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  1. Fully wearing of the brake pad is highly unlikely of a 2015 Aqua otherwise it has done at-least 150,000 km or severe issue in break system. Car millage? Usage under your ownership? Is it depend on the braking style? I mean, 1. any difference with sudden brake and gradual braking? 2. any noise when you release the brake?
  2. gayanath

    Toyota Aqua Fuel Consumption Vs Toyota Vitz

    Hope you are living out of city limits....
  3. gayanath

    WHICH octane for VITZ?

    A made up story or a quality issue in particular lot ..... Nothing to deal with Octane number........
  4. The approach (politician approach.... ) of a person shows the quality of that person..... My friend.... do you need my CV? Can you give one or two examples? Note: I have no objection of doing cleaning if its truly required (may be after 150,000 or 200,000 km or if any related issue arises). But here in SL, service buggers recommending cleaning (so called tune-up) every 20k, 30k or 40k intervals (just like air filter replacement schedule 😂) which is utter bullshit. others please, Sorry for going forward on different subject in different thread.
  5. Follow the basics.... Gain (or life threat) is higher than the risk of failure, then ............ it's do or die. but tune up is not...
  6. Another victim of so called engine tune up. Risk of failure is bigger than the gain.....
  7. Irrespective of the incident (whether its correct or not), the behavior of the person who representing so called A** M** shows the quality of the place. Thugs are better in customer care than him
  8. You buy it at 59000 km means you bought it very recently. Am I correct?
  9. Another evidence that, so called Tune-up's will not work for most of the cases in new cars even though several makabasses recommended. @ShaR, 1. What is the millage when you buy this car? 2. Is this jurk a new thing to you or was it existed since the first day you started using this car?
  10. gayanath

    Honda fit gp5 dual clutch oil replacement

    Got it from my friend's car manual. I ll get it again and post here.
  11. gayanath

    Advise for buying vitz 2008 model

    Seems @Pradeepkumara and @Pradeep_k is same person. If the vibration relates to speed and its higher in 100 km/h, most probably you should start your investigation from wheel balance. (You may put new Tyre set by adding few more to 25k. ) Your engine (2007, 1KR-FE) already having iridium tipped spark plugs (otherwise someone has replaced before).
  12. gayanath

    Honda fit gp5 dual clutch oil replacement

    According to manufacture, its first replacement is at 160,000 km in normal conditions or 80,000 km in severe conditions (subjected to duration of use). But there are lot of people in SL who knows better than the manufacture so they are recommending much less intervals like 40,000 km.
  13. gayanath

    Toyota Aqua 2012 to buy or not to

    Seems your "theoretically" means just two words "series and parallel". Otherwise, If you go through the construction of Toyota HSD or Honda DCT, you may note that, even theoretically it cannot be run without a battery. Motor is the main controlling part in GB so its nearly impossible to work with direct generator power rather than having a storage. Someone can suggest that, the system could be modified to run without a battery but buying a new car may cheaper than that. Note: Sometimes, Nissan eNote may modify (not sure) easier than Toyota HSD or Honda DCT's to run without a battery. Then it will run just like a locomotive
  14. gayanath

    Engine oil for 2017 Suzuki Swift RS Hybrid

    No issue using 0W20 in SL. Irrespective of brand, use 0W20 for your car.
  15. gayanath

    Used hybrid or non hybrid car market

    Again.... This is same as your HV battery fire risk mater. Statements have no value as stats. Any risk assessment basically having two equally important parts which are Severity and Probability. For Severity, you may use statements, but probability needs stats.