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    Post Whoring - Part 2

    must be a relative. but how can someone make something like this rubbish dance idea
  2. looks like taking some design ideas from new lexus front end minus the grille
  3. nicely done. i like when its kept original outside looks great
  4. so how can see some action pictures? any link to the videos? cheers guys
  5. love the garage and nice house got 3 garage space by the way where you live in US? if i may ask
  6. wow man that some nice car you got enjoy it
  7. nice bimmer family hows your car doing keep you smiling
  8. great work by u tiv, made me want to buy a land rover . looks great after the restoration. good luck with ur future projects
  9. guys bit of update studio 300 dont have a car i mean wrx 2005 silver or white, but is anyone out their that i can rent for one day or for like couple of hours thanks
  10. if someone can upload to the youtube would be great
  11. thanks for the information guys yes studio 3000 are the people going to do the photography at the moemnt i will pass that information to them and see whether we can archive what we need well im not sure whos doing the dress at the moment need check it too
  12. Hi All could not fins this in a search results im actually looking for 2007 above wrx/sti for hire for a wedding 1 day, if this can be done would be nice? for december 2012 first week thanks
  13. thanks for the reply mate, yea i think its the 2008 model had the issues bcoz i think that was the first diesel model came out. the one im interested is the gen3 diesel im guessing all the bugs been fixed. i heard about the petrol issue in sri lanka. also if you have a gift permit you can bring down 6yr old max. so the current normal import ristriction is 2 yrs cheers
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