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Found 128 results

  1. Im seeking expert advice before buying a March 1300cc Manual transmission car, can any one tell average fuel consumption in city and average fuel consumption long distance of this type engine with manual gear box and is 1000cc of same model is economical than 1300cc one? Pls advice............
  2. Gummybr

    Nissan 240Sx To Make A Come Back?

    Looks like the arrival of the BRZ / GT86 has sparked enthusiasm amongst the big people at Nissan to bring back the Sylvia / 240SX. Jap RWD era is coming back.. http://www.4wheelsnews.com/nissan-still-wants-to-develop-a-next-generation-240sx-to-take-on-the-subaru/
  3. buddikat

    Service Intervals For Nissan March Ak12

    I drive Nissan March AK12, 2007 model which having 55k Km mileage. The mileage was around 38k Km when I bought it. I do the car service every 5k Km intervals from A*W, it just a regular service. Could you please advise me on the intervals (Km or duration) do I need to; 1. Change the ATF fluid. 2. Change the Brake fluid. 3. Change the power steering fluid. 4. Tune-up the engine. 5. A/C service. Thanks
  4. Guys, Found below page with lots of user manuals. try out.. http://car-user-guides.blogspot.com/
  5. Strikeee

    Nissan Silvia S13

    Hi Guys, Are there any Silvia S13s in Sri- Lanka??? One of my friend told, there was a classified in HitAd like 2 or 3yrs back. I would like to get one if it is under the budget when I sell my EK3 :-)
  6. Guys, I had 165/70-R14 Goodyear tire (stock tires) in my AK12. I have recently replaced both front tires and replaced with 185/70-R14 MAXXIS tires. The shop owner asked me to have a wheel balancing after replacing tires. I drove in the expressway and felt that my car was consuming more fuel than previous times. Could anyone tell me the relationship between increasing of the tire size, wheel balancing and fuel consumption. Thanks.
  7. Hi, Any one of you guys have the Bluebird Sylphy G10 Manual? Did a quick seach, couldnt find it. Even some links in old posts turned up empty. If you do, please do share
  8. Hi, what is the reasonal price for FB!4. Because I see price tag between 1.6-2m for a FB 14 which is around 13 years old. Do you think it a reasonal price range for FB 14? 3 month bag price range was between 1.3 -1.6 m. Why this kind of sudden increase. don't belive people will pay that much (1.8m) for a FB 14.Hey experts..what you say..Do you agree ? please advice. I am willing to buy FB 14.. what should be the reasonal price for of FB 14 which belongs 96 or 97 model year. with or without English numbers
  9. Dear All, I am planning to buy a car around 1M. That will be my first car. I am not expert in this field. I really hope you will help me on this. I know my budget is very tight and i don't have many options. I prefer Toyota or Nissan Brands. First I thought of buying a Trad Sunny. But I don't like that shape. So now I am thinking of buying a AT170.Is that a good choice? What about the fuel consumption of AT170? Maintenance charges of AT170? I want to resell that car within 1 year. So what will be the market demand for AT170? are their any vehicles from other brands(Ex:honda,mazda, or any other.. ) better than AT100 to buy around 1M Please help me on this
  10. hi... im looking fo efi cleanup and tuneup for my car, Nissan Sunny fb14. please help me on this. 1. What should i let the mechanic to do or not to do 2. what is the best method of cleaning fuel system including injectors 3. what is the best place for it in above areas (any personal experiences) 4. how much money should i have in ma pocket for this..
  11. buddikat

    Nissan March Ak12 - Owner Manual

    I’m seeking an owner manual/ service manual of Nissan March AK12 (2007 model). If anyone has, please share with me.
  12. Hi Guys, Please find me a fuse box diagram and if possible an owners manual for 1986 nissan sunny wagon (Trad Sunny - WHB12). Thanks in advance.
  13. Hi, What are the differences between Nissan FB15 1999 Ex saloon, Super saloon and super saloon gold badge? Thanks.
  14. Hey guys, thinking of upgrading my ride Got utterly fed up looking for used cars after the recent price hike, so I had to trim my budget a bit. My budget is around 2.5 Mln, maximun 2.7 Mln, did some research and found the 2007 Toyota Passo and the 2007 new Nissan March AK12 with the silver rim. The reason why I'm sticking to small cars is because my wife is also driving it and she can't handle a big sedan, i know too bad for me but what to do. I know the March is bad on fuel compared to the Passo, but its a bit cheaper. can u guys please enlighten me on what to buy from these two? or any other used small car which is fuel efficient and relatively not so old (2007 or above) that I might have missed. Any 2007 Passo or 2007 March AK 12 users please give me your experience on these two. Thanx a lot guys...
  15. Hello all, Pls anyone explain me what are the nissan fb14 models & what are the differents of them???? Basically i have an idea about EX-Saloon & Super Saloon models. Also i knw that it has 1.3ltr & 1.5ltr models. But what are the models call Red light, White light, Separate light & etc. in local market ???? and which has highest market value among them ???? What are the key points should i consider in a inspection ???? Thank U.
  16. I’m finding a car for 18-19lks in these days. i don't know much about cars and this will be my first car. one of my cousin have found a FB15 for me(he knows well about vehicles).it's in good condition and below are the details FB15 1999(dec) 1500cc Super saloon Auto they asked(seller) 20lks and we were able to bargain in to 19lks. i heard that there are some problems in sensors in 1999 or older fb15 cars. Is it true? is it worth to buy this car for 19lks as its in good condition ? much appreciate your valuable advices
  17. mithunperera

    What Would Be The Best?

    Hi all, Could you please help me to select a good nissan car. I need to buy a nissan car. But i do not have any idea about Nissan Car. My Budget is around 18LKS and i need to buy a fuel efficient one. please help me. What about the n16 and FB14? Thanks Regards Mithun Perera
  18. Hi.. My car is a Nissan Sunny fb14, 1500cc petrol, manual transmission, 210k on odo, 1997 Yom. Problem is its high fuel consumption. It does abt 9.5km/ltr. Done an efi cleanup (not ultrasonic) and tune-up recently. Fixed New Air filter and fuel filter. I normally drive 7kms in the morning and back to homein the evening. (No traffic blocks average speed abt 60km/hr) Lower AC usage (turn on and off when required). With AC, Idleing is ok but when going in uphill I feel more vibrations. Previous owner has open the Mass Air flow sensor circuit (located on throttle body) and when I open that I could see a tiny IC like thing had gone bad. No engine check lights, black smoke, Oil burning, idle rpm fluctuations, misfires. I think pulling power is ok.. (without ac). No lose connections of wiring. All suggestions are welcome….. what is the best should i do.. thankz..
  19. we bought this FB14 (1998) few weeks ago and garage told me that i have to replace shocks very soon.. now i have realized that vehicle is having low ground clearence.. Is fb14 having low grnd clearence comparing to other cars or does it cause by defect shocks.
  20. mightymicra

    Tips And Bits About Nissan March K10

    Helloo Guys, Im new to this forum. I have a Nissan March K10 and I guess its a pritty good car for its age and I would like to know if you guys know anything I can do to soup up this little chap. All comments are welcome. Thank you.
  21. hi guys, i need to buy a good car arround 1.7m with 8-10 km per liter in city limits and also it should be a english number and auto gear . recently i have choosed the models which is suitable for my range which are mazda BJ5P, honda EK3, Ford BJ5p, nissa primera p11, lancer ck2..please guys i need ur opinion which one is better and any other option..following are the requirments of me.. engine should be 1.5l - 1.8.. budjet - arround 1.7 mil. fuel economy- 8-10 in city limits. autogear. english number year -atleast 1999. color- prefer black, white, beige, blue, silver, gray ps- if anyone who expert plese post me with compare these models..
  22. kmeeg

    Ecu Repairs In Sl

    Hi All, 1. Does anybody know a place who does ECU repairs for Nissan? Please share if you have any contact.. Thank you, KMeeg.
  23. hi Expertz.... i bought nissan sunny fb14 digital meter car recently. Odo was about 160,000km. Since there was a problem i had to replace the meter with a recondition one. New odo meter reading is about 1500kms. its a funny mileage for a 14 year old car. So is it possible to get the previous value..(or lessor value....about 100k.. ). PM me please if there is a place that i can change the Odo value.. Thanks ma friends...
  24. jayashantha12345

    Used Car Around 1.6M

    My dear Friends Previously I was discussing regarding a car around 1.1 to 1.4 M. But now i can go up to 1.6 or 1.7 M. therefore please help me to support good car with good resell value. spare parts availability. look, fuel etc I know there are lots of experts here. they will help me.. Thank you
  25. Altair

    Nissan Pulsar Clutch

    Guys. Recently I was requesting a lot of favors from AL members regarding civic's and lancers; I ended up buying a nissan pulsar. (I know, it bloody weird...) Anyway, I need to know if there is a way to adjust the clutch, because there is a lot of free-play in it. Meaning, i have to lift my foot way too much in order to allow the vehicle to move...like in those indian swifts (beetle)...so if it can be done, please be kind enough to tell me if its costly: any parts need to be replaced etc. (Im kinda week in automobile repairs... :/) Thank You