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  1. MAS

    Good Tyre Brand....!

    Whats the Nankang thread pattern (model) you got ?
  2. Thanks everyone. Worse case scenario, I will try with acrylic and then put on a fiber louver on both sides.
  3. Hi, I am looking for a B12 Califonia quarter panel glass but to no avail. Can this be manufactured locally ? Thanks in advance for any comments and suggestions.
  4. Hi, Does anyone know of a reliable electronics repair shop? My Pioneer home theater AVR is playing up. Thanks in advance.
  5. MAS

    Hyundai Tucson 2005

    FC=6-7km/l city, 10-11km/l outside of city (automatic trans) MC=very reasonable (comparatively less than most Jap) SP=dealer is good, panchi has some shops, ebay I own a 2006 auto 2.0L for the last 10 years. Its been great. No major headaches.
  6. MAS

    Brass plating

    Hi.... Any place to get this done ?
  7. MAS

    Buy Mail boxes

    Tks a lot for the info. Pls share the contact number.
  8. MAS

    Buy Mail boxes

    Anybody knows from where to buy these. Arpico has but they are so crudely built. I need one for my gate :-)
  9. MAS

    fuel tank rust repair

    I bought it from Nikape, Dehiwela Dulux paint shop. It comes in a 500ml bottle. Mixing ratio is 1:2 or 1:3 with water. Apply with brush and leave it on for few minutes. Don't allow it to dry. Then wash off with water. Clear instructions on the bottle. I actually didn't mix mine. Just applied after wetting the tank. Wanted it to work hard cos I had lot of surface rust to be loosened off as you can see from the pics. I applied one coat. Then rinsed off. Applied second coat and used a light wet sand paper to further loosen the rust. Then rinsed off again.
  10. MAS

    fuel tank rust repair

    Thanks for the replies. Pic After rust remover treatment. Just visited the body shop. They wanted 7,500 for repairing, cleaning, full paint and under seal.
  11. MAS

    fuel tank rust repair

    Thanks Davy. You can see the rust holes on the top right. The surface rust I cleaned with Dulux rust remover. So the tank is less brown now ? I will take to a body shop and see. Who can conduct the pressure test ?
  12. DId you clean the MAF sensor ? I had a low RPM engine knock and it went away after the sensor was cleaned. Try the cheap fixes first.