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  1. Do i see a crack there in the rail ? that rail will break away. You are better off replacing i guess. Some of my caps are cracked due to UV damage. Even if I try to remove them to repair, they will break like papadam 🙂
  2. By factory its 16" rim but mine is up-sized to 18" rim. Therefore a lower profile (50 in this case) to maintain the factory wheel diameter.
  3. Hi Everyone, I am looking in to buying 225/50/R18 tyres on a budget. Will replace all four. The following options are around the same price of approx. 21,000 a piece. Which brand would you recommend ? 1. Maxxis Bravo HP-M3 2. Federal Formoza FD2 3. GT Radial Champiro Thanking in advance !
  4. MAS

    KIA Sorento and Sportage

    What years are you looking at ?
  5. MAS

    Good Tyre Brand....!

    Whats the Nankang thread pattern (model) you got ?
  6. Thanks everyone. Worse case scenario, I will try with acrylic and then put on a fiber louver on both sides.
  7. Hi, I am looking for a B12 Califonia quarter panel glass but to no avail. Can this be manufactured locally ? Thanks in advance for any comments and suggestions.
  8. Hi, Does anyone know of a reliable electronics repair shop? My Pioneer home theater AVR is playing up. Thanks in advance.
  9. MAS

    Hyundai Tucson 2005

    FC=6-7km/l city, 10-11km/l outside of city (automatic trans) MC=very reasonable (comparatively less than most Jap) SP=dealer is good, panchi has some shops, ebay I own a 2006 auto 2.0L for the last 10 years. Its been great. No major headaches.
  10. MAS

    Brass plating

    Hi.... Any place to get this done ?
  11. MAS

    Buy Mail boxes

    Tks a lot for the info. Pls share the contact number.
  12. MAS

    Buy Mail boxes

    Anybody knows from where to buy these. Arpico has but they are so crudely built. I need one for my gate :-)