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  1. As far as i got to know from him over the phone, said that it’s only to be refilled the chemical of all cells and do balance recharging to get. It to workable condition. Said that it will be up-to 60% level of the battery after this reconditioning process.
  2. Dear Gayanath, it’s Rs 390,000 for a new battery if we go with ToyotaLanka . Do you recommend the battery replacement from other than agent and is it possible us to get done for Rs 300,000?Any good places that you can recommend ? And for this said process, they charge us only Rs 45,000 for Aqua/Axio.so if we consider 1 & half year of battery duration, still would be worth trying if the process is really workable and safe without any harm. Appreciate your thoughts on this?
  3. Dear All, Just got to know about a hybrid battery recondition process through refilling process of its cells and get it to workable condition rather doing bad cells replacement for toyotas. It’s being done in Galle with 1 n half year warranty.Do you think its practically possible for hybrid batteries ? Appreciate expert guidance on the same
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