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  1. gayanath

    Mazda Axela hybrid gear box oil change

    Don't you have the maintenance manual of the car? Which language if available?
  2. gayanath

    Nissan Note E power oil change interval

    No point of doing less than 7,500 km (or 6 months) as manufacture mentioned it clearly. Your driving conditions are more or less in between normal and severe. So 10,000 km interval (you will get it by 7 months) is good for you.
  3. gayanath

    What is the best hybrid to buy

    No fine for up to 100 km/h in our expressways. No need to go less than 70 km/h πŸ‡πŸ‡ πŸ˜‚
  4. I used Toyota Vitz 2007 1000cc from 2010 Sep to 2014 Dec (as the first owner and usage was 72,000 km during that period). Every things were recorded. Usage pattern - distance from accommodation to office - 12 km. (Colombo city but I report to duty 7:00 am so no traffic in the morning. Heavy traffic in the afternoon) - Travelling Colombo to Matara using Southern express way at-least once a month. - Others are general Colombo city and outside usage Fuel Record km/l (most of the time I do Full Tank. Calculation is based on Full tank to Full Tank) -Recorded minimum = 9.13 km/l -Recorded Maximum = 18.91 km/l (this was during night driving from Colombo to Matara by normal root) -Average for total use (72,000 km) = 12.00 km/l ** The data is perfectly correct as I recorded all the fuel pumped as a hobby. *** Assume Vitz 2016 1000 cc will do at-least 1 km/l more with new features.
  5. gayanath

    Scam Seller on Popular Free Classifieds Site

    Thank you for sharing the incident with evidence. Even though its a common case, this will enable people to more conscious while buying cars from car sellers.
  6. gayanath

    How to switch to 92 octane from 95

    No precautions.... Just pump 92. That's it !.
  7. gayanath

    Addressing the traffic problem in Sri Lanka.

    Definitely.... fully agreed. Its not an easy or a clear solution. Yes. this is also not a clear and easy solution. Agreed. But, with current situation, we have to wait atleast 30 more years.... So, what are the easy solutions.....? If you go through my first post, don't you feel those (those 4 items) could be implemented easily with less public funds?. (and easy to maintain and monitoring as well - maintain means maintain the system without shortcuts and loop holes)
  8. gayanath

    Addressing the traffic problem in Sri Lanka.

    This proposal is made focusing a loans or a grant. 1. Such projects need huge money. 2. Even though there are nice words, practical scenario is different. Sri Lanka needs more clear and easy solutions with less investment of public funds.
  9. gayanath

    Addressing the traffic problem in Sri Lanka.

    There are solutions if someone really needs .... Let’s go through below four suggestions. Government need no big money to invest and only need to implement policies. Business men will invest and riders will pay. Fix GPS tracking to all public transport vehicles (including train service) and make it compulsory for route permit Allow passengers to access for location information. This will encourage people to use the service as they know a bus will come within x minutes. Monitor by authorities for speed, waiting times, etc. Develop a formula for service standard and give cut off mark. if they fail to achieve cut-off mark for a particular week, route permit will cancel automatically next week. If no tracking records, route permit will be cancelled within a week. Running without weekly permit (electronic permit which can view by public any time - by smart phone) will be a big offence and fine will be Rs. 100,000. Any police office can view it without new equipment (by his phone). Stop importing ordinary busses from 1st January 2020. Ask to replace all private busses imported before 2015 to luxury busses in 2025. Those imported within 2015-2020 to be replaced when the vehicle age becomes 10 years. Then we have 100% luxury bus fleet on 2030. 0% import tax for luxury bus imports. No harm to bus owners as they could use their existing busses at-least 10 years. Normally their investment will return withing 4 -5 years. Stop 3-wheeler import from 1st January 2020. Retire all 3-wheelers from 2030. ** This will be very sensitive case. Because majority of 3-wheeler owners are low income people. And need jobs for them. That’s why this cannot do immediately and we have to move it to 2030. 10 years are more than enough for them to adjust. Then, this decision will discourage buying 3-wheelers as resale value will become less. Increasing luxury buses will reduce the requirement of 3-wheeler as well as car taxi services will be taken over the last end transportation link(bus station to home) automatically. Big tax for private vehicles use in office hours from 1st January 2021. Let’s say 7:00 am to 5:30 pm. – Rs. 75,000 to 100,000 per month. People have to come early and go late by office by private vehicle or use public transport. This will encourage more working time as well. Police could use an app provided to smart phones of officers to catch vehicles, so clear transparency is there. Even private companies have to pay tax if they provide vehicles to employees. Definitely they will not pay other than top people. Taxi vehicles need to take a permit and exempted from the tax. Different colour number plate for office time tax paid vehicles. If someone needs to use the vehicle for long journeys for personal (trip, visit relations, etc,) in office hours he needs to fix GPS for his vehicle (one time cost) and register under authority. If police caught, police will report but he could obtain exemption with tracking report. Hope above having some sense. Comments are most welcome......
  10. gayanath

    Vitz 2016 sudden "hiccup"

    Engine and GB failures are rare on Vitz in this millage other than a manufacturing fault. Even if the millage tampered, probably the actual may not exceed 100,000 km most of the time with this vehicle age. So, the chance of a failure is comparatively less. Then ............... your accelerating habit could be the most probable reason. Suggest to drive another vitz (Your car sale will help you) and same time get it checked by a experienced (I mean vitz) driver before dismantle anything. Nothing to worry. Its highly unlikely. Use 92 and check if necessary . Pump 92 and tell them you are using 95. πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚ No way to check it simply. Don't wast your money.
  11. gayanath

    Best Gps Navigation System

    "Google maps" is the best for me than anything else since its daily updating. Better to use an extra smart phone keeping head unit for entertainments.
  12. gayanath

    Vitz 2016 sudden "hiccup"

    Better to contact Car sale if it has 2 year warranty. BTW, 1. What is the millage? 2. And do you feel same scenario during quick acceleration and gradual acceleration? I mean, check whether the "hiccup" is dependent on acceleration pattern or not. 3. What is your previous car?
  13. gayanath

    Engine Break-In oil ?

    "Since last September" means almost one year. Therefore, definitely you should replace the oil. Please replace the oil (and filter also) with manufacture recommended oil grade (hope it's 0W20). No such requirement.
  14. gayanath

    maharagama vs C-Y_I_C- hospital

    At-least we know that there are corruptions, but in private sector no body knows the inside..... I have only one reason for going private - It's time constraint and waiting list. If they have time and no waiting list, then no doubt, they should go government hospital.
  15. gayanath

    Japan alto 2018

    0W-20 is not a winter specific oil. Its multi-grade. So, nothing special with 0W-20 and No special attention needed.