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  1. Have you studied about the Quality of Water if you are using for drinking?
  2. Seems yes... Both Newbies, single post count, same pattern of name, .... 😃😃
  3. Probably a material defect ?? (may be on a particular batch) Or more heat ?? (but rare chance. Isn't it?
  4. There are Genuine Denso filter models with glue strip in the middle. See below photos. The old one is genuine one came with the car (0 millage personally imported car I personally collected from Hambanthota port - So no chance to replace it by any body in SL) and used 50,000 km. The new one is bought from local market (they said genuine part).
  5. Has the vehicle came to "Ready" mode ?
  6. Already checked ITI for oil sample analysis but they have no such facility for motor oils. As I remember, they will provide the service for food related oils only.
  7. Assumptions ...... 😄 To realize the ambient temperature effect on Oil...
  8. Probably no. I too searched but couldn't find any place withing SL. As I understood, the easiest method is sending Singapore.
  9. Note: This question not related to Engine Oil selection for an ambient temperature. It's related to the service life of same oil in different ambient temperatures. Let's assume below two hypothetical conditions in two countries A & B. If we took oil samples from each vehicle after same period of time with same millage (lets assume after three months at 5,000 km usage), Sample A - Country A Sample B - Country B Which sample would be more deteriorated?
  10. This is good one considering traffic as well as parking spaces. We could see huge numbers of vehicles parked roadsides in the evening and night (specially on Colombo byroads which is unpleasant to road users). The people who live in flats have numbers of vehicles and three wheelers but they have no dedicated parking spaces. Before implementing a regulatory system, there should be a good citizens database including where they actually living, etc.
  11. Since you have a cash problem, suggest you to buy OBD Scanner (BT or Wifi) and use with your smartphone (it will cost around 2K or 3K). You may clear the code when it appears and use the car for sometime until you could afford the repair. * Subjected to the error code is P0A80 always. Please check the code every-time before clearing it. Otherwise you will mis any different one if arises. Knowingly, doing this is no harm to the safety of your ride or any mechanical/electrical or electronic damage to other car parts.
  12. Military or Civil Aviation? Isn't the Civil Aviation and Medical are higher than military?
  13. How it goes inside? How you removed it?
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