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  1. Is this connected full-time to normal OBDII port of the vehicle or is there another location in your vehicle to connect it keeping OBDII port free?
  2. If OP lives in SL, then I have my doubts about the warranty, because they are JDMs. Isn't it?
  3. Last one I bought from ebay which is nicely working with "Torque Pro" app. Tested with a 2016 (or 2017 I can't remember exactly) Vitz as well. I bought 3 units from this person in three different times (for my friends also). All came really fast withing 6 - 7 days. But now couldn't find this in his store.
  4. Of course this is purely a technical question and the answer will not use to save fuel. I have linked this to the practical situation to get a better understanding and same time proposed few assumptions as the matter is complicated by more variables. The main reason for the question was the "Auto Vision" program yesterday, that said fuel efficiency is declining in the evening due to high humidity. πŸ˜­πŸ€‘πŸ€‘
  5. Let's assume you are travelling from Paliyagoda to Hambanthota via Katunayaka, Outer circular and Southern Expressways. You will be travelling on 100 km/h. Case 1: Departing at 06:00 am in the morning Case 2: Departing at 12:00 noon Case 3: Departing at 6:00 pm in the evening In which case you will get the highest fuel economy and the lowest fuel fuel economy ? Concern factors: Humidity and Air density. (Let's assume wind direction, wind condition and road traffic condition is same for all the three cases)
  6. I have the same question in my mind.
  7. Since this is a very straight forward matter rather than going with general C-HR related topics, thought to open a new thread. One of my friend's C-HR (YOM 2018, millage 27,XXX km as of now and imported as 0 millage) had a fuel mis few days before with check engine and below warning messages "Check Engine. Visit your dealer" & "AWD System Malfuction. 2WD mode engaged. Visit your dealer". Vehicle is drivable but in low power mode only. He visited TL and found that 2nd cylinder misfire with codes P030027, P030085, P030200, P160500. Learning outcomes: 1. As he has been informed, TL does not have the facility to test for GDI Fuel Injectors. He (my friend) then called to a test bench manufacture in the UK and then they gave him a contact of one of their customer in Sri Lanka. When the injectors were taken to the place and tested, the other three is injecting 50 ml and the No. 2 injector is injecting 40 ml (per unit time). After ultrasonic cleaning it was increased to 55 vs 45 respectively. 2. After mounting, the engine runs well for about 2 hours but again the problem is the same. 3. TL still has no spare parts (GDI injectors). 4. He saw three other vehicles there with the same problem. So this will be a common problem. According to TL, this problem is due to contaminated petrol but I have my doubts on that.
  8. Found it... 21st October 2018 (Two years before) https://srilankamirror.com/news/11075-vehicles-adequate-for-five-yrs-imported Quote ... Motor vehicles adequate for the next five years had already been imported when an importation restriction was imposed, latest reports by the Department of Motor Vehicles, Central Bank and the Finance Ministry show. According to one of the reports compiled by a team of economists, the annual requirement of motor vehicles is 45,000. But, the country has imported 234,000 vehicles. They include 24,276 dual vehicles, which has an annual requirement of 4,000 only. The report also says 168,419 three wheelers have been imported, whereas the requirement is 20,000 a year. Although the country needs 300,000 motor cycles a year, 943,920 motor cycles have been imported. The report adds that these vehicle importations could lead to a severe foreign exchange crisis. ... unquote.
  9. And obviously... they have to cover a large profit margin from the customer to pay bank interest, land rent, etc. So, as I said above, allowing them to reduce inventory (and downsize) will ultimately reduce unnecessary costs and labor for this unproductive business (Because as ajm rightly said this is a zero value added business). We must allow workers in that field to move to other productive industries (construction, etc.) and this big mudalalis to invest for value adding businesses.
  10. There were some articles (probably last year) that there are enough unregistered vehicles stored in car dealerships in Sri Lanka for the next 5 years. (which means, available stocks = last 5 year total car registrations). If its true, then why government bother about them. Let them sell those first..... Otherwise, this will also be like a pyramid case. Who will pay for the investment (interests for the investment of that stock), space, etc. ? Let them down sized will reduce the price of vehicles in the market. Isn't it?
  11. Can't you remove the plastic inner panel by yourself and move the child lock?
  12. I also didn't think Toyota was wrong. I let him rethink his data without directly saying he was wrong ... πŸ˜ƒπŸ˜ƒ. That’s why I show him a backwards calculation assuming his different running conditions to show how an ambient temperature change could occur to get his results.
  13. Can we expect such a large ambient temperature change in Kurunegala in the morning and afternoon?? What I just feel is, either Toyota is wrong or your data is incorrect or both. Isn't it? Trust me, I live in both Colombo and Matara and I have a habit of doing various tests as a hobby when time permits. I never observed such an air pressure difference ether for same pump or different pumps when I pumping air in the morning and afternoon. (using normal air)
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