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  1. Hmmm fixability wasn't an issue I considered, I can see why cars have a plummet in price when they are just out of the dealership warranty period but that wouldn't account for appreciation should it? Older cars should have more expensive stuff to fix the older it gets? o.0 But that's just the thing about inflation, I vehemently deny the fact that your average Sri Lankan understands that the currency value drops over time and adjusts their car price accordingly, example? the lack of political debate/discourse on matters like inflation, except maybe when people were crying about the time a USD hit close to 200 LKR but that's only because it was a milestone event, no one cared when it went from 135ish to 180s
  2. Mildly unrelated to the topic and completely unrelated to the scrapping above (although in some wicked sense I do enjoy seeing people go at it once in a while to spice up things a bit) but imo the car market is absolute garbage in Sri Lanka (pre and post the import ban) Don't get me wrong I love my EP91 to bits, its a hoot to drive and it makes you feel like you're going at 100+ kmph when you're doing 55 so I wouldn't have it any other way, but come on, close to 11,000 USD for an entry-level Japanese hatchback that came out 22 years ago?!? like seriously Sri Lankan cars don't depreciate at all, I saw my father's Corolla Wagon for sale for 4 Lackhs more than he sold it about 14 years ago! The only workaround to this is, is only if you're going to buy cars that have big thirsty engines (SL Standards mind you), Cedrics, Crowns, Camrys, Cefiros but then you face a gazillion different problems (lack of parts, fuel prices etc.) As a rebuttal a lot of people try to pull the ol' Free Markets argument and start giving lectures on Supply and Demand but its really not that as well. I've seen clapped out hunks of junk that only sell for less than 20k or so than market price of a decently maintained car. Car sellers have a "If I can't sell it for more than I bought it for then I won't sell at all" mentality and then the prices start rubber banding, for example: "Ah that Corolla is for sale at 1.5 mil, his is 302-xxxx but mine is English Number neh? I can sell for 1.7 at least" Catalyze this into some herd mentality and all the uncles make the car market go crazy, and no before you come at me with Inflation I sincerely doubt that your average Sri Lankan Joe'thipala knows jack about stuff like that other than the offhanded comment about how a bus ticket was only a couple of cents and a loaf of bread was heavy and 5 cents back in the day. Really hope for a day when Sri Lankans realize cars are in fact deteriorating liabilities as opposed to steadfast assets in economical turmoil.
  3. The A/C compressors you replaced were they recondition ones by any chance? I've seen an Axio that had the same problem *after* they changed the compressor (to a recon one) and it made a noise. The issues were with the bearings (I think that is the correct word) inside the compressor.
  4. ohh alright, I've seen one with the same rear lights and quad exhaust tips (it's an A4 that was riced to look like a S4) near Nexxmod in Dehiwala, regardless someone else take my chance bit busy with work
  5. Yep! I watched some online videos (by ChrisFix) and the one he showed had some sort of pump looking method which wasn't the case for my car, regardless I put in 4Ls (Ruwan told me that about 500ml remains in the Torque Converter which we didn't drain) so flushed the entire thing basically, had an issue with a leaky bushing near the Gear Selector but that was a cheap fix 😅
  6. Isn't that an Audi A4? I think I've seen this car roaming the streets with 4 exhausts? Could be a S4 as well.
  7. The AT filter was cleaned out! (That's the thing with the magnet right? My technical knowledge is improving albeit still at a slower rate) the fluid is funnelled in through the dipstick.
  8. Thanks! EP71 with a 4EFE? that's amazing! Headlamps issue was somewhat sorted by replacing the bulbs, will be looking at Halogens in the future but I've changed my mind from LEDs (too scattered)
  9. Correct you are as well! It's the Suzuki Escudo Peaks Pike Rally Car, had 945 horsepower and weighed only 1100 kilos. A lot of people know this monster from Grand Turismo.
  10. Ding ding ding! Mark 2 it is! Your turn! I went to check out one for sale for about 2.4 mil in SL with the BEAMS engine
  11. @Hyaenidae yep definitely either a W123 or a W201, such pretty cars 🥰 Okay so I don't know the rules here regarding non-street cars so I'll post two pics, hint is GrandTurismo (the Playstation game), the other car is a fairly standard but uncommon car in SL. Should be easy pickings 😉
  12. Haha! Been having some problems with an leaky oil seal near the gear selector mate, was too busy crying cause I had just replaced my transmission fluid! Seems to be a pic of a W201?
  13. Haha good job!, the badge had a M shadow cast on the bonnet so I was 100% certain it was a Maybach but right after I sent that answer I realized that I was wrong because Maybach was bankrupt/making independent cars during that time. I was thinking it was a Maybach based on this car, the W221 (which doesn't exist I think)
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