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  1. 1. Millage? 2. Previous engine related repairs (inducing cleaning)? 3. How long is this fault? 4. Is this coming with acceleration? 5. Is this coming with deceleration? 6. Is this coming with continuous same speed about 70 km/h? 7. Did you check it at expressway? high speeds? 8. No sound with load? (with 4 people and slight acceleration)
  2. gayanath


    The very first thing you have to do is check 12V battery. I saw few Vezel's and GP5's giving different kinds of errors due to 12v battery issues. You may go forward with other checks only if 12V battery is in good condition.
  3. gayanath

    Toyota vitz ksp130 2015

    Vitz Engine and Transmission is different from the Yaris. KSP130 having 1000 cc engine + CVT Vitz Japanese manual: https://toyota.jp/pages/contents/vitz/003_p_017/pdf/spec/vitz_201605.pdf You could download both and compare. Use Google translator to understand any different items. .
  4. They marketing this as 6 seater. Is it ok to take 2 passengers on front seat (drive + 2 passengers) in a car in sri lanka?
  5. India is doing some thing. Just for info. https://crickettimes.com/2020/02/road-safety-world-series-2020-teams-squads-schedule-and-venue/ Quote: β€œThere has been a lot of excitement towards this tournament. People were eagerly waiting for the schedule and the tickets. I am extremely glad for the fans, and I am sure they will come in large numbers to cheer for the legends and also support this important cause of creating awareness towards road safety in the country,” stated the RTO Chief of Thane, Ravi Gaekwad, according to MyKhel. β€œRoad safety is a serious concern. One person dies every 4 minutes in India and we all should join hands to make our roads safe and save precious human lives,” added the senior member of the Road Safety Cell of Maharashtra and Chairman of the Trust, Shant Bharat Surakshit Bharat. .......Quote:
  6. gayanath

    Does a brand new car require a wheel alignment?

    Because of 95% wheel alignment machine operators in SL are not educated well regarding the subject and having no tacit knowledge and common scenes required to do it, better to use with original settings if you have no issue with uneven tire wear or any other issue.
  7. gayanath

    Current market trend for hybrid cars

    Hydrogen vehicles also need batteries. Toyota Mirai is having 1.6 kWh battery Toyota Prius 3rd Gen is having 1.3 kWh battery Toyota Prius C/ Aqua is having 0.9 kWh battery
  8. Agreed.... @iRage, Why don't we do something.....? Five good people is enough to start something and keep the warm up to the results. People will join for clear cut good things (I mean if we try to promote a politician, people will support as well as oppose. But for road accidents related, no body will be there to oppose).
  9. We all are the people should lobby for it as citizens.... 3,554 people died due to accidents in 2018. It's almost 10 per day and the trend is incremental.
  10. Agreed with you. Is millage tampering illegal in Sri Lanka? I think its not yet made illegal. People will then try to tamper millage every year before the test. So, with above suggestion and same time, millage tampering should be gazetted as a critical punishable offence with a huge fine.
  11. And, after all.... People would say, Sri Lankan cars wear down fast in such a low millage due to bad environmental conditions, quality of fuel, ets. Therefore, please do frequent oil changes, engine tune ups, etc.........πŸ˜‚πŸ€£ Its hard to find a car in SL having 200,000+ km on ODO but engines overhauled. πŸ˜‹πŸ˜‹πŸ˜ŽπŸ˜Ž
  12. My relation visited us in mid 2019 by newly bought Toyota Vitz 2016 (as an unregistered car from a Big car seller a week before) with the millage 27,XXX km. By just looking tires and the condition of the car, I had a doubt so I checked a bit. I could find a Japanese maintenance bill at the millage of 44,XXX km which kept inside the owners and maintenance manual (may be the car seller couldn't check the book). I took photos of that one and chassis number and other details. Then searched online after my relation has gone. By referring around hundreds of vitz auction records I could find the auction sheet of the same car with the millage of 51,XXX km. However the condition of the car is not bad. It was 3.5 grade with interior B. No pint of breaking the heart of my relation so, kept silent. πŸ˜ͺπŸ˜ͺ. 😀😀
  13. Agreed.... Its clear. No argument. Car manufacturers also recommending thicker oils (for same engine they are recommending low viscosity oils) for extreme cases as we discussed previously. But same time they are recommending same thinner oils for high temperature areas for normal operations. Are you agree for this simple formula? Thicker the oil ----------> lower the risk for engine failure at higher operating temperatures (reduce the cost of failure) Thicker the oil ----------> lower the fuel economy (or higher the fuel cost) In the scenes of overall economy, what is the best? If the user need to use the vehicle for extreme requirements, definitely he has to ignore the fuel cost because of comparatively higher risk of failure. But our ordinary users who use the car for daily city travelling and occasionally travels in expressway for 20 to 50 minutes, should we ignore the cost for minor risk of failure? Do higher ambient temperature a real risk than cost?
  14. Actually its a continuation of previous discussions which we had regarding engine temperature, cooling effect at higher speeds, oil viscosity with oil temperature, etc. Therefore, 2+2=4 ---------------> (___at previous discussions______) ----------------> Neel Armstrong was the first human on moon Ha....ha.... Just kidding.....
  15. Sorry for late reply..... Let me elaborate further..... A) Higher the speed ---------> Need Higher engine revelation B.) Higher the engine revelation -----------> higher fuel burn in unit time ---------> More heat generated C) Higher the speed ----------> Higher the air drag --------------> higher the engine load ----------> Higher fuel burn at unit time ------> More heat generated D) Higher the speed -----------> Higher the air flow --------------> higher the temperature difference of radiator surface -------------> Good cooling Lets assume fan is working in same speed at every time, What will happen, Case 1. If B and C > D, engine temperature goes up with higher speeds Case 2 - if B and C < D, engine temperature going down with the higher speed. But in practical scenario, Case 1 is happening. Which means engine temperature going up with high speeds. Now lets assume, fan is not working, Then, At huge traffic or very slow speeds, ----- > Heat dissipation from radiator is less (no fan, no air flow due to speed) ------> high chance for engine boiling At moderate speeds --------> Heat dissipation is good due to high airflow due to speed (even no fan) ---------> less chance for engine boiling. At extremely high speeds -------------> Heat dissipation is good due to high airflow due to speed (even no fan), but more heat generating ----------> high chance for boiling. So, thick oil is good for long duration extreme speeds, but others having no big effect.