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  1. DarkangeL

    Colombo Road Race

    not kool PP not so kool
  2. DarkangeL

    Where To Buy Mountain Bikes From

    Even I was looking for a bike carrier for my jeep but still couldn't find a place.
  3. DarkangeL

    Toyota Landcruiser Prado 4Wd Test Drive

  4. DarkangeL

    Cool Ebay Gadgets For Cars

    now thats one kool gadget...
  5. DarkangeL

    Indian Vs Korean Vehicles

    LMAO you made my day man.....!!!!
  6. DarkangeL

    Korean Suv's

    agreed 100%
  7. DarkangeL

    Lankan Pride With Your Ride

    what bout AL g2g 2011
  8. DarkangeL

    Painting Front Bonnet

    Yes I'd recommend SprayM*ch over Mr.P*int.. me and Big D have some experiences with both the places..and SprayM*ch did a pretty good job whereas Mr.*aint returned our car with some missing parts...
  9. DarkangeL

    Lankan Pride With Your Ride

    ya man...i went there just because one of my friend was playing, such a bummer...few guys were dancing around the Dj (on the stage) and that was it...they had some fire dancers and fire works too..don't think organizers could cover their cost even..
  10. DarkangeL

    Lankan Pride With Your Ride

    well well well...i hit the event around 7p.m and was (seated )there till 9.30 and,,,,,, 1 Alto 1 civic 1 Land cruiser 1 cbr 1 hornet that was the vehicle part and inside there were around 20 guys and 4 or 5 girls dancing....
  11. DarkangeL

    Honda Cbr 250 Rr Gull Arm

    very true.. keep your eyes wide open guys...that Vrooommm you heard can be a hayabusa or a Ducati...there are plenty of hot HC rides in sl....
  12. DarkangeL

    Place To Buy A Yamaha Bike?

  13. DarkangeL

    Road Rage

    Yo explain those JB's disc in your player......Baby baby ooohhhhh.....
  14. DarkangeL

    Toyota Closed

  15. DarkangeL

    Transformers 2-megatron's New Ride

    I like em Biiiiiig...I like em Chunky.....