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Found 9 results

  1. Guys, finally I bought 'FD 1', I was seeking a well maintained FD1 or FD 4 for months but was not lucky enough. After many cheatings and hassles, I accidentally found this red beauty. And also after dozens of negotiations, I settled with her. This FD1 is a brand new import under the permit scheme and registered in 31st of December 2007. previous owner is a doctor & he was the first owner and had maintained her with Sfat#d Mot#rs and had all service records from the beginning to up to date. Two Autolankans were helping me with this. Hyaenidae, [email protected] and also I thank full to who wrote threads about FD's. I read each & every thread about FD. Thank you all guys. Here are some photos of her.
  2. Friends, Kindly suggest me a place to repair one of my Honda Civic FD1 - passenger side side mirror which is not folding. I can not hear any sound from the motor but the day before it stopped working, there was a rattling sound when folding.Driver side works just fine. Seems like what Stafford does is just replacing. Please suggest me a place or any helpful advice. Around Colombo, Mount Lavinia. ( I searched whole forum and found few articles but failed to find a name of a place).
  3. When I start the Fd1 in the morning and put R or D, the gear engages suddenly like car is jumping. And when driving gear shifting is not smooth. But when I stop the car and start again for the second time, everything is fine and works perfectly. I changed the transmission oil and cleaned the solonoids also. Still the same issue. Need expert advice please.
  4. Finally i’m ready to sell my good old 121 (budget is okay?) and move on to something new. A close friend of mine owns an Axio Luxel 2007 model, which was imported and used by himself. He also plans to sell it and go for Axio Hybrid. I have the idea to go for that Luxel because I have driven it a couple of times and car is in mint condition, except the dashboard which needs a replacement due to the cracking issue. Also the front suspension needs repairs. Other than that the car is in perfect condition. No dents.Body and interior are perfect. He maintained the car regularly and loves it. Luxel has a good option list like tiptronic,auto parking,pre crash safety and radar cruise control (not even available in 2017 premio/allion).And also I like the 1.8l engine. The only thing that keeps me pulling away is the mileage of 112k kms. What are the running repairs I might face if i bought this? Is it a risk to buy this car instead of going for an unknown civic fd1 with low mileage?(civic might be better in terms of handling,but power wise both might be equal) Please share your valuable ideas Cheers???
  5. Hey guys, I'm planning to buy the aforementioned car. The particular model that I'm considering is the non-hybrid FD1. Are their any renowned problems with the car ? Are their manufacturing faults that plague the car ? Is it a good buy ? Thank you in advance. Any help is greatly appreciated
  6. Hey! I currently drive a GE6 Honda Fit, which I love to bits but lately feel is lacking a bit of oomph. Plus thanks to its hybrid variant has become quite a common sight on Sri Lankan roadways. I've got some money available & am wondering whether it would be wiser to try & mod my current car OR upgrade to something a bit more capable. My budget could get me a second-hand Honda FD1 or a Lancer Ex. I've read extensively that even the L15A(1.5l) engine which comes in the RS version has its limitations with performance upgrades. Mines the L13A(1.3l) version. Hence the feeling that money spent on a bigger setup would be better than upgrading an already smaller engine. In your opinion what would be the better bet. Thanks!
  7. I have a 2007 FD1 which starts perfectly when its the first start in the morning but have to crank it for 2-4 seconds for it to start after running for even a short distance or even when I start it in the evening after leaving it parked for a long time . The perfect start in the morning happens all the time but the delay in starting at other times happens about 80% of the time. I have taken it to Stafford, done engine tune ups, spark plug clean ups, injector system clean ups etc for without any improvement. Staford guys have no solution. Will be greatful for any expertise. Thanks
  8. Hi, I'm interested about Honda Civic Type-R FD1( this car -> http://www.hondatuningmagazine.com/features/htup_1207_2006_honda_civic_fd1/photo_01.html). I have seen few around in Colombo. But I haven't seen any advertisement about this Type-R models. I guess those are personally imported ones. Does anyone know the price of this car in Sri Lanka ? Also, how to get one here ? Cheers...
  9. Between similar speced and aged Honda Civic FD1(1.8) and FD4(1.6), which car fetches a better market price in Sri Lanka? Furthermore which car returns better fuel consumption (not that I care but I think this will have an impact on eventual market price).
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