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  1. btw is this the KD rego Skyline?
  2. read about the V35 model online first.then take the car to CarChecks to get a proper idea about the state of the car and then to Nissan to diagnose any issues and related costs to replace/repair. then you can decide whether to make the decision or not.
  3. if the stealerships don't try to mark up their prices so high many would go to them to get spares.
  4. check that quick site and also check at Gekko Trekko at Cotta Road,they have Saris brand carriers.
  5. you can fit one to the rear hatch door. however the width of the cycle will be an issue when you're on road.
  6. Been looking for a roof box / soft top roof bag but none came across, recently there was a company who started bringing down Thule products but they quickly gave up that idea. is it seadoo?
  7. Congrats for your new ride mate! loved them seats to bits and the CRZ one car which I will always love to have. btw since you're in Kotte area let me know if you're up for a meetup and who knows maybe you can join in for one of our drives.
  8. afaik those are called AN fittings,do correct me if I'm wrong. colors are just vary from the vendor/usage.
  9. correct me if I'm wrong. usually it's around 750 without aircon running.btw I need to know some answers regarding your vehicle 1.isn't your car came with an OBD I port? 2.when was the last time the engine went through an overhaul or a compression check? Since you live in Nugegoda,I suggest you to take the car to Udara Motors at Ethul Kotte.PM me for the contact details.
  10. Awesome write up Charith! still remember the ride we took at Milly's love this car to bits!
  11. try at delkanda,there's was a shop (next to wickramarachchi opticians) with a front half of a ceres,try that place,they will part the lights.
  12. Sera was made as a JDM/domestic market vehicle,but it came to few countries like you mentioned.
  13. obviously there were noteworthy cars that came with gullwing doors.http://www.carmagazine.co.uk/Community/Car-Magazines-Blogs/Tim-Pollard-Blog2/Twelve-things-you-may-not-know-about-the-McLaren-F1/ according to that Murray have seen a sera & he got the idea about the doors, however my original post was about the sera being a future classic,with limited number of production & pretty much half of that survives now. that is why I thought it should be a classic.
  14. yes gullwing doors existed before sera,what I meant was Gordon Murray has got the inspiration for the design of the doors from the sera.
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