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  1. MAS

    TV repair place

    Thanks so much 👍
  2. MAS

    TV repair place

  3. MAS

    TV repair place

  4. MAS

    TV repair place

    Hi. Please post some workshops that anyone could recommend. Need to repair my Sony 46” LCD (no warranty). Thanks in advance.
  5. Do i see a crack there in the rail ? that rail will break away. You are better off replacing i guess. Some of my caps are cracked due to UV damage. Even if I try to remove them to repair, they will break like papadam 🙂
  6. By factory its 16" rim but mine is up-sized to 18" rim. Therefore a lower profile (50 in this case) to maintain the factory wheel diameter.
  7. Hi Everyone, I am looking in to buying 225/50/R18 tyres on a budget. Will replace all four. The following options are around the same price of approx. 21,000 a piece. Which brand would you recommend ? 1. Maxxis Bravo HP-M3 2. Federal Formoza FD2 3. GT Radial Champiro Thanking in advance !
  8. MAS

    KIA Sorento and Sportage

    What years are you looking at ?
  9. MAS

    Good Tyre Brand....!

    Whats the Nankang thread pattern (model) you got ?
  10. Thanks everyone. Worse case scenario, I will try with acrylic and then put on a fiber louver on both sides.
  11. Hi, I am looking for a B12 Califonia quarter panel glass but to no avail. Can this be manufactured locally ? Thanks in advance for any comments and suggestions.
  12. Hi, Does anyone know of a reliable electronics repair shop? My Pioneer home theater AVR is playing up. Thanks in advance.