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  1. jehan80

    Passo Vs Vios

    Don't be absurd. It obviously depends on how much the car is being run. I sold my 2004 vios with 79k on the clock after after 5 years.
  2. jehan80

    How Good Is Lb Finance

  3. jehan80

    Buying A Condemned Car

    Based on the above answer, why are you asking this in your first post "And whats the point of buying those cars?I mean what are the possible things we can do to the car after buying? "
  4. jehan80

    Buying A Smart Led Tv

    Well. I had a similar experience at a show room, until I figured out they had the the LED hooked on a HDMI cable and the LCD playing off a analog. Once I got them to run both off HDMI, there was no discernible difference. But this was one and a half years ago, i dont know if LED picture quality has taken another bump since then.
  5. jehan80

    Buying A Smart Led Tv

    Pretty much on the ball. You'd be hard pressed to spot the difference in picture quality between a LCD and a LED TV if the same images/movie is shown side by side. That's why I opted to go for a bigger screen LCD(Samsung series 5) instead of a smaller screen LED for the same price.
  6. jehan80

    Autolanka Funniest Moments

    Rear of a Maruti 800 fused to a 3 wheeler - Spotted in Galle!
  7. Man, thats 1 ugly car :|
  8. jehan80

    Colombo Night Race 2012

    Well, millers building area was great! Big downer was the huge wait between races! Sometimes upto 1 hour.
  9. Well, the only thing I really got out of this thread is that MoneyMaker is a idiot :|
  10. jehan80

    Removing The Singapore Toll Reader

    I think crosswinds referring to the device in a car that has been imported to Sri Lanka?
  11. jehan80

    My Vehicle Destroyed At Pun*** Nivasa

    Sorry to hear about your experience...so basically they stole your battery and wipers. No doubt they fixed it on another car they sold. When I was buying my car some years back at a car sale, there was another car of the same model that had a better looking aftermarket ariel. I just casually commented that my one doesn't have that, and he promptly had it removed and offered it to me! But at least I assume both cars actually belonged to the car sale, unlike your case. I really hope you made a police complaint regardless.
  12. jehan80

    Hp Compaq Pressario Laptop Pc

    If you have a hardware issue, no point in re-installing windows software, that wont fix a busted hard drive, would it? If you have important data, try to copy it to a backup storage asap.
  13. Unfortunately, this is a typical scenario at darley road. Guess someone should have warned you...
  14. jehan80

    Tesla Motors - Cars That Will Change The World

    If you really mean what you typed, ppl should not hate you, rather feel sorry for you. What a sad life you must lead . Hope the 5 pages brightened up your day. Nice distraction for me from office work though
  15. jehan80

    Tesla Motors - Cars That Will Change The World

    Parody is supposed to be funny, even slightly. Try a little harder next time.