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  1. I have relatively dim lights upfront. I usually turn on my Heads because I can't see anything down the Talawatugoda:Hokandara road at night with my low beams (has a gazillion little potholes) and don't worry looks like my heads don't annoy anyone since I never had someone flash their lights back at me or brake check me which probably indicates that my Heads are the equivalent of a low beam of another car. Where can I go from this point onwards, I have been looking at LEDs or a High Wattage Bulb. Can someone give me the Pros and Cons? This is for a '98 Starlet.

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    2. Magnum


      Keep us updated on how it goes

    3. MaleCortana


      @Magnum @MrCat Checked out my relays they seem to be fine, I replaced all the bulbs at once and I have seen some improvement, the LEDs are definitely a no go area since the lights I checked out are super scattered and seem to be useless, thanks for the advice, I'll check out Halogens about next month closer to payday 😅

    4. MrCat


      Good stuff mate.!  

      As I said, there are LED globes designed specifically for reflector type housings, decent sets I've seen tend to be (minimum) around the $70 mark. Might be a good idea to research and invest in a set if you are going on hold on to the car for a long time. Extremely good light output, long life and less strain on the alternator (therefore little increase in fuel economy in theory) etc... with these.. But yeah, I would research well and check with someone actually using these type of globes if possible. 




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