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Found 132 results

  1. I have a Nissan Tiida 2008 model, clocked at 96k. Today suddenly reverse gear stopped working. no matter engine is cold or hot it's not working, however when I put the gear into R and accelerate the engine, its engaging about at 3000 rpm. Once it engaged I can reverse without problem. Other gears are working fine as usual. I have change the gear oil every 30k miles with Nissan branded trans oil. also i have checked the gear oil levels and its not low. What could be the problem? How much it cost to replace the auto gearbox I am from kandy. Are there any reputed gearbox mechanics around kandy?
  2. Dhanushkapg

    User Manual For Nissan Fb 15

    Dear Friends I need user manual for Nissan FB15. if anyone able to find please share it
  3. Carnooby

    Nissan leaf

    How much are the nissan leaf batteries??? Recondition and brandnew ???plz help bought in 2015 and niw only have a range of 50km 😀😀😀
  4. Sometimes when I was racing engine white air come out the silencer with "tak tak" sound. I replaced the PCV valve but I am racing more than 80kmh white air come like previously and some miss also there. I changed all the plugs also. Please help me. Nissan FB 15, millage: 170000 year :2001
  5. chathuu

    Nissan X trail Hybrid

    Hi guys, im interested in buying used Nissan X trail 2015 to a cost around 5 - 5.5mio. It seems like a good price but everyone mentioned there is a gear box issue on this vehicle. No one has an idea about the actual issue but just saying. On the other hand, few told me that the gearbox issue comes only in 4wd version and nothing to worry about 2wd version. So I'm asking, what is this issue, is this true on 2wd version, any other common issus in this vehicle and should I avoid buying this. Tnx.
  6. Hi experts, I recently bought (a month ago) a 1.3 K12 (CR12 engine) automatic with 60k mileage. Previous owner used Mobile 1000 (10W 30). However I am seeing that my car is doing 9kmpl in Colombo. I just searched through internet and found that ideally this should do around 12-13kmpl. I am not too harsh on accelerator within city driving and so far I didn't take this car for long drive. Previous owner told he already did a engine tune-up recently and I can see the receipts for it. I have two questions. Can I switch to Mobil 2000 (10W 40)? Why this small piece need 9kmpl within city limit? Is this normal or something I need to worry about? Thanks in advance.
  7. I have nissan presea R11,it starts perfectly in the morning.After I leave it running for a while, it takes about 5 seconds to crank before starting. Once started it runs fine.But if I leave it off for say 8-9 hours, it starts fine again. One last thing, if I stop the car and start right up within 3-4 minutes, it starts right up without any issues.
  8. FazalFariz

    Need Few Parts for my Nissan Sunny B310

    I have a family owned Nissan Sunny B310 (1979) which my dad bought brand new (the second picture). I'm in the process of finding the below mentioned parts that are in good condition. Front Grille (Shell) Front Bumper (Buffer) Front Spoiler Rear Bumper Right Side Fender AirConditioning Compressor and minor parts such as the rear door ashtray. I need them in good condition like in the first picture. If you have any, please buzz me, I'd be grateful.
  9. Hi All, I have a Bluebird Sylphy 2004 Car. It has a Kenwood u-353 audio system. I don't get good reception on the tuner when I drive out of colombo. I think I need to install a new antenna. I can't see any antenna ports on my vehicle. Can you guys give me some help here? And also Do I need to remove the dashboard to remove the audio system to plug a new antenna. I can't see a way to remove the audio system. Thank you Lakmal
  10. RaviJ

    Nissan AD Y10 Engine knock issue

    I have a 1991 Nissan AD Y10. There is a knock(like misfire) when the engine is advancing. Every time I quickly push the throttle, engine knocks like it does not give response for a moment and then pulls. I tried replacing the carburetor and distributor. No luck with them. I suspect the issue is with the ECU which is fitted on the side right side to the gas paddle. I took the car to several garages and what I heard from them was, ECU does not play any role in connection with the ignition system of this car. I never have opened and checked the engine too. Can someone please help me with this. Anyone who experienced the same problem. Suggesting a good place to diagnose this would be a help too.
  11. Hi Guys; So I have been using my Nissan Cefiro A33 YOM 2000 over 2 years now, It did very well but a week ago the started to give some trouble and I hope someone from the forum can help me assist in this; Usually, my car Starts at one start in a second, But at recent the car just keeps stalling, where I have to start over 5-6 times where gradually it picks up and finally starts, the idle isn't the stable and heavy scent of Fuel disposal through the exhaust for a minute. After starting the car and out to D, The car shakes a bit where you can clearly notice the first gear needs an extra push to go, But after that its smooth sail. During the afternoon it gets worse where I feel the car needs the extra push to catch up, the smoothness of the car has lost, and when the Ac is switched on the car vibrates even more when stopped or when you let go the break prior accelerating. Also, notice HEAVY LOSS ON FUEL during the process. When climbing a small hill, If i switch the AC off the car has the extra pull which is unusual as never I had to go through before. On the Electrical checup, it shows <Primary Ignition Code error> I have some knowledge on this car and I want to share my thoughts; #Could it have to do something with the Coils? (last I checked it was fine), #Could it be because of the sensors such as Cam, Crank & Shaft sensor (According to read), #COuld it be because of non-tuneup issues> the last guy did a lousy job (but was clean and had no problems then) . Please advise me what needs to be done. Highly appreciated. Thanks Bunny Boy
  12. Komisiripala

    1968 Datsun 510 Sedan (Project Datto)

    what can i say? i just had to. the moment i saw this car, i was transported to the botanical gardens in hindi movies where i was hiding behind one tree and the datto was hiding behind the other and we were running into each others arms in a field of flowers, with kuch kuch hota hai playing int he background. apart frmo Givantha's i highly doubt there another 510 out there as pristine as this. everything is in there, in working order, AND looking like it rolled out of the factory yesterday. completely amazed at its condition, for a 45 year old car... for now, i'm just gonna run it. can't have a another project in hand. this is to be a daily driver, mind you. and i will bring it up to scratch soon. once the teg is out,
  13. Nishan.dj

    Wagon (Nissan, Toyota)

    Hi, I am looking for a car most preferably a wagon type to buy and found basically following 4 types in the market that I am interested in; 1. Nissan AD Wagon 2. Nissan Wingroad 3. Toyota L Touring 4. Toyota G Touring What I got to know for some cars is that; Some Nissan AD Wagons have converted to Wingroad as they say. For my knowledge, I don't look for converted ones which I think either a genuine AD or Wingroad would be nice but if someone could explain how this conversion goes; really appreciate it. Also is it possible that L and G touring also are able to convert from one another? Such cases, if the seller is not willing to share the details (+ we don't know how to find in detail); how is it possible to decide the car we see is a genuine or converted? Apart from that I found very interesting topics discussed on the forum and thanking to all those contributors, please comment on this thread as well. If you are an owner of a wagon on any brand, please share your thoughts about pros and cons about what you use at the moment which certainly a great help for us to know a bit more about it. Thanks a lot in advance.
  14. britson2000

    car for 1.5 mil

    Hello everyone, I just have a budget of 1.5 million to buy a car. I prefer Toyota, honda or nissan. It should be a car which gives me hassle free. I need your advice on this. other brands too are ok for me.
  15. Hey Guys, One of my friend has a Bluebird sylphy 1.5. manual gear vehicle. 2004 model and registered in 2012. KS-xxxx . I am not a car expert. Vehicle looks very good and interior is looking superb. He is the 2nd owner of the car. It has only driven 45000km . They have all the service records. He is asking for 25 lax for the vehicle. Will it be worth the money? Please let me know your ideas. Thanks
  16. Nadee7

    Nissan Sylphy FG10

    Dear All Experts, I'm having a issue.My car is Nissan Sylphy FG10 2003.Mileage 200,000KM(Genuine) there is a small oil leak in between engine & gear box.I attached two images . But still engine oil & gear oil level is not reducing.I have been checking this since one month.What is this ? What is the solution for this? Is this serious? Do i need to do the repair immediately ?
  17. Good day All, New to the forum here ;) I'm looking to purchase a car manufactured between 1960-1990 for a full restoration project. Would love to see if any BMW e34 (1984) are available. Even a Datsun b210 is okay. Original book should be available. It doesn't matter if the car is in very bad condition as I plan on working on it from ground up. I'd really appreciate if you could let me know what cars are available. Thanks in advance!
  18. In sri lanka,according to current situation, using an old vehicle after repairing and updating it is essential than buying and maintaining a new vehicle.So we must need good vehicle repair shops to repair and update these old vehicles.So we need to know about good vehicle repair shops to repair and update them.There are many vehicle recondition shops in sri lanka.but finding a well satisfied recondition place is so hard. So if you know about good recondition centers, please let everyone know. I have an old nissan b310 sunny . But I don't know from where to recodition it.Please let me know about good recondition centers if you know.I need to make my old car perfect.
  19. Deepal Priyanga

    Fuel Pressure Pump FB15 Automatic

    Hi guys, My car was having this acceleration issue recently and show it to a mechanic and got the fuel pump (the one inside the petrol tank) replaced by mechanic two week ago. Actually he checked the fuel pressure and there was no pressure at all when switch is on only jumped it to 25 knots after engine started. when engine stops pressure came down at no time. Mechanic told that even after engine shut down it should keep the pressure. With that conclusion he changed the fuel pressure pump. However replaced one was a TAIWAN made. After that I drive the around 1000 km with several long trips. Last week I drive to Kandy and again the same issue came and car was not moving at all at the middle of Kandy Town. Engine was not accelerating when I paddle. However I found a mechanic there and managed to drive back. He told that TAIWAN petrol pump is not reliable. Since the I was driving the car and I felt car was not ruining smoothly as earlier. Hence I show the car to the mechanic who replaced the petrol pump two weeks back. He tune up the engine replacing spark plugs, cleaning injectors and all. After that he check the petrol pressure again. It was zero when switch is on. went up to 30 knots after engine starts. back to zero in no time after engine stops. Mechanic is telling i got to replace the petrol pump again with genuine one. Now I am thinking of what option I have. Car is not running well and engine starting is also a bit lazy. I have to give little gas to start the engine. (can all these be due to not enough petrol pressure? can it be something else) Please share if you have any this kind of experience and hope mechanical experts can assist me. Thank you.
  20. need a good unregistered van with better fuel economy and also should be 7 seated. budget is about 4.4 to 4.6...i'm currently thinking about Nissan nv 200 2014 vm20 model(petrol 1590cc).will it be good for tourism purposes? is there anyone have experienced with this vehicle? most of these vehicles doesn't have dual A/C, so will it be a problem for 7 seated van?there's also 2015 gx model(m20) for 49.5mil & also need to know about fuel economy of these 2 models(2014 vm20 & 2015 m20). appreciate your valuable advises....
  21. Tharindu kankanamge

    Nissan N16/N17 Vs Honda City

    I have a Honda city 2000 and I am planing to buy a Nissan sunny n16 or n17 model. Will these two models be better than Honda city 2000? And can I sell my car around 2 Million?
  22. Ishara1999

    NISSAN ad wagon overheat

    I have a nissan ad wagon 2003 model and today i went to mannar while driving my temperature gauge reached the high level , what is the reason for that? The fans are working properly and the return water also flows to the bottle again . So that the thermostat is also working properly
  23. Hi Guys, Im with a budget around 27.5Laks and considering Daihatsu Mira ES and Nissan Dayz Highway Star X for options. I've had few recommendations towards mira but recently only i got to know about the Nissan Dayz. I personally prefer a Dayz over a Wagon R FX because of the more "car" looks of the Nissan Dayz. My main concerns are fuel economy, parts availability and resell value. I personally dont like the cheap looking interior of mira so Im a bit biased towards the Dayz. So if anyone of you own a Dayz or have knowledge of the car, please do let me know. What are the known issues and does it hold up to its claims regarding the fuel efficiency. Your support is highly appreciated. TIA
  24. isurujosh

    Nissan Cefiro Uncovered

    After hunting for cefiro's for weeks i have come up with the following reasons as to why cefiro's have a lower market value than other contemporary cars. 1) the A33 singapore imports have a fastly deteriorating interior. i checked out a '99 specimen today and my god! interior looks quite horrible. i think a person of the caliber who'd go for a cefiro would be very concerned about interior. this generally brings down the value of cefiro's and even the jap models without this problem tend to take a hit on the price becuase of it. 2) well it's not a "Toyota". Toyota markII is not a lot better than a proper jap cefiro(ok i know singapore imports are crap but jap ones are cool). but somehow people think that markII is lot more up market and pay sometimes up to twice the price on a markII simply becuase of that perception. come to think of it, a nice jap cefiro will pamper you lot more than an allion and you will have 2 million balance in the bank that will pay you interest to pump as much extra petrol. but people don't want to calculate the true "total cost of ownership" and make a decision thereon. that is called market perception and i don't blame anyone for that, "it's people's choice". 3) well it's not a Mercedes, BMW or an Audi. it cannot bring the same amount of social status or driving pleasure as do these established brands in upmarket. cefiro do not realistically belong to the same league and there's nothing wrong about it. 4) the general inconsistent fuel consumption of nissans. i have seen so many honest people who says their nissan fb15 (automatic transmission) does 9km/l in traffic and i also have seen so many honest people who says their nissan fb15 (automatic transmission) does only 7km/l in traffic. i my self have used a 1996 nissan pulsar with 1.5L engine that did only 6-7 km/l in traffic but i also have seen people prove to me that their's do 9km/l which is not bad at all. i think no party was lieing. there is something about nissans that offer inconsistent fuel consumptions and i don't attribute that to driving behaviors alone, it's something to do with cars for sure. the same is true for cefiro's. whereas some do 7km/l some other do only 5.5km/l, both kinds being identical on paper. 5) there are so many in the market and quite a few are these notorious singapore imports that ruin the general perception and price of the vehicle. besides so many coming to the market every week generally ruins the market for any upmaket car. bdw today i found in a manual 2L A33(jap specimen), quite a rare kind, but the bugger is demanding too much considering the troubles (hidden though) that it has. if any of you are interested, it's out there in the market but beware of it's hidden troubles and do a full diagnostic check b4 buying. i am obviously not going for it and that is why i spill the beans in conclusion i think nissan cefiro jap models are the best value for money luxury cars out there.
  25. Renushan

    Sunny FB14 or March AK12

    what is the best from fb14 1300cc or 1500cc with manual transmission. is there big difference between auto and manual in fuel efficiency of fb14