voltage stabilizer (en route by now) shocks and wheels need to be sorted out from here. Have to say during this time got to know one epic gentlemen here whose car is well known in AL forum as well as the person who built it, although I would love to give credit to him with his real name for helping me out, I will just say he is the resident Doctor Komi himself. Although I am car gone wild, coz of him I was able to get in touch with few pretty awesome guys, few being Rumesh & also Nadeeka (who seems to have every part imaginable just about everywhere in his yard…it’s just amazing). And also the member “OctaneHead” who writes great blogs about the car culture in SL. So humbly like to thank you all for your help. Keeping most of it in its original condition, and welcome any input from you guys and if I missed out on anything do let me know. Before shots...think these were taken right after i bought it
  11. Hi guys, I bought a carina AT170 (carburettor model 1989 17-9xxx) recently. This is my first own car although ive been using my dads for a few years but deffa need some help with a few issues. Will list them down so that any volunteers could help. 1/ The car does around 8 kms per litre average in the city and outstation. I am not sure what to do with it. I showed it to a mechanic, he says I need to replace the carburettor. Further, the car has a small jerk when accerlerating as well. Any ideas on this? Does an AT170 do only about 8kms? Any real good mechanic to show this to who will not take me for a ride? I drive 50 kms daily 2/ Further, it has tinkering on the border of the front windscreen. There is no tinkering elsewhere, but the previous owner has done touchups on this without a proper repair coz he has wanted to abstain from removing the windscreen. I want to fix this for good. Any mechanics u guys recommend? 3/ The power steering rack has to be replaced. There are oil leaks on both sides, so need to get a replacement from delkanda. But again need a good reliable mechanic. there are plenty but i dont trust anyone of these blokes around. I bought the car for 7. I know it has the above issues, but the interior is pretty cool and it runns really well, and its deffa below market price. Please do suggest me any mechanics u know so that I can get the car done up to the mint condition. Really love the car for some car reason probably coz this is the first car i purchased with my cash
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