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Found 59 results

  1. Hello Good People, I am buying my first car and my preferred choice is a beamer E36 can url help with few tips like what to look and all, your help is greatly appreciated Thanks & Best Regards, Dex
  2. dilla_t

    Bmw 520D

    ok folks so the 520d has an a TwinPower Turbo 4-cylinder diesel engine. Does this Twinpower mean 2 turbocharges or a just a single turbo? I know BMW uses two turbos one for low speed and one for high speed for some models but for 520d does it use two turbos? any views will be appreciated.
  3. Trying to decide between BMW 320D vs Allion 260 and I need your help. Been lurking over this forum for quite a while, did my own online research reading tons of past threads but if any of you can share some honest insight specifically on this, that's gonna be a huge help - for me and many others! Don't think this question/comparison has been done before. Aight, my goal is to figure out what'd be the better choice out of these two - BMW 320D vs Allion 260 (almost the same as Premio). If you need a manufacture year for the benchmark, let's use 2011. Not planning to get it down, looking at buying a car that's already been imported - so probably gonna be the 2nd/3rd owner. I'll be using this mainly in Colombo and suburbs. Not a family man, just a cool bloke here (family men can be cool too!). I'm not going to be a cheapo - I want to live my life to the fullest, but also not going to forget the fact that SL is one hellova peculiar market - thus wouldn't want to drift too much away from it and live in my own world either. Neither I'm a fanboy of any brand and a pretty much newbie when it comes to vehicles - thus here I am on a public forum asking for expert advice! My observation/thoughts - Roughly a 2011 Allion 260 would be around 55-60 lks whereas a 2011 BMW 320D would be around 65-70 lks. The difference is one million; now I'd love to go for a BMW but my main concern is if BMW offers the same/more features as an Allion (probably a "stupid" question already but heck, I'm here to learn and grow). In my own comparison, here's what I know so far. I should also note that I did some intensive research and chose these two cars are two great contenders overall. Resale value - Both (tho Allion, bearing a Toyota badge seem to have a more stable market value; less depreciating.) Fuel Efficiency - Allion Parts - Allion Prestige (common, let's be honest ) - BMW Features/Specs (my main concern) - Allion? (Again probably another stupid remark but on almost all Allions, and their specs I did see tons of "bells and whistles") Driving pleasure - BMW? (Assuming BMW has less features, can it exceed the overall experience we get in an Allion?) Build quality - Both? Requires less maintenances (comparatively) - Allion Probably for those who are well versed with the subject this might not even be a worthy comparison - as you'll know what's the best right off the bat, but just sharing your honest opinion without trolling/going with the wave would be of immense help. Please feel free to ask if you need any of my inputs, to craft a better response.
  4. esdeez

    E30 Touring

    So this one isn't so much of a project as the 34, nor am I sure whether I'll be keeping her for too long, but with the blessings of S_N, I hereby share with you some pictures of my E30 Touring. The car is 1992 316i Touring, one of only two or three ever imported into the country. I'm a big fan of the uniqueness, and the classic lines of the touring, so I decided to take the plunge and bought her early last year as my daily driver. Unfortunately, E30 life hasn't exactly been the smooth journey I was hoping for. Unfortunately due to some pretty dodgy repairs by the previous owner (only apparent after the engine was pulled apart) I was in for a wild wide, which led to a mini rebuild of the engine. Being a UK car, one of the biggest differences we discovered was whilst putting in a new radiator. As you can see below, the dirty and abused one is the much smaller, UK spec, and the nice new original BMW unit above is the tropical version: Engine rebuild in progress, and fitting of the new head: And finally the vital fluids being poured in.... And the moment of truth!
  5. Warlord

    Bmw E32 - 07 Series

    Hi mates, Recently , one of the E32 (7 series '92) models caught my eye and it was kinda love at first sight. To be honest i love the round head lamps of the Beemers and am one of the people who seriuosly miss it . I am wondering as to whether it will be a viable project to buy a bit of run down example and then completely rebuild it, (but most of the machines i see are priced over 2Mn a pop, whihc i feel is a bit too pricey). I see plenty of E34's being revamped , but not 32s. Lot of internet copmmunities you get for these babes , but just wanted to share some experience with a pro member at AL, who has done a complete rebuild of a 32. Thanks in advance
  6. wjkalana

    Bmw 520D

    Hey anybody here ordered BMW 520d for the permit?? If so did u see the car and how does the interior looks like, and how soon prestige told they can bring the car??
  7. My brother is planning to buy a new european car and he has test driven both 5 series. He says A6 interior is better and has his mind on the A6 I think. I dont know about the prices but since both are of same class, I think its going to cost about same money as a new 5 series . I seen that most of Al senior members have European cars and know much about these two cars. I need the following info about these two cars and your ideas on which is best to buy. 1. Any known issues with the F10 5 series. (520d) 2. Running costs of two models. 3. Agent's after sales support 4. Anything else we should consider Thanx in advance.
  8. rpjinesh

    Bmw 520D And 520I

    I hope to buy a BMW 520d or 520i 2006 or later model, how is the market price of these models and which model will have better re-sale value in the future ?
  9. hey guys. thinking of buying a 1994 E32 BMW 730i. can u give me some pointers on what to look out for and also whether this model would be a wise buy if the car had done 70k. also it would be greatly appreciated if u could tell me the price that it would go for if the car was in mint condition. thanks. cheers!!
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