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Found 132 results

  1. chamath1

    D21 Pathfinder

    Can someone please tell me this vehicle's opinions. My concerns are; Reliability (FYI I'm not a hardcore offroader but may have to take rough roads) Fuel consumption Affordability (Compared to D21,Strada Cabs) Common mechanical issues Suspension related problems Spare pats availability.
  2. Does anyone know where I can download user/operator manual for Nissan Leaf "G" grade (Japanese Domestic Market)? Thanks.
  3. Hi there people , We're planning upgrade our family vehicle and I need some help from you experts. Currently owning a Toyota SR40 aka Noah as family use and will be looking for a vehicle to replace that one. Honestly I have no idea about new hybrid drive system that used in 2015 Noah and others ( Power and Fuel Consumption). Well what I'm searching is an SUV Model or Mini Van Model something like Noah . But I prefer the SUV type. My Budget is around 55 Lakhs. The list of vehicle currently on my mind 1. Toyota Noah(2013-2014) Hybrid 2. Toyota Vanguard Petrol 3. Nissan X-Trail (2008-2012) 4. Kia Sorento (2011) 5. Ssangyong Rexton 2012 ?? Any Models rather than those ? All the Vehicle must be capable of at least 5 comfortable seats ( Additional Third Row seats - 7 seater might be perfect) What are the aspects of having Diesel SUV's rather than going Petrol Models ? please let me know , most of them use the CRDI Technology which needs Super Diesel ? Heard when using normal patrol for CRDI engines caused the engine tappet "ticking" sound. Is it true ? What will be the Maintenance Cost specially for Kia -Sorento and Nissan- X-Trail (Diesel)?and how's the Practicality , Reliability and Durability of those models ? I know this is a lot but it's the all information I know , correct me If I was wrong and please do comment your valuable answers and help me to get some information about it Thank you !
  4. Janaka Pradeep

    Buying A Car

    Dear friends, I'm going to buy my 1st car . My maximum budget is 1.6 Million. I have few options .1. brand new Alto, 2. Used Hyundai or KIA , 3.Used Toyota, Nissan Or MAZDA. When I asked from various people they give opinions in favor of all 3 options.Therefore I need your valuable advises to select best car out of these. I hope to use this car for about 5 years without much problems. I will not able to spend much money for expensive repairs and maintenance. I need considerable resale value, little bit of comfortable . manual or auto,(auto is more preferred). I would be much thankful to you if you can help me.
  5. ReshMX

    Unregistered Hatchback

    Good Day Gentlemen. I am on the verge of purchasing my maiden automobile. To summarize my requirement : I need to buy an unregistered vehicle for 3 Million. I will be doing outstation travel mostly occasional trips in Capital. . A bit of research revealed I have only a few options which i list below 1. Honda Hybrid GP1 -2013 reconditioned [ 3 Mill] 2. Suzuki Wagon R Hybrid 2015 Brand new [ 2.7 Mill] 3. Perodua Azia B/new [2.6 Mill] problem is being new to automobiles seeking opinion from friends and relatives is very frustrating some people ask me to buy a nissan leaf pointing negatives in above options. Some want me to extend budget and buy a Toyota Aqua saying all above cars are not good options. Therefore I need a neutral Point of view hence I am looking at your valuable inputs. Thank you in advance.
  6. Hello, My maximum budget is 1.7 Million, What is the best car tor buy
  7. Devinda_V

    Nissan Primera Hp12 Gt Advice

    Hi guys im back in the forum after good 6 years ... i have a year 1999 carina gt as my daily driver and i just paid advance for a year 2001 nissan primera gt (hp12) & will be taking delivery this Friday the first owner of this car was Mr Wahab and the current owner used it for last 4 years and needs some work done ... Need advice from hp12 owners both current and previous on restoring this ride to its former glory ..... 01- where can i get a throttle body, h2o sensor, cluch and pressure plate locally 02- Advice on a proper tune-up ( Car haven't been serviced for last 8000 km , not reving up beyond 4500rpm , error codes for throttle body controller and oxy sensor ) Waiting for your replys .....
  8. Hi Everyone, I just brought my first car, 1976 Nissan Sunny B211 AKA 'Batu Sunny'. I fell in love with classic cars, wanted to restore a car to its orginal spec. so i bought my Nissan B211. Thing is, i have very low knowledge when it comes to car/mechanics. So I joined this forum to seek the experts knowledge. I want to restore this car to its original condition. The car is in fairly good condition considering its age. There are some missing interior parts but most of the original interior remains in good condition. I'm posting some images and i would love to hear from the experts. Please share your ideas.
  9. sjaya

    Nissan Fb15 Shock Absorbers

    I feel a problem in front shocks in my newly bough Nissan FB15 supersaloon (yom 2001). Rack-ends, tie rods, and lower arm bushes were replaced and still I feel uncomfortable in bumby roads with slight 'dok-dok' sound. I have a friend in Au** M*r*j and and he got a person to do a test-drive and see. As he said, any major problem was not noticed, and said that the further checking can only be done after removing the shocks. I checked with T**s, Na*ka and A*W, and all these place don't have the machine to test the shocks. A mechanic said that there might be problems with shock mounts. - Can anybody help. - Is there any place near Colombo to check the shocks?
  10. I heard that there is a petrol tank oil filter in the cars. So when I should change the petrol tank oil filter? I mean millage? Is there a way to check whether petrol tank oil filter is good or bad? What are the indications that we have to change the oil filter?
  11. Hello, I have Nissan March AK-12 (YOM 2007) and currently done 72k. Recently I have noticed when I start it (cold start) engine running with bit rough sound and after engine running few minutes that sound decreasing gradually. I suspect that due to the engine oil that it used and I have checked with the service agents. They used 20W-50 Castrol GTX oil which is not recommended for AK-12 as per the manual. Couple of days back I have taken my car to have the regular service and I asked them the issue I had and use a lower viscosity engine oil. This time they used 5W-30 Castrol GTX mineral oil for my engine. After service is done I travelled 500km ride and noticed the engine sound is bit increased than previous and when I accelerate it produce a sound coming from beat silencer. I visually checked under the bonnet and there were no any suspicious remark like oil leakage. I’m so worried about this and I’m clueless about this. Is this happened due to oil change or any other reason? Does it want to flush the engine before use different grade oil? Car engine model - CR12DE Recommended engine oil – 0W-20 Thanks, Buddika
  12. lalithsenaka

    Nissan Presea

    Guys, I would like to buy Mazda familia 323(1990-91) or NIssan presea 1992-1993 model as my first car. So tel me your experience and comment about it. plz consider price , fuel consumption, parts,..etc. dissanayake
  13. udinnet

    Nissan Oem Alloy

    Hi people, This is my first post! I'm looking for a set of recon OEM 15" alloys for my FB15 face lift model. Attached image is the type I'm looking for. Do any of you guys know a place to buy that type? Thanks Bunch!!
  14. I have recently bought a Nissan Sunny SB 13 Diesel automatic model. In Colombo with traffic it does around 9 - 9.5 kmpl. But for long distance it does around 11 - 12 kmpl. Is this normal for NISSAN SB 13 or my car doing bad? Highly appreciate if you people can give details of a good mechanic to do some engine tune up. Thanks.
  15. highfive

    N16 Bluebird Sylphy

    Hi All, I bought a Nissan N16 Bluebird Sylphy auto car recently. I love the interior, handling, performance, etc. Before starting my journey I have done the initial services for safe side like oil changing, break and shock checkup. It's doing 10-11 km/l out station. I still didn't do a injector cleanup or any thing related to increasing fuel efficiency. Is this figure ok or just for that do I need to go for a injector cleanup? Also how much it will cost roughly? This is 1800cc engine. Thanks, highfive
  16. Does anybody know any procedure to gain engine power,acceleration and Top speed without replacing engine? Car is Nissan March AK12 2007. Thank you..
  17. H guys, Any idea about the current market price of a registered skyline r34 sedan? (r34 GT) Thanks
  18. Hello, My car has an intelligent key. Recently when I try to turn the ignition switch it doesn’t allow to turn and key indicator lights in red. Then I place the key very near to ignition switch for few seconds, and then I can turn the ignition switch as usual way. After that the key indicator is blinking in green for 5-6 minutes and off. I have a doubt on believing the reason for this issue would be because of the draining key’s battery, but still I can turn on and off the door locks reasonable distance away from the car. Actually will this be a battery draining problem?
  19. Hi Guys! I'm thinking about buying a Nissan Patrol Y61 that has been imported via A*W and i found it at a car sale. it fits my budget but i was told the 3liter turbo diesel with auto-transmission is not very powerful( i'm not planning to tow anything) with comparison to the manual version i'm not a off-road type of a person just that this thing is big and will be very useful to me any owners or people who have driven a y61 can you shed some light on this thanks,
  20. chathuu

    Nissan Fb 14 Engine Run High

    Hi Guys.. Im new to this, i have trouble in my Nissan FB14 cos the engine runs fast at idle mode. RPM indecates 2000-3000 @ idle. (RPM meter working) when driving it does 8-10Kmpl (Avg). Seems it would be better fuel consumtion. What is the reason or is it normal..?
  21. Hi guys.. Dose any one know a good place to buy car badges. (for any Make and model - Not for too old ones ) a place around Colombo, Kandy.
  22. MalindaG

    Fuel Smell

    hi guys, i have a nissan wingroad y11, yom 2000... there's a fuel smell when the engine is turned off after a run... a mechanic checked the line, but there was no physical leak... the smell comes only when fuel is below 1/3 of tank... does anyone know the issue...??
  23. dammika.me

    Buying Nissan Serena

    Hi all, I'm interesting in Nissan serena VX model. But I'm not a technical guy. There are so many negative points abot this vehicle without a proper explanation. Can you share your experince? Comfort Fuel Consumption Over heat problem & gascut problem auto gear issues Maintenance Availability of parts Other general Issues etc ..... Your feed backs are very helpful me to make a choice. Thanks ..
  24. cefiroA33

    Steering Rack Oil Leak

    Hi Guys, This issue came up very recently and i need your guys expert opinion. During the periodic sevice of my Nissan Cefiro A33 the supervisor told me that the Right hand side Steering rack boot is damaged and need to be replaced. When I took the car to the garage to do the replacement, I observed that the boot is covered with oil and I was told that there is a oil leak from the steering rack. I was also told that the only remedy is to replace the steering rack. What I want to know from you guys is that when there is a oil leak in the steering rack does the only remedy is to replace the whole rack? cant we apply oil seals etc? Can someone recommend me a good spot to show this and get the good solution? Thanks guys and keep up the good work. Regards
  25. dilrukds

    Primera P11 Iacv

    Hi All, Finally I got my account approved after a long wait, just in time as I'm stuck with a busted IACV on my P11 running on a SR20DE. I basically recovered it back from the dead after seeing her neglected in some backyard, with a dead battery. To my surprise, with 230k on the clock, she purred like a kitten, and roared like a lion towards the read line, no hesitations at all, and I was hooked. Now after few months and about 300k later, She looks all good with the new paint, brand new beadings, plugs, clutch and all electronics restored. There are few more things to sort out but finding a new IACV is my priority, since the rough idle is killing me. According to my mech one of the small springs inside it was broken and for now he put in a similar spring in but it's not 100%. It's working great at day time when just AC is on, but at night with headlights and AC all on, revs keep sticking at 1.5 - 2k for a while before settling. I was looking for a replacement for sometime and still couldn't find a good one. I found few engines but they don't like to remove just the IACV for me. I Would be glad if some of you can suggest me few places to look or pull up some contacts to find one.