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Found 128 results

  1. Surangawijesooriya

    Nissan FB 13 Engine noise

    I have nissan SB 13(1991).when i am drive sound come like "Tiki Tiki Tiki" after the inspection michanic said its tapped problem.then i bring the head to augastin motors and adjusted the tapped.but still sound come.then michanic say its come from gajan pin or bearing.so please tell me what i have to do and repair cost
  2. Hi All, Currently I own a Fb15 New shell 2003. Looking for an upgrade and my budget is around 3-3.5 million (manufactured year 2010+). Following are my concerns. 1. Family car (5 passengers) 2. Hybrid / non -hybrid 3. Fuel consumption (decent) 4. Resale market Please share your valuable opinions. Thanks in advance.
  3. I have a nissan n 16 (Auto transmission) model and my issue is when I am driving on a trafiic ( most probably when my foot on brakes), some times the car stops. But it is not happening regularly. When it is stopped, then I could start it again at the same time and can drive without any problem. I did an engine tune up , but I experienced it again once. Can any bodygive me possible reasons for that?
  4. pasindups

    Need a Car around 2M

    Hello everyone, I recently sold my Indian alto and now searching for a good Japan car for around 2M. I am going to use the car for 3 years and want to sell it after 3 years. So can I have suggestions from the PROS regarding a specific models which I can buy for my budget with good condition and good after market sale? Need a car for do the basic maintenance, fill up fuel and ride. No time to waste in garage. I am normally using the highways in the weekend and need a car to suite for that requirement as well. I am looking for Patrol, Auto gear, full option, sedan model car.
  5. Osteoclaster

    DATSON REDI-GO Japanese or not?

    Can someone please tell me something about this car Datsun REDI-GO? Is it a Japanese car or is it something similar to Alto or Kiwid? would welcome comments from anyone using it currently.
  6. Hi guys, I've a Nissan TIIDA 2008 car. I've tried to replace my front disks by my self. However after putting new pads, the caliper didn't fit. Since I didn't had a C-clamp, what I've done was, 1). remove the bleeding valve 2). fit the caliper with one pad 3). put a flat head through the caliper and push against the disk so oil will be bleed from the valve and the piston will give space to fit the caliper. I've done this to both front discs and replaces with new pads. But after i switch on the car and press the paddle, there is no brake at all So what I've done is loose the valve and keep paddling the brake. But I've seen i should close the valve before release the paddle. I haven't close it while releasing he paddle. Now i think more air is in the system. On the left side car had bleeding but when i move to the right side, almost no oil came when paddling. Just hiss sound and bubbles. paddle is squeezing very softly. I checked the brake oil level and it is close the max level in the tank. Can you please help me on what I've done wrong and how to fix it ?
  7. Dinu

    2015 X-Trail Hybrid

    Hi Guys, Has any one of you had any experience with the new Nissan X-trail Hybrid? I'm looking for a vehicle and I would like to know some details including fuel economy, reliability, Parts availability. Thanks
  8. Hi Automobiles or cars as we used call them, has long become a commodity and are now mass produced trade items that aims to fulfill the automotive requirements of contemporary human beings, whose day to day routines IMHO, are much more sophisticated now and reflect the chaotic and busy social, economic aspects of modern societies. Due to such scenario, most of us has lost certain feel good factor and innocence that we had when we were growing up (applies more to people who have grown up in 80's and 90's). IMHO, the cars themselves too, whilst become state-of-the-art and technologically revolutionary by every passing year, has lost a certain character and enthusiasts who love cars manufactured in 90's or early 00's, may agree that, their cars has such personality and character, that most modern cars (even the current models of their favorite make) lacks and thus continues to TLC their cars with great dedication and soul. IMHO, For example, a BMW car manufactured in 90's (or early 00's) has such a timeless design aesthetics and driving a well maintained car will give the impression that, people who made that car has such attention to detail, workmanship, passion and are mostly assembled in original factory of the maker. Now a modern BMW for example is mostly put together by robots and are mass-produced items in countries like India or china (no offense to the countries) and during recent ride in a 2015 5 series, I got the impression that, whilst the Car is modern looking and dripping with latest technologies, it lacked that certain character that old ones had and I got the impression that some of the materials used in the new car may not be durable as the ones in older cars. No I cannot afford a 2015 BMW for the time being I do not intent to discourage anyone from buying one. Also I do not intent to undervalue the brilliant tech or modern aspects of new cars, However, my heart always races when i see a mint condition older car (exclusively euro car as I am an euro car enthusiast) on the roads and I don't get the same excitement when I see modern cars. It may be just me or do you also happens to have same feelings for 90's cars. Sound off in comments below Cheers,
  9. Hello everyone, It's a privilege to have a discussion among you, experts. I started restoring my B211 car and the tinkering is almost complete. Front bumper of the car is rusted and damaged. Can you guys suggest a place where I can have a nickel bath and fix it?? And also, please let me know if there's a place where I can find exterior parts for my car.... Thanks a lot.....
  10. RRokz

    Nissan Leaf No Sd Card

    Hi guys, I reacnetly bought Nissan Leaf recon one and i have issue in Setup issue is <No SD card>. I know SD card is Identical for My car. But any how i wanna carete SD card. can any one know any contacts?? or any way..??
  11. Hi Guys, A Quick advise, I need to choose between below vehicles - Toyota Soluna (Manual) YOM 2000 - 100000 to 120000km on the clock Nissan March AK 12 (Auto) YOM 2002 - 80000 to 100000km on the clock Need to consider below Resale value after 2 years Vehicle reliability Fuel efficiency Driving pleasure. (This is Important) Cost of Maintenance Vehicle Comfortable or not.
  12. Hi one of my cousin is looking for his first car. What he like is a Nissan Presea car which has the 301-xxxx number. Even it has a similar engine of FB14, I thought the car is bad for a first car because of it's rare body parts, frame less doors etc. I prefer a 110 or CK2 or FB14 over that. What is your opinion on that? PS - He dont have a much knowledge about auto mobile.
  13. Hi guys, I've damaged the LHS rocker panel on my Nissan TIIDA (2008 YOM Sedan) And now I'm looking for a place to buy this part. Garage says it's bit harder to find this item (G**tz park, Miriswatta). Can anyone point me a place to buy this item ?
  14. Deeshana


    Hello guys, First of all I'm new to this forum and I don't know whether this thread is in the correct section, I'm sorry if its in a wrong place. I've got a Nissan Sunny n16 facelift aka n17 in Sri Lanka. (MT 1.3) It's a 2003 Ex saloon, and I've being using it for about 8 years now. I had an ECU issue and I replaced the ECU about an year back. However I didn't use the car after that because the car was outstation and I was in Colombo. Now I've got the car with me and I realised that after the ECU replacement the fuel consumption is terrible. I thought it was an issue with the oxygen sensor or the camshaft positioning sensor, I realised a few days back that the ECU is from an AT 1.3 N16. Sometimes the rpm won't rev passed 3000 rpm in 2nd gear, it might struggle at around 3k. but suddenly the issue is gone - that's strange though, but at least it revs The fuel issue isn't fixed though, the fuel consumption is high (6kmpl in Colombo) and all the sensors appear to be alright. I'd like to anyone here will be able to explain/help me out regarding this particular topic. Thanks in advance
  15. Hi guys, This is my first topic in AL. I recently bought my first car, a Nissan TIIDA Latio 2008 (yom). When i full tanked the car the gauge shows bit less than the F sign as marked below. I stepped out of the car an checked when filling because i wanted to make sure the guy in the shed wasn't too lazy to hold the pump. But he stopped filling when the tank gets overflowed. So right now I'm not sure the problem is with fuel gauge or something else Can someone please help me out?
  16. Sanjaya88

    Car Navigation System

    Last week I bought Nissan Car. Nissan Sunny B13. (Doctor Sunny). 19 - XXXX (1993) I like to install car navigation system to my car. This is my first car and I have no fair idea. Please tell me Can I install navigation system for my car? If Can, How much will it be cost? Are there any disadvantages of installing this system?
  17. After wasting couple of thousand+ rupees for a simple scanning at garages I've found that this simple method do it for you without spending a single cent. Worked perfectly for my Nissan N16. Hope this will be helpful for anybody else who experience the same problem.
  18. lnvg

    Need To Upgrade Car

    Hi All, This is my first topic in AL. Currently I own a Nissan FB15 2003 (New Shell). I would like to upgrade my car to a one with manufacture year newer than 2003. What are the options I have? My budget will be around 2.0mil to 2.3mil . I am looking for a family car with 5 passenger.
  19. CarManiac

    Nissan Sunny B13 A/c Compressor Issue

    Hello everyone, I would like to get an expert's view on the following issue. The car is a Nissan Sunny E-B13(1993) Up to the point, the A/C was working properly but now it has got a problem. When I checked it, I could see that the compressor clutch is not engaged when the A/C is switched on and my guess is that it might be an issue in the electrical circuit of the system. How could I find the problem exactly, and if it's an electrical issue, what are the things that have to be checked(Relays/Fuses-according to this car model)? Any of your assistance is highly appreciated. Regards.!
  20. i would like to upgrade my car.. i'm using a mazda demio DW3W - 1998 model Manual i'm planing to upgrade my car.. should be a hatchback.. 4 door.. practical.. i see few march beetel 1.3 Manuals for around 1.6mill.. (one SR for the same price) I'm looking to sell my car and + 0.3 mill to get new one.. is worth it doing? how comparing when this cars ? can't find any OLD thread on autolanka to compare this two..
  21. chamath1

    D21 Pathfinder

    Can someone please tell me this vehicle's opinions. My concerns are; Reliability (FYI I'm not a hardcore offroader but may have to take rough roads) Fuel consumption Affordability (Compared to D21,Strada Cabs) Common mechanical issues Suspension related problems Spare pats availability.
  22. Does anyone know where I can download user/operator manual for Nissan Leaf "G" grade (Japanese Domestic Market)? Thanks.
  23. Hi there people , We're planning upgrade our family vehicle and I need some help from you experts. Currently owning a Toyota SR40 aka Noah as family use and will be looking for a vehicle to replace that one. Honestly I have no idea about new hybrid drive system that used in 2015 Noah and others ( Power and Fuel Consumption). Well what I'm searching is an SUV Model or Mini Van Model something like Noah . But I prefer the SUV type. My Budget is around 55 Lakhs. The list of vehicle currently on my mind 1. Toyota Noah(2013-2014) Hybrid 2. Toyota Vanguard Petrol 3. Nissan X-Trail (2008-2012) 4. Kia Sorento (2011) 5. Ssangyong Rexton 2012 ?? Any Models rather than those ? All the Vehicle must be capable of at least 5 comfortable seats ( Additional Third Row seats - 7 seater might be perfect) What are the aspects of having Diesel SUV's rather than going Petrol Models ? please let me know , most of them use the CRDI Technology which needs Super Diesel ? Heard when using normal patrol for CRDI engines caused the engine tappet "ticking" sound. Is it true ? What will be the Maintenance Cost specially for Kia -Sorento and Nissan- X-Trail (Diesel)?and how's the Practicality , Reliability and Durability of those models ? I know this is a lot but it's the all information I know , correct me If I was wrong and please do comment your valuable answers and help me to get some information about it Thank you !
  24. Janaka Pradeep

    Buying A Car

    Dear friends, I'm going to buy my 1st car . My maximum budget is 1.6 Million. I have few options .1. brand new Alto, 2. Used Hyundai or KIA , 3.Used Toyota, Nissan Or MAZDA. When I asked from various people they give opinions in favor of all 3 options.Therefore I need your valuable advises to select best car out of these. I hope to use this car for about 5 years without much problems. I will not able to spend much money for expensive repairs and maintenance. I need considerable resale value, little bit of comfortable . manual or auto,(auto is more preferred). I would be much thankful to you if you can help me.
  25. ReshMX

    Unregistered Hatchback

    Good Day Gentlemen. I am on the verge of purchasing my maiden automobile. To summarize my requirement : I need to buy an unregistered vehicle for 3 Million. I will be doing outstation travel mostly occasional trips in Capital. . A bit of research revealed I have only a few options which i list below 1. Honda Hybrid GP1 -2013 reconditioned [ 3 Mill] 2. Suzuki Wagon R Hybrid 2015 Brand new [ 2.7 Mill] 3. Perodua Azia B/new [2.6 Mill] problem is being new to automobiles seeking opinion from friends and relatives is very frustrating some people ask me to buy a nissan leaf pointing negatives in above options. Some want me to extend budget and buy a Toyota Aqua saying all above cars are not good options. Therefore I need a neutral Point of view hence I am looking at your valuable inputs. Thank you in advance.