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  1. I'm looking for a vehicles under 2.7m (Preferably). Currently my choices with the current market conditions are, Nissan March AK12 (2007) Suzuki Swift (2003) Suzuki Wagon R (2016) Nissan N17 (I'll have to flex my wallet a bit but doable) Nissan Wingroad Y12 (I'll have to flex my wallet a bit but doable) I'm looking to drive in Colombo with rare trips downsouth. Fuel economy is a concern but I'd really like to stay away from garages as much as possible. Please advise me on these choices.
  2. Hello everyone! I’m planning to buy a car for about 2.4-2.8m region and I’d like your suggestions on this regard. Currently Prius Gen2 has captured my attention and what to expect from a old car like that, what are the common repairs and how much the cost would be? economy and comfortability is my main concerns at the moment. TIA
  3. Thank you very much, Further I'd like to know if there's any preferred KIA garages around. Someplace with recommendations would be nice. Yeah they have these preventive repairs lined up all the time. I asked them what a separate quotation on immediate repairs, hopefully that will be a lot cheaper.
  4. Thank you! It's more or the less same.
  5. I've had Toyota and Honda vehicles before, Well if company maintained they all cost the same from my experience. I'm no expert on vehicles but korean vehicles did impress lot of people over the years. If I was in US or Europe, I think I'd prefer a BMW or an Audi when these ridiculous taxes are no applicable LOL.
  6. Hi! Yes they suggested to change engine mounts and bushes which can be understood since a major service to be done at 96k, they suggested to change the turbo charger and when asked why they said it's just precautionary and it can run 20-30k more without an issue. AC vent tabs are broken and they wanted to replace all four vents, they told the right CV joint also needs a replacements. Other than that they suggested to change suspensions on all four wheels. Oh, and a pulley, which they also said is precautionary. Then the transmission oil change which I heard takes two days and that they'll be replacing a lot on the transmission unit, so 80k LKR is understandable.
  7. Dear all! I recently purchased an used Sorento 2012 with a mileage of below 100k. It was previously maintained by AutoMiraj in most cases. However, with good intentions I made an inspection with Kia Agents. They’ve given me a quotation of 8lakhs for the “suggested repairs”. They even recommended a Transmission Oil change which costs a staggering 80k. what I need to know is, what are the recommend garages or maintenance places to get a second look or the repairs done? What should I look out for in the near future?
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