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Found 77 results

  1. Greetings all I have a Honda Civic ES8 which comes with a remote to lock and unlock the doors. It does this but nothing else. It is not the one with the key programmed with a chip in it . I was thinking if it really makes a difference to go for an aftermarket Security/ Alarm system . Nowadays people actually don’t respond to an alarm when it goes off, do they. General thought is that it is a false alarm. Also I’ve heard stories about security system wiring messing up the electrics of the car and playing havoc. Need some opinions and advises. Thanks in advance.
  2. there is a dotted area around the windscreen and I sow that there is small gadget named "ETC" mounted in the top of the windscreen in inside..can not figure out what this and what if for that dotted area for - may car is VITZ 2008 scp90
  3. Damith87

    Gov Taxes On Import Card/ Suv

    Hi all see this is valuable tread. I have a question, does anyone know how much is the custom calculation & how does it depend on the vehicle type ? I mean tax amount differce on Prius / Allion. Does anyone know how much is it for SUVs & Cars etc ?
  4. syj

    Paint Faded Away

    Hi guys.... I kept me car, covered with a car cover not under a roof. Unfortunately, it was caught to a shower and also I could not remove it later. 2 days later, I removed it and observed that paint of some areas were faded away. OMG...It looks so bad....I asked from my friend and later I used compound to remove it. But attempt was totally unsuccessful. Please guys.....I am now looking for your expert advice............Please/////.
  5. I have below issue with suzuki swift car and need to know it is common or any fault belongs to transmission Normaly this happen on hill climbing and when changing 3rd gear to 2nd gear. When going uphill with 3 rd gear, sometimes its not accelarate in middle or upper section of the hill and car gets slower. Specially this happened when I slow down the car ( eg: 10 - 15 kmph) due to traffic then I change the gear to 2nd and try to Accelerate, but it not happening and it getting slower and no picup ( regardless of how much I push the gas paddle ) So I should put it to First and Then accelare. Waiting for feedback from AL members Thank you
  6. Dananjayaa

    Unregistered Car For 2.5Mn

    Hi guys, I'm going to get a 2.5mn vehicle loan from my company. According to them it should be unregistered vehicle. So guys please advice me on this decision. What should be the best car for that price? Thanks
  7. What Year Limit Can Any Vehicle Be Imported Here ?
  8. Guys, I'm thinking of buying a new ride. Preferred Budget 2.5 - 3.0 (max), prefer around 2.7. Travels average 400 - 600 km per month Hardly travel on city traffic conditions. Mostly on urban, sub urban roads. Road condition mostly good. Sometime need to travel in poorly maintained roads, for trips etc. Previous car FB 15 1500cc. (Expecting more comfort) Prefer Auto gear.. Comfort - 8 / 10 (Less bumpy, need to have good shock absorbers, some times need to travel in bit rough roads and roads with pot holes) Less maintenance cost - 6/ 10 (Less maintenance frequency, wont mind high part cost) Acceleration - 8 / 10 (Prefer to maintain speeds around 80 - 110 when not in city limits, expects good acceleration) Fuel economy - 7 /10 (Good to Decent is enough ) Re sell value - 5 / 10 (No significant decrease in price) Read the forum and found the following 1. Toyota corolla 122 luxel 2001 - Seems to be good.. But 2001 for that price? 2. Honda Fir GE6 2008/09 - Seems to be good..heard its spacy compared to other hatchbacks (Don't like hatch backs much).. What about comfort compared to others? 3. Honda civic es5 2004 - Beautiful.. Fuel economy? (Is it CVT ? ) 4. Honda civc es1 2003 - CVT issues? 5. mazda axela 2003 - fuel economy? 6. Honda fit aria 2005 - don't know much about this. 7. Toyota 121 , 1.3 Manual 2005/6 9. Toyota 121 LX/ LX limited - 2002 10. Toyota 121 G - 2000 What do you think the best one to suit my needs? Expecting you expert opinion..
  9. Dear expertise, Im a new for this vehicle industry and now i decide to buy used car. I selected Toyota starlet EP91 and going to buy it withing this week, Im going to buy it by paying full cash. My problem is, I don't know process of buying car. Can you pls tell me the process of buying car? document required to buy car? and any thing impotent when buying a car. Thank you regards Amila
  10. Hi..guys I need to replace my car front door window beading out side and inside both..mainly the bottom edge beading..where the glass go up and down.. My car is a Toyata vits SCP10 catagory. I'm wondering whether can I buy the originals from somewhere or replace some general beading normally using for vehicles.? Please help me to find them? or good place to go me to get this done. Image attached! Thanks .
  11. As I know there are 3 modes in the wiper movement..the first mode not working in my car..what to check please help..? 1.move--delay1-delay2-move 2.move--delay1--move 3.move-move-move 1 one is not working others working fine..so eventhough there small rain had to stick with other modes..
  12. Dhanushkapg

    Auto Gear Oil

    Dear Experts I have Nissan FB15 car. Recently when i am driving, i felt transmission was delayed specially in upper gears ( 3rd , 4th) . I checked ATF and it seems ok with red+brown color. I havent any service details regarding ATf changed on previous owners. please let me know the issue behind this and better place to change ATF automatically specially in Gampaha/kurunegala or colombo Highly valuable your answers
  13. My requirements Budget below 10000rs. Reliable brand. and I do not have much understanding about those sophisticated features. I need to protect my car from those car parts robbers and car robbers .. Thanks you
  14. ColomboRox

    Tyres-What To Buy

    Hi guys..I'm planing to replace my tyre set of my car and before buying... expect to have you opinion on what to buy..and like to know present prices and place to get this done.. Currently I have MAXXIS on front and Bridgeston in rear..Tyre size is 175 / 70R / 14 Thanks.
  15. wind only retain for 4 days in one of my tire... how to fix this..do I need to replace my tire? will tire house fix my issue..how thy will fix?
  16. Dhanushkapg

    Car Battery Issue.

    Dear Experts, i have nissan FB15 car. In 2010 i changed by battery to Amaron Sealed type one. ( 18 months warranty ). Then htwo months before 18 months suddenly car not start, Then i clam warranty and attach new Amaron Battery to Car in 2011 ( 18 months warranty ) .Then after yesterday my car not start again withing warranty period. According to my point of view , My car is not heavily running and almost it running once or twice a month. According to my memory it not start since 3 or 4 weeks yet. So i like to know , how frequently car should be start if it parked at home. What are the battery caring tips to protect battery in maximum duration ? Your answers are valuable
  17. How frequently do have to check the wheel alignment ?
  18. I’m finding a car for 18-19lks in these days. i don't know much about cars and this will be my first car. one of my cousin have found a FB15 for me(he knows well about vehicles).it's in good condition and below are the details FB15 1999(dec) 1500cc Super saloon Auto they asked(seller) 20lks and we were able to bargain in to 19lks. i heard that there are some problems in sensors in 1999 or older fb15 cars. Is it true? is it worth to buy this car for 19lks as its in good condition ? much appreciate your valuable advices
  19. tinyman

    Used Car For 1.8Mn

    Dear All, i'm new to this forum, hope you would be helpful to me with my 1st car. I'm looking to my 1st car and my budget is around 1.8mn out of that hoping to get a leasing for 1.3mn. I'm still looking to choose a good car; following are in my mind, 1. Suzuki Alto KA24S (660CC) 2. Kelisa (2007 - 2008 model) 3. Suzuki Maruti Alto please advise me on the above and suggest any other cars which can be found within my budget. FYI, i'm bit concerned on the fuel efficiency also.
  20. have anyone tried (or having an idea of) fixing aftermarket cruise control kit for your vehicle? do you guys know any garages who do those thing? i have check in the net n there are plenty of DIY cruise control kits.. pls share your ideas....
  21. Hi everybody I'm new to this forum as well as for this field. i read all the threads with associate with my problem. I’m finding a car around 1.4mil in these days and this will be my first vehicle. so i don't have much knowledge about automobile field. i need economical, less malignance cost car. so most of the people suggest me to buy Toyota AE100 i need at least 94 or 95,Auto,full option car . so i phoned several sellers who selling ae100(newspaper ads).most of them ask over 1.5mil for these cars i think it's over priced. Could you please let me know the ideal price for AE100? i have an idea to sell it in about 6 or 7 month and go for a better car like FB15 . is it possible to find a good AE110 (auto, full option ) for about 1.5mil (I'll be able to stretch my budget to 1.5 mil ) Please advice me Thanks in advance
  22. Boothebee

    Vw Golf Mk1 Diesel

    Guys im planing on buying a Volkswagen Golf Mark 1 Diesel. Can anybody tell me how much one of those would cost in Sri Lanka these days. And if anybody out there uses one can u please tell me the practicality and issues u have with them. And even about a MK1 petrol would do. Thank you in advance..
  23. Some idiot has touched a bit my car front buffer when I was park at car park..So it has small scratches in my buffer right corner, I'm pretty sure he has done when he take the turn..not a serious one but it can be seen..one of my fried asked me to use some compound and make it fixed.. but I do not have any Idea of using compound..how to use it..where to buy..what to buy..what is the cheapest way.. So friends plz advice me..
  24. kalana

    Jammed Door In My Swift

    guys, please help me with this, i own a 2008 Suzuki swift and the right side passenger door is jammed. car has the intelligent key function so it doesn't have a key on the outside. and the inside lock/unlock key is jammed. doesn't mover when i try to unlock. And when i press the door lock switch, i hear all the doors locking sound including that door but that's it. Any ideas ? Thanks
  25. Where I can Replace my car door bedding??Need to replace new Coz it sounds bad when closing