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  1. gayanath

    Japan alto 2018

    0W-20 is not a winter specific oil. Its multi-grade. So, nothing special with 0W-20 and No special attention needed.
  2. gayanath

    Japan alto 2018

    No harm using 5W-30. With low viscosity of 20 grade, there will be slight increase of fuel efficiency. Why don't you follow manufacture recommendations?
  3. gayanath

    Japan alto 2018

    As I remember the grade is 0W-20
  4. gayanath


    Did you replaced the battery recently? if yes, when?
  5. gayanath

    Corolla 121 - Engine Oil Issue

    Then it seems general engine wear with this millage (sometimes millage may be bit higher than 230k if previous owners have tampered it). 15 * 14 = 210 1L for 200 km is bit higher consumption so you need an engine overhaul I suppose. BTW, Which grade oil you are using?
  6. gayanath

    Corolla 121 - Engine Oil Issue

    Experienced this recently (I mean within 2 - 3 days) or is this developed gradually since few months?
  7. gayanath

    WHICH octane for VITZ?

    A comparison between locally available Octane 92 and 95. (The data is just those published on Ceypetco website and I did only a cut and paste job) Yellow - Same Property/Test for comparison Green - Same Specs ** Just for the info....
  8. Fully wearing of the brake pad is highly unlikely of a 2015 Aqua otherwise it has done at-least 150,000 km or severe issue in break system. Car millage? Usage under your ownership? Is it depend on the braking style? I mean, 1. any difference with sudden brake and gradual braking? 2. any noise when you release the brake?
  9. gayanath

    Toyota Aqua Fuel Consumption Vs Toyota Vitz

    Hope you are living out of city limits....
  10. gayanath

    WHICH octane for VITZ?

    A made up story or a quality issue in particular lot ..... Nothing to deal with Octane number........
  11. The approach (politician approach.... ) of a person shows the quality of that person..... My friend.... do you need my CV? Can you give one or two examples? Note: I have no objection of doing cleaning if its truly required (may be after 150,000 or 200,000 km or if any related issue arises). But here in SL, service buggers recommending cleaning (so called tune-up) every 20k, 30k or 40k intervals (just like air filter replacement schedule 😂) which is utter bullshit. others please, Sorry for going forward on different subject in different thread.
  12. Follow the basics.... Gain (or life threat) is higher than the risk of failure, then ............ it's do or die. but tune up is not...
  13. Another victim of so called engine tune up. Risk of failure is bigger than the gain.....
  14. Irrespective of the incident (whether its correct or not), the behavior of the person who representing so called A** M** shows the quality of the place. Thugs are better in customer care than him
  15. You buy it at 59000 km means you bought it very recently. Am I correct?