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  1. Elvis_Pil

    Rugby Season 2012

    Its new to me that such indiscipline is not isolated to a one off incident- you'd expect a leading school to uphold its reputation better.
  2. Elvis_Pil

    Rugby Season 2012

    Yeah sure. happening for ages justifies it? Lets see them try that trick at the Greens match
  3. Elvis_Pil

    Rugby Season 2012

    Looks like a naughty habit he might have picked up from a Russian.
  4. Elvis_Pil

    Colombo Road Race

    Hey thanks buddy. Got all my stuff in and had a good time. The lighting was very photo friendly- got some nice shots even with f4 and no IS
  5. Elvis_Pil

    Colombo Road Race

    WHAT THE F*CK??? Need to soot the moron who even thought of a coming up with a rule like that
  6. Elvis_Pil

    Dslr Prices

    Right- issue is with the build quality I guess then and this is shooting more indoors as well I guess. The mk2 will be interesting if they do IS with it as well
  7. Elvis_Pil

    Dslr Prices

    Speaking of backups- really interested in knowing how the 15-85 is holding up with you're work load
  8. Elvis_Pil

    Steering Wheel Woes

    the noise is from you're steering rack ends or the rack itself, you may possibly have a leak as well. The steering pulling to one side- can be due to weak shocks or bushes. Could also be due to warped brake disks- get the whole suspension inspected.
  9. Elvis_Pil

    Dslr Prices In Sri Lanka After Tax Cut

    I'd love to have my hands on even an old MkII or III!
  10. Elvis_Pil

    Heating Before Engine Start

    Not an expert on diesel engines in anyway.. but older diesel motors tend to use glowplugs as opposed to spark pulgs you see in petrol motors. The glowplugs function on electrial resistance which is then used to heat them upto the optimal teperature needed to fire up engine. This process takes a few seconds which is why you need to wait a while when starting the engine when its cold. Someone correct me if I'm wrong
  11. This is getting stale- people who contribute nothing to the site are somehow the ones to criticize the way its run! And that too in defense of the misfits who don't know how the behave. The site's done fine upto now and really we need to just start deleting these threads that aimed at personal slander. Peri - that within the rules right
  12. Elvis_Pil


  13. Any body got copped yet for not wearing belts?
  14. Elvis_Pil

    2000 Accord Euro-R(Pro's And Con's)Pls Help

    Where did the OP ask for any info on Toyota? And you're comparing this to a 'Toyota' what? Townace? Don't advice people on things you dont fully know about. Your reply is utter rubbish . 1) Parts and repairs- There are many parts that are compatible with the standard accord, but there will be a certain amount of difficultly it matching 'Euro R specific parts like the suspension and larger break pads. Since there are only around 4 cars in SL, you wont find people stocking them. But you'll be able to source them from abroad. The Agents will support you on the running repairs- and people like Zakie (tuned i chips) have experience in tuning & repairs 2) Maintaining the car- depends on what you mean by this- this a premium car which will not fail if regular services and running repairs are attended to. And Honda's from this age are known for reliability even with high miles on them 3) Market value- Sports cars in SL tend to not hold value the same way mid range economy cars like Sunny's and Axio's do. Its not something one should expect when buying a car like this. However there is an enthusiast market for sports cars- and the right person will pay you're price if they want and like the car enough
  15. Elvis_Pil

    Where I Can Find Virs Orginal Alloys

    Nope the fogs are a factory option. not a standard