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  1. Thank you Ramesh, Where I can get done these two compression test ?
  2. I do park my car on a cement floor, I can not see any oli prints of the floor and no sign of leak on the engine body either.
  3. Thank you for all who replied My Overhaul involved, - Valve Seat Cutting - Head Facing - Replacing the gasket - Re-boring the engine block - Replacing piston rings - Replacing pistons - Replacing main bearing and piston bearings (big end) - Replacing sump gasket - Crank shaft grinding I too feel oil is leaking into the combustion chamber through valve oil seals, because oil color is not turning into black even after 3000kms. Can I check such leaks by looking at Spark Plugs ? I do see more smoke in high RPMs (when speeding around 100kmph)
  4. @Gayan... I have installed the part and used for 3500 km by now. So this will not apply for that now. And I called them they claim that their parts are genuine. And they are passing the ball to the repair guys.
  5. I have done a overhaul to my KE72 engine around 5 months ago through a reputed company. All the engine related work done by Edirisinghe Brothers. After that I have drove only 3500 km up to now. Now I experience, - Oil level reduces - White smoke in high RPM I have informed to the company where the repair has done. As I expected they are complaining about the spares I used (I bough 90% of the parts from MM Organization) they say they might have given me duplicates. Please share your ideas with me.
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