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  1. Spend Rs. 500 for expressway
  2. This should be taken as follows. This is a very basic calculation to better understand the concept. New battery cost - Rs. 300,000 | Usable period - lets say around 6 years | So annual cost for the battery - Rs. 50,000 If you have to expend (not only money but also the opportunity cost of your time, risk of dismantling, any other operating risks of the process if any should also be considered ) more than Rs. 50,000 to extend the battery life for one year, then it will not be effective.
  3. Are those numbers true? 400,000 means 2% of the population of SL. 😱 Dismantled in china or India and Reassembling?? Who is doing this? Micro, Ideal? 🔨
  4. You can download the "Google Translate" app to your smartphone. Then you can easily read.
  5. Why up to 7 year old vehicles? What is the benefit?
  6. The Electronic throttle is run by a motor. What will happen if motor malfunctions for some positions (specially in idling position)? It will not be a big issue for high RPMs but will affect to idle RPM as the opening size is too small. Just a guess only.....
  7. Why did you choose TL instead of going to a normal place and doing things under your supervision? Does going to TL add any value to you or your car?
  8. If your C-HR doing 12 km/l (lets assume), you will cost Rs. 11.40 for fuel. Additional cost for injector cleaner is Rs. 0.40 so its 3.5% increase which means no harm if this is really helpful to long run of injectors (+ added fuel efficiency). Since this product is a product supplied by the manufacturer, I am not going to question it, but honestly I have the following doubt. Petrol is a good solvent and is injected under considerable pressure. Can this liquid (diluted 200 times with petrol) remove anything that cannot be removed by the petrol itself?
  9. How about your monthly usage?
  10. Another example that color has nothing to say, After completing 5 years I replaced my aqua transmission oil for the first time (Mileage 78, XXX km). Although the color was dark, after 12 hours there was nothing visible to the naked eye on the paper. (Anyway, I don't know if there were micro or nano scale particles ... 😃🤭)
  11. My Brother-in-law. He was doing 60,000 km per year those days for daily office commuting from Matara to Hambanthota. Now bit less. Sample 1 took at the service but 2 taken from the dipstick line after keeping some time on start. We bought both cars together in December 2014 as 0 millage. Axio has 194,000+ km on the clock now. Trust me, we have its first (first and only) spark plug replacement (so-called tune-up) at 180,000+ km. There were no carbon deposits, and the pugs were in excellent condition. But it was replaced because the manufacturer's recommendation was less than that. We are still using 0W20 without harm.
  12. @iRage, @Sadeepa Dilhara Below is one visual test I did a few years ago. (Since I did not have a test tube at home that day, I used two bottles of vanilla with different colored caps). Hope below images are self explanatory. Many things that are said by color are false. It is not easy to tell you anything by the color until it critically degraded. (Although the two samples were 10W30 and 0W20, both were mineral oils).
  13. Very correct... @Sadeepa Dilhara I have been using this Toyota 0W20 synthetic oil for my Aqua for about 5 years (in fact this synthetic came about 3 years ago. There was a mineral one before that). Normally I do about 8,000-9,000 km in six months so my oil change interval is almost 8,000-9,000 km. There is nothing wrong with the quality of the oil at the time of draining (by visual inspection only - as far as is known there is no other way to test in Sri Lanka).
  14. Toyota Australia recommended Research Octane Number (RON) 95 or above for C-HR Toyota Japan recommends Unleaded Regular Gasoline for C-HR but octane number not mentioned. Their regular gasoline is 90 RON, right?
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