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  1. Oh wait what, that was off a Malaysian Sellers page Identity theft I say!
  2. Hey, I saw this car! It parked next to mine at the Borella Fashion Bug!! Saw a lady and a gent get out of it, know the model but will let someone else take a shot. Whoever the owner is: Clean car m8!
  3. Chinese with their weird names at it again, I went in a 'KingLong' bus once, no complaints though, with the Rolls Royce Esq tiny lights in the headliner. Was trying to pull a fast one by cropping the image as such so it looks like a Honda but looks like I have failed, your turn iRage
  4. Danke, keeping up the Initial D references here's one with the 'missufiringsystem'
  5. I won't laugh at Cappuccinos because one came too close to beating Takumi in Initial D 😛
  6. That car looks tiny? A Suzuki Cuppacino perhaps?
  7. Wow! Pretty car! and amazing photography! Not a big fan of the sticker but hey it doesn't look out of place either!
  8. Not really an enthusiast of the fine pieces but I love me a good G-Shock: Currently own GA100 (Grey casing with Cyan handles) DW Series {I think} (Watch is about 25 years old, belonged to my father replaced the battery for the first time a couple of years ago) AW-591ML (With the radium handles) Edific EFV-570D (Cyan Handles, bought "because you can't wear G-Shocks for a long sleeved shirt" - Mother) Samsung Galaxy Gear S2 Classic - Smartwatch that eventually made me not wear anything else Probably would've bought more but found a great distraction for the money afterwards (Car)
  9. Mistubishi Montero Sport 10/10 hated the redesign.
  10. Actually yeah, so repairing should definitely less than 40k or so
  11. A Starlet recon gearbox costs about 40-50k. Not sure if the 110 has a different gearbox (It's got the same engine) so that should get you a ballpark of how much a recon costs.
  12. Holy moly this is quite the comprehensive response, super thanks @iRage I will copy this post and pass this onto my friend and respond appropriately because I've got little to no clue about the engine models or which supercharger model is up for sale. This was just me paying back the favour to my friend who drove me to Negambo to pick up my EP91, by helping him with the decision making process ☺️
  13. Hi a friend of mine has recently sold his car and is looking to buy a Mark X, he has a couple of options for the Mark X but the sweet deal for him is one for sale with a 3.5 Supercharged engine. He wants to know if there is a 'Mark X' guy who deals in importing parts etc because Toyota Lanka told him they don't have parts for the 3.5 Supercharged engine model. Any issues to look out for in specific models? I remember someone posting a status 'Missing my X' or something to that extent so perhaps he (can't find the status anymore) could assist us a bit as well?
  14. There's a brazzers logo on the bottom right mate, I guess you could say someone's really grinding her gears (if your comment was sarcastic I've just been r/woooshed)
  15. I know the answer is already given above, but I have to do it for the meme. IS THAT A *WIPES GLASSES* A..... SUUUPPPRRAAAAAA?!?!?!?!??!?!?!?!!
  16. GAB HE Series Coilovers (Height Adjustable with Active Dampening) go for 90k brand new. Looks like its a common upgrade for EP91s so I'll have to go in a ride in a fellow EP91 owners ride to see how it works on the car. Generally Starlet owners are really helpful on the FB Group so should be able to find someone who's got some time.
  17. Is that the Volvo V40(? Number might be wrong) Turbo? The one with the cool car ads?
  18. There's a Chevy Impala Wagon with a 5 Litre V8 up for sale for 500k LKR (blown transmission) someone please buy it so we can be friends :)

    It's also used as a hearse ;)


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    2. MaleCortana


      @AVANTE Yeah I remember someone converting a Nissan Hearse back to a wagon, the engine was a RB26 I believe 

    3. AVANTE


      That would be Mr. Chanaka's car. The Stagea. He also did up an Avenir. 

    4. iRage


      There are quite a few Nissan Stageas. One is what CJ did...then there was a stock turbo charged AWD variant in Punchi Borella. Then there was one 2JZ-GTE powered Crown wagon as well. 

  19. Also update on the Gecko Suspensions, apparently they do have coilovers for the EP91 and it'll cost 195k for the entire thing. Definitely a bit (trying to save grace here that's close to 2x my threshold for suspension) more than what I'm looking to spend on the suspension. (Partly my fault I had no idea how much these things cost) Any other alternatives for coilovers at about less than 100k? @iRage would you mind telling us how much the TRD set cost for the Trueno?
  20. Thanks! I think my parents have used this place once a long time ago. I'm not necessarily super strapped to a budget (not rolling in dough either) so I think I'll be looking to replace as opposed to repair. Great suggestion/alternative though!
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