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  1. Can someone tell me what fluids of the car should be changed when I'm generally using it and at what intervals please? Bit of a noob when it comes to car care?

    eg: oil change at XXXX kms?

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    2. MaleCortana


      @iRage Interesting insight! Never really thought of it in that perspective.


      I expected the Sri Lankan market to be a "Just buy and drive" kind of a thing because I've seen this phrase on multiple ads (exception being project cars but you'd probably have another car to daily at that point)

      I wouldn't have expected them to absorb the cost either but they could've marked up the price a bit to cover costs, either way it was a client owned car and maybe an owner just selling the car without fixing a major issue like that gave me a perception as to what kind of an owner it might've been as well. I've looked at other cars while hunting for one and the owner reception has always been "Reduce the price from any problems you can spot in the car" or "If you can spot a problem I'll fix it and give".

    3. iRage


      Yes...Sri Lankans want a buy and drive type of car...but that doesn't mean it has to be in running condition (or atleast they want to know of the issues in the car). If they cared about what they were buying....they would not be blindly buying accident repaired cars and those with obvious issues even when a blind person sees it. 

      They want a cheap ride...as long as it is cheap they will buy any POS...if it comes with nice phrases like "buy and drive", doctor/engineer/lady owned, etc...even better. 

    4. MaleCortana


      @iRage Very true, a friend of mine warned me against buying my current car with 13 past owners because apparently it would be hard to sell.

      But the other cars I looked at either had rust (sometimes even panel rust was very apparent), had outlandish ODOs (less than 130K kms for a 20-25 year old car?!?) or when typed in the Vin on ToyotaDIY showed up with different factory paint codes to the car it is in and different specs (factory dual air bag model now only has one 0.o) or wasn't taken care of as much. I looked specifically at high mileage cars because a Starlet Instrument Cluster parts goes for less than 5k at times with the whole dashboards only costing around 16k. All these shady cars I looked at did come with the phrases "doctor owned", "lady driven" and "just buy and drive" 😅

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