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  1. A big thanks for everyone who responded and helped me out ❤ I'm going to unfollow this now.
  2. Msg noted with thanks. The engine seems to be good for now.
  3. I know nothing about it. It was recommended by Vishwa Motors, with one year warranty, they claimed it is good as Japans. 😅
  4. Msg noted. What about this Taiwan made brand new compressor? Is it good.
  5. Well, tbh I'm hoping to keep the car for a long time. But what if something happens to the compressor due to negligence or incompetence? We won't be having a warranty for sure cause they'll just pass the ball back and forth. Is it really worth spending more than 1lak for the new one (including condenser and labour charge) or get a Japanese one and spend half that amount? 🤔 if we decide to get the German compressor, do you know any Ac specialist to install it properly? If yes, pls let me know.
  6. Noted with thanks. 4k seems very reasonable, I'll get this fixed in the future maybe as I got the sunroof disabled today, permanently closed for the time being as it is really not needed for me and very risky too in our country with kids. But the solar panel is functioning well and I'm happy 😌. Btw the lady in drive 1 called me, inquiring about my visit to drive 1 and how did it go, I explained to her what happened and she said that the initial charge of 50k for service is for unregistered cars it seems and my car has been already registered, so she said the service would cost less, like 25k to 35k, she said she'll get back to me on Monday. I'm still inclined to go to Sunway Motors and get the service done, but what if drive one is like only 5k more? Cause if I'm using Castrol Edge professional 5W-40 at sunway Motors, the whole service will maximum cost about 23k.
  7. Thank you for the info, really appreciated. My previous owners have been using Mobil delvac mx 15w-40 for years. But the manufacturer recommends Castrol edge professional. I thought of changing it to Castrol Edge professional 5W-40, it's 3x more expensive than the Mobil delvac mx 15w-40. Plus the service period can be extended too. For example, using the Mobil Delvac mx 15w-40, I'd service my car in the range of 5000-6000kms, but by using Castrol edge professional 5W-40, I can go up to 8000-9500kms. It's a family car and we won't be driving during peak traffic hours of the day, unless if it is neccessary. Let me know if I'm wrong about this pls, cause I'm not experienced, just being analytical here. Thank you 😌
  8. True, but 15000km milage is too much tbh from my point of view even with low traffic + super diesel and correct oil. I'd say 8k to 10k or once a year, whatever comes first would be the safest option, that is if we use the recommended oil by car manufacturers.
  9. I'm sorry, a bit confused here. I should stick with Manufacturers requirements or stick with previous owners service record oil type?
  10. True. I got relatives and friends abroad (UK and Dubai) and they are looking for the spares I urgently need. The quoted msg below was sent by a relative of mine from UK. "AC compressor £ 278 Brand new (Hella German) Freight by Air £ 50 ( 10 days ‐‐----------------------------------- Freight by sea £ 25 ( 30 days ===============//=======" It's about 77k SL Rupees. I inquired here in SL, they give the brand new Japanese made one for 75k. Reconditioned is about 40k to 45k (Jap). I called Vishwa Motors just to inquire about the the AC compressor, they said Brand new Ac compressor is 52k with one year warranty, but it's Taiwan made. What do y'all think about this? @kush @Quiet @peugeot407 pls shed some light on this guys, it'll be really helpful. And if y'all know any specialist for AirCon repairs who has knowledge about EU vehicles, pls let me know. Thank you very much.
  11. Thanks for the feedback, Quiet. Msg well noted. Since I read very bad reviews on Vishwa Motors, I thought maybe I'll try out Bosch, but now after reading your feedback, I've changed my mind. I called Sunway Motors after member "Kadsa98" recommended it, they said it can be done and it'll cost about maximum 15k for service, with filters changed. I've also read lots of positive reviews about the services of European cars and also Members "Peugeot407" also recommends it, so I'm more inclined to try this out (Sunway Motors) Yes like "Peagout407" said, Lalana is Ex Vishwa Motors. @Quiet if you dont mind, may i know how much it cost you for the sunroof repair? The solar panel in my car is functioning, but sometimes the sunroof doesn't respond well. I went to drive one today for the Ac compressor, unfortunately they do not have parts for this vehicle as it is old, they stopped manufacturing parts. Tough luck. And also job wise, once they give a quotation for a certain job, we'll have to pay 10% of the quoted amount, if we are not going to do the job. (The only reason we might not do any job is because it is too expensive for us, in other words, not within our budget) I inquired about the service too, he said it'll cost about 50K with filters changed. Is this okay? They use Castrol Oil. Sunway Motors quoted 15k with filters changed and they use a Mobile Dev Oil, it's cheaper. Do you have any idea what is the difference between these two services? And what is recommended for my car. Btw if mine was a brand new car, whatever the manufacturered year, it won't matter cause I would prefer the Drive1, I dont mind spending a bit more. Since this is my first car and also an old car, used by 2 owners before me, I'm in a dilemma right now.
  12. Thank you for your feedback. This is in Battarramula right?
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